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A method for making a ball cosmetic tube


Cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturers has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicines and food because of its convenience, economy and good hygiene. Since the 1990s, China has introduced a large number of advanced composite cosmetic  tube production equipment, and the development momentum is very strong. According to reports, strong growth in skincare and bath products will drive tube packaging growth at an above-average rate, especially for upright cosmetic  tubes.

The Ball cosmetic Tube is easy to carry and weighs less than other containers such as cosmetic glass bottle, and the unit cost of the Petube is lower than other packaging containers. As a result, it has appeared in cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging since its inception. Today, the ball cosmetic tube has become an indispensable packaging form for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Plastic cosmetic  tube is mainly used for packaging products such as cleaning cream, facial cleanser (milk), shower gel, shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, depilation cream, toothpaste and so on in cosmetics industry. Cosmetics are currently cosmetic Tube's biggest customers.


Most of the current ball cosmetic tube tubes used to hold cosmetics and skincare products require the paste to be squeezed onto the hand or brush and then applied to the skin, where it is massagedto promote absorption. But this operation process is easy to lead to the paste by hand or brush pollution, massage effect is not significant. So there are tubes with balls on the market. The ball tube can effectively solve the problem of the paste being contaminated by hands or brushes, but during the ball rolling massage, the paste extruded from the tube is easy to flow back into the tube, thus contaminating the paste inside the tube.

Ball cosmetic tube

In order to solve the problems existing in the prior art, the ball tube of the utility model provides a three-ball elliptical injection head PETUBE with reasonable design, simple structure, beautiful appearance and long service life, which can effectively prevent the paste extruded from the tube from flowing back to the tube during the smear ball massage process.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the ball tube of the utility model adopts the following technical solutions:

The three-ball oval nozzle PETUBE comprises a cosmetic tube body, a nozzle and a cosmetic tube sleeve;

The ball cosmetic tube injection head comprises an injection head and an upper injection head, the injection head is arranged on the upper end of the cosmetic tube body, the cosmetic  tube sleeve is arranged on the outer side of the upper injection head, the tube sleeve is clamped with the injection head;

The injection head is movably connected with the injection head on the ball cosmetic tube, the top of the upper injection head is arranged in parallel with a plurof paste cavity, paste cavity is provided with a ball, the upper injection head is provided with a paste device can be rotated with the paste device opened or closed, paste device and paste cavity communicated.

The optimization of ball cosmetic tube of the utility model implementation case, send cream device including send convex body cream, send cream convex body is equipped with the annular convex, send cream convex body has used to limit the end on the injection head rotation Angle positioning block, send cream has sent cream cone convex body, limited flow columns into cream cone at the bottom of the center, into a paste on one side of the cylinder body is equipped with internal pipe body lotion into paste.


PE plastic tube packaging performance and advantages

PE plastic tube packaging properties and advantages: with thin top molding, thin top lettering, shoulder embossing, multiple internal spraying, color printing and other technologies. Our PE plastic tube packaging products have the characteristics of safety, health, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, easy to use, green and environmental protection. PE plastic cosmetic tube packaging supplied by plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, food and other industries.

There are many types of PE plastic tube packaging, especially for women's cosmetics. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, all the cosmetics tubes and cosmetics enterprises are trying to expand the sales share of their products, and have made great efforts in the packaging and publicity of cosmetics.

PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging function and role more and more refined, more and more functional cosmetics, grade difference is obvious, packaging form dazzling; At the same time, in order to better publicize their products, various businesses have their own different classification and packaging of cosmetics, suitable for their own characteristics.

PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging

PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging has various names and functions, but according to its appearance and packaging adaptability, there are mainly the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granule (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, paste cosmetics, etc.

1.PE plastic cosmetic tube packaging eliminates part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent food spoilage.

2.PE plastic cosmetic tube packaging using excellent barrier (air tightness), sealing technology and strict requirements of the packaging materials, can effectively prevent the exchange of substances in the packaging, to avoid the loss of weight and taste of food loss, to prevent secondary pollution.

3. The gas in PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging container has been discharged, which accelerates the heat conduction, improves the efficiency of thermal sterilization, and avoids the rupture of packaging container caused by gas expansion in the process of thermal sterilization.

In the food industry, PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging is widely used, such as chicken leg, ham, sausage, etc. Cosmetic tubes are increasingly used for pickles, soy products, dried fruits, and other pickled products. The shelf life of food packaged in PE Plastic Tube greatly extends the shelf life of food.

PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging can be re-entered into the HDPE circulation flow. After consumption, the whole package can be made into milk bottles, juice bottles and other packaging. The design is designed to reduce carbon emissions and improve recoverability without losing any barrier properties. This enables the items in the package to have continuous chemical stability and a long shelf life.

The PE plasti ccosmetic  tube packaging, whether the bottle body, shoulder or cap, is made of a single material, which is very convenient for recycling, reduces the trouble of sorting and processing, and the recycled material is of better quality. In addition, reversible cap design is suitable for beauty, food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

The cover of PE plastic cosmetic tube packaging is made of high-density polyethylene recycled material by cosmetic tube manufacturer . In addition, cosmetic tube packaging using this clamshell can be processed into renewable PE plastic pellets that can be used for other purposes. The Petube packaging can be completely recycled and still maintain good material quality during the recycling process, which is very important for our beauty packaging. This PE cap is compatible with 30, 35, 40 and 50 mm diameters of laminate and plastic tubing. Achieve a combination of lightweight and recyclable Pe cosmetic tube packaging.

PE plastic tube packaging

cosmetic Tube is one of the most common packaging methods for skin care products. Many products, such as masks, creams, cleansers and acne creams, are packaged in the form of extrusion cosmetic tube.

Common cosmetic  tube manufactured by  cosmetic tube suppliers materials include polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, polymerase chain reaction (post-consumer recycling), polysulfone amides, etc. Most  cosmetic tubes on the market are PE(polyethylene). Some of the characteristics of PE plastic tube packaging are as follows:

1.PE plastic tube packaging mechanical properties: impact resistance, puncture resistance, flexibility and tensile strength above 10 MPa

2. Stress cracking may occur under the action of stress cracking agent. The common stress cracking agents are detergent, soap, oil, fat, alkali metal hydroxide and so on.

3.PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging weatherability: under the action of ultraviolet and high-energy radiation, will degrade in the air, resulting in discoloration, surface cracking and even embrittlement, loss of strength, loss of use value. Weather-resistant formulations with UV absorbers, sunscreens or light quenchers should be used.

4.PE plastic cosmetic  tube packaging hygiene performance: in line with food hygiene standards. Non-toxic, tasteless, direct contact with cosmetics, food, medicine.

5.PE plastic cosmetic tube packaging molding performance: extruded, easy to heat seal, good thermal stability, good liquidity, excellent molding performance (any commonly used plastic molding processing method can be).

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