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Cosmetics packaging: plastic and glass are divided into the world


Over the years, the global cosmetics market has been growing at an average annual rate of 15%, and has begun to take shape. In 2002, the whole market achieved a total sales of 45 billion yuan. Among them, skin care products accounted for about 36%, hair products accounted for 30.96%, fragrance products accounted for 20%. The market is forecast to reach 80 billion yuan in 2010. And the reporter learns from the expert place a few days ago, regard this as the main package material of one market, plastic cosmetic tube & bottle and glass container also will have bigger use ground.

Most of the general cosmetics appear to be liquid, emulsion or paste, do not have a bright appearance. It must be exquisite, unique packaging design, to show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging, in order to achieve good sales. In addition to metal, plastic and glass are currently the main use of cosmetic packaging container materials, and the amount of plastic is the largest. Although the variety of cosmetics, different functions, but in terms of its external form and packaging adaptability, there are mainly the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, cream cosmetics, etc.. According to different forms, the form of packaging is different.


The current situation, as a result of plastic light and cheap, easy to form scale production, can make various specification size, transparent, opaque, and various kinds of color of the bottle, and printing performance is very good, can use the methods such as thermal transfer, inkjet, printing the manual, logo, barcode printing directly on the surface of the container. Therefore, plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the packaging market cosmetics, become the most important packaging container cosmetics. Previously, cosmetics are generally packaged in cosmetic glass bottles, but because of the single variety of glass containers, even if there is a better design idea, due to the limitations of technology and materials, it is often not possible to achieve.

And the plastic material has the advantage in this respect, not only the source is rich, and the forming performance is good, can be made into a variety of structure and modeling of bottles, cans, boxes and other plastic containers, and can carry out a variety of decoration and decoration design. In addition, in recent years, the application of PET resin in cosmetic containers has developed rapidly, contributing to a major change in the replacement of cosmetic glass bottles with plastic.

However, cosmetic packaging factories should also see that although cosmetic glass bottles account for less than 8% of cosmetic packaging containers, they still have irreplaceable advantages in this field of packaging and are still the first choice of high-grade cosmetics in the short term. Clear and pure, noble and elegant, is the charm of cosmetic glass bottles. Compared with cosmetic plastic bottle and plastic cosmetic tube, its heavy feeling makes people double the sense of trust; And the unique visual effect of the coated cosmetic glass bottle is that the cosmetic plastic bottle and the plastic cosmetic tube and the plastic cosmetic tube are far from comparable. Many perfume manufacturers like to use this container to pack their products, for example, Italy's Bvlgari women's perfume, the packaging design of the tradition of exquisite excellence, streamlined sand cosmetic glass bottles accentuate its simple lines, the bottle is soft emerald-green, convey a fresh, elegant and friendly quality.

In addition, for gas has a high barrier, also make cosmetics glass bottles become perfumes and other volatile, easy to lose fragrance products of the first choice of packaging materials. Cosmetics, especially whitening and nutritional series, contain a lot of nutrients just like food, but they are easily oxidized. This puts forward a high requirement for the sealing of the packaging. Cosmetic glass bottles have a strong barrier and are undoubtedly more competent in protecting the contents than cosmetic plastic bottles and Plastic Cosmetic Tube and Plastic Cosmetic Tube.

【 hairdressing cosmetic packaging materials and containers of choice is the first consideration of all the external form, and then focus on its function and use requirement, again on this foundation to seek exterior modelling and color design, and the difference of the packaging is often the last ring, namely the personalized design, and personalized design often need through the special materials, clever packaging to show 】


In today's cosmetics market is a consumer market full of great potential, in order to have more business opportunities and profits, enterprises must stand out from the competition of many brands, the corresponding cosmetics packaging is the first pass to attract the attention of female consumers, color is exactly the key to this pass. Therefore, in the cosmetic packaging design, to make full use of the characteristics of color association, in order to attract female consumers.

1. Cosmetics packaging should be good at using color to bring women beauty experience, to meet the heart of beauty. People all have the heart of beauty, especially female consumers, whose heart of beauty is more prominent. The color design of cosmetics should be based on the different color preferences of consumers of different ages to fully satisfy their love of beauty. In the light of young women's cosmetics, tonal should be given priority to with fresh, lively, in order to fully reflect the vitality of the young and health. Such as Ya Qian aloe moisturizing cream, its emerald green packaging fresh and natural, full of vitality, easy to be favored by young girls. Aim at the product of middle and old age consumer, its tonal should sedate, decorous a few. They have higher requirements for product quality and pay more attention to brand consumption. Such as SK-Ⅱ's various essence products, with Chinese red as the main color, not only reflects the traditional Chinese flavor, and gives a person a noble feeling, but also full of vitality, so that many women believe that this product in nourishing the skin, keep the skin young state performance outstanding.

2. The color of cosmetics packaging should be selected according to the positioning of the product sales class to satisfy women's sense of superiority and vanity. Different brands of cosmetics their positioning groups are different, product price difference is also great. Cosmetics suitable for mass consumption can be used in the same package with rich colors to meet the needs of consumers of different ages. The clever collocation that waits for a variety of colours such as pink, green, blue, purple, black, aureate in the package that be like big treasure series product, line is concise but colour is rich. The consumers of high-end cosmetics are mainly women with good economic conditions. Relatively speaking, they have a strong sense of superiority and vanity. Therefore, color should be used to show the nobility and value for money of their products to meet the psychological needs of this group. If Amore jade embellish series products, do decoration with golden color. In the concept of Chinese people, gold has a supreme meaning. Choose the high-grade quality that aureate can show a product adequately and exalted position. Yi Nuozi crystal cutin series product chooses purple package bottle, elegant, noble feeling sends out naturally, let the owner obtained bigger psychological satisfaction.

3. Cosmetics packaging pays attention to the packaging color design of makeup, highlighting the personality and value of women. Moisturizers, whitening creams, foundation and sun protection products only meet the basic skin care needs of women consumers, in order to highlight their personality, makeup is essential. Different color makeup can give a person different psychological feeling, ok and clear already lovely, pure and fresh elegance, ok and fashionable sex appeal, wisdom and understanding. Therefore, the packaging color design of makeup should not only give female consumers a sense of beauty, but also bring them rich associations related to personality and value.

Cosmetics packaging factories believe that packaging is cosmetic clothing, designed to attract female consumers, but the most important thing is the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, cosmetic manufacturers must show outside wisdom, it is possible to stand firm in the competitive cosmetics industry!

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