The development status of cosmetic plastic hose?

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Current along with the adoption of some new materials and new technology development of cosmetic plastic hose is rich and colorful. Environmental protection is not only in the packaging waste treatment, daily hose manufacturer should also contain pollution to the environment in the process of production and the consumption of resources, etc. Lu: su composite hoses and all plastic composite hoses used economic, easy recycling of sheet. Especially all plastic composite hoses, EVOH ( Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) After waiting for other high barrier property material instead of aluminum foil, recycling and facilitate biodegradable products. Compared to all plastic pipe, orientate eye on compressive resilience and barrier property has certain gap, over a period of time will continue to limit all plastic composite hose in place of aluminous model multiple tube all aspects of process. Health performance cosmetic plastic hose is mainly suitable for cosmetics packaging performance considerations for security, health is always first consideration. On the raw materials, first of all films, particle, adhesive, printing ink and other physical and chemical indicators and abnormal toxicity has certain limitations. Different composite technology of sheet and tube solvent residues will have different effects. Production workshop environment, the air is clean degree, such as microbial quantity, suspended solids, such as dust and production workers health to have influence on the performance of health products. Aimed at the requirement of the health properties of different target market pipe also vary, such as export to Japan, the United States and other countries, the residual solvents in the ink, heavy metal content and so on have very high requirements. Use in cosmetic plastic hose materials and designs will be will be more and more personalized. Such as non-standard pipe diameter and the length to diameter ratio of individuation, medicine hose manufacturer has distinguishing feature of pipe shoulder and cap, elliptical, etc all kinds of pipe shaft selection, unique shape, sealing incision sealing membrane is widely used, can use offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, and other technology. All in all, with the further development of cosmetic plastic hose, more and more manufacturers to join the cosmetic plastic hose production, guangzhou hong xin industrial co. , LTD. , for product research and development has been the company has Taiwan eight color printing presses, Taiwan abundant iron head machine, single and double pipe bender. Formed from pipe, printing, sealing, cover than working procedure of assembly line, product specification is complete, the hose diameter 16 mn to 50 mn, various specifications, a variety of shapes of PE hose, aluminous model multiple tube production.
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