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Cosmetic tube is becoming more and more exquisite


Cosmetic tube manufacturers surveyed the cosmetics market and found that compared to the previous 50 ml 100 ml eye cream and 200 ml 400 ml moisturizer, small makeup cosmetic tubes with less capacity are now popular among young people. "The small beauty cosmetic tube is easy to carry, and there is no problem of "use fatigue" caused by the long-term use of the large makeup cosmetic tube."


"Small cosmetic tube style" struck-easy to carry-beautifully packaged and fresher cosmetics


The brands of daily care series on the market have also begun to become smaller. In addition, the cosmetic tube manufacturer found that cosmetics are not only packaging tube mini-minis, but also various brands of makeup tube styles are also ingenious, which makes people love it. "The packaging of the mini cosmetic tube is very beautiful, and it is especially pleasing to the eye. Women who love beauty will pay more attention to this exquisitely packaged cosmetics. Small cosmetic tubes also have inherent advantages. A makeup tube 100ml lotion needs 3 months to be used up. , 30 ml is only enough for one month. The  cosmetic tube packaging is greatly reduced, the use time is also shortened rapidly, and the efficacy of the product can naturally be maximized.” The cosmetics salesman introduced the advantages of the small cosmetic tube to the cosmetic tube manufacturer, because the cosmetics are in After the tube is unpacked, the products inside will continue to be exposed to the air and begin to gradually oxidize. In this process, not only will the nutrients be constantly lost, but the efficacy will also continue to decline. "A small beauty tube can keep the product fresh after opening a packaging tube, so that the skin care effect can be fully utilized. Like this small amount of plant essence, the use cycle is one month, and a small makeup tube is just a week's amount, which will greatly increase the use cycle. shorten."


In addition to the above functional advantages of small cosmetic packaging, for women who "like the new and hate the old", the small tube cosmetic packaging tube can also meet their psychological needs. There is one more reason to go to the mall every month, even if the cosmetics in this small tube are not as big as the big tube. Merchants have indeed captured the pain points of female consumers. "

The production of cosmetic packaging tubes requires diversity

At present, the purchase of cosmetic packaging tubes is mainly through online contact with cosmetic tube manufacturers. Usually, buyers have a direction in mind before purchasing skincare tubes. Therefore, cosmetic tube suppliers need to produce multiple styles of packaging cosmetic tubes to make preparations. , Especially some classic styles, skin care tubes must be produced, which is also convenient for everyone to choose. And often when some merchants wholesale cosmetic tubes, the style is more traditional, not very fancy, practicality is the first choice. For example, when producing cream tubes, cosmetic tube packaging suppliers must produce classic and high-end styles that are widely applicable, such as sustainable cosmetic tubes, ball tubes, etc. The shape does not need to be too peculiar, just compare ordinary ones. The standard is better, but it must be high-end. Now that the competition is so fierce, how can cosmetic tube packaging suppliers beat their peers? Of course, my own products are more exquisite and high-end than others.


Nowadays, many cosmetic manufacturers often look for a cosmetic packaging tube style that they think is suitable, and then ask if any cosmetic tube manufacturers have this kind of cosmetic tube. Now many buyers no longer look at it aimlessly. But before purchasing, there is a style that roughly needs to be purchased in mind, which is matched according to their own cosmetic production.


Cosmetic tube manufacturers cannot predict how buyers need to use cosmetic packaging tubes. If a customer urgently needs a type of tube, and we lose this customer because we did not produce this type of tube, it would be a pity.The development path of cosmetic packaging tube is gradually improving

 As consumers buy cosmetics, cosmetic packaging tube products are increasing day by day, and consumers' horizons are gradually expanding, and consumers will pay more and more attention to the added value of products. From the perspective of packaging or craftsmanship, we can all find that in shopping malls, supermarkets, cosmetics franchise stores, etc., the design of cosmetics is very user-friendly, everything is considered for consumers, and it is simple and convenient to use.

When consumers do not realize that the cosmetic tube is also an element that enhances brand value and their own taste, the cosmetic tube series may not appear to be so important in the determinants of corporate competitiveness. With the generalization of cosmetic tube technology, consumers The breadth of selection of cosmetic tubes will increase, and as a result, the role of marketing supplement research and development will be diminished. This should also prove that research and development (packaging materials) is the foundation. In this sense, cosmetics companies should be prepared for danger in times of peace.

 This also requires cosmetics companies to embark on such a path in the research and development of wholesale customized cosmetics tube series: cosmetics tube from non-customized to customized. Of course, this is a gradual process, and in this process, most of the company's expenses are wasted on advertising.


The added value of the product starts from the cosmetic tube. The cosmetic tube is a research and development film. To a certain extent, cosmetics are sold as packaging. A person in the cosmetics industry bought a cosmetic tube from Korea and wanted to imitate the packaging of the cosmetic. Although it can be imitated, the material of the cosmetic tube cannot be imitated, because the quality of the cosmetic tube is still not found in China makeup packaging materials.

The path of the cosmetic packaging tube series from non-customized to customized cosmetic tube also reflects the needs of consumers: from pursuing the value of cosmetics themselves, to focusing on the added value of cosmetics, and then pursuing brand value. Of course, the brand value must be marked. 

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