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High-performance composite cosmetic tubes


Composite cosmetic tube is a kind of cosmetic tube from plastic cosmetic tube suppliers, it is a special packaging cosmetic container, and it occupies an important position in the makeup  and skincare packaging field. Maybe many people don't know it well. Follow cosmetic tube manufacturers and lets take a look at the cosmetic tube factory below to understand what a composite cosmetic tube is and what are the classifications of the cosmetic tube.


Combining the characteristics of a variety of materials, composite cosmetic tube has the characteristics of light weight, good toughness, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, soft tube body, flexible use, anti-aging, and non-deformation. Composite cosmetic tube is more and more widely used in modern cosmetic packaging.

 The composite cosmetic tube is a special makeup packaging container, which occupies an important position in the beauty packaging field. The so-called composite cosmetic tube is a "cylindrical packaging container made of flexible materials, which is folded and sealed to form a tube barrel and one end is equipped with a nozzle. After squeezing, the content is squeezed out from the nozzle."

The composite cosmetic tube combines the advantages of metal cosmetic tube and plastic cosmetic tube. This cosmetic tube from professional cosmetic tube supplier has good barrier properties, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, low cost, and beautiful appearance, so it is very popular for wholesale cosmetic tubes.


The definition of composite cosmetic tubes has gradually been generalized. The composite cosmetic tubes produced by various makeup tube container manufacturers have diversified their products according to different needs.


The composite cosmetic tube is resistant to expensive, high temperature, flammable, explosive, corrosive, and environmentally polluting liquid gases, and the composite cosmetic tube is resistant to oil and chemicals. Whether it is corrosive sulfuric acid, nitric acid, flammable and explosive solvents, composite cosmetic tubes have excellent performance.


The composite cosmetic tube is made of a multi-layer sealing structure of multiple materials by cosmetic tube factory. It still has good resistance to cracking and leakage in the harshest environment, and will not burst suddenly. It can easily handle gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and a variety of chemical liquids. The transmission work of bulk cosmetic tubes for cosmetic tube manufacturers can still maintain high flexibility even in cold weather.

Light weight, strong toughness, easy handling, soft makeup tube body, flexible use, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, non-deformation, corrosion resistance, exposed inner spiral metal and special inner layer, with reliable static dissipation performance.


The wholesale composite cosmetic tube market is actively developing. As the technology of composite cosmetic tube matures, the development of composite cosmetic tube has truly reached an accelerated stage. As time goes by, there are various cosmetic tubes that pop up in the market, such pcr cosmetic tubes, sugarcane cosmetic tubes etc., that go popular, and more and more cosmetic tube manufacturers join the majority and start to offer sustainable cosmetic packaging tubes wholesale for their customers, which effectively boosts the development of environmental protection, nonetheless, composite cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturers will still be applied for cosmetic packaging in a long time due to its impressive advantages.


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