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How to choose the perfect size for your aluminum squeeze tubes


Choosing the right size for your aluminum squeeze tubes is a matter of careful consideration and planning based on your particular needs as a brand. A common mistake is to choose a size that will hold more product than you need, resulting in wasted space. The type of product you’re packaging makes a difference in how much space it needs to hold, but there are some general guidelines:

Selecting a size that’s too large or too small:

A common mistake is to choose a cosmetic tube that's too large. This can cause the product to dry out, lose effectiveness and be wasted. Not only will you not be happy with this outcome, but your customer probably won't be either, they may not buy the product again if they don't think it's worth their money or time.

If the tube is too small, you'll have to keep reordering, which can be expensive and time-consuming. If it's too big, you may not be able to sell as many units. You need to make sure that the product will last long enough for you to recoup your costs.

The type of product you’re packaging makes a difference:

The type of product you're packaging makes a difference. If it's a cream or lotion, you need more space for the product. If it's a powder, however, you'll have less room.


For example: The average lipstick tube holds 0.14 oz (4 grams) of lipstick, that's about 0.005 cubic inches (0.014 cubic centimeters). Now let's say we want to package our lipstick in an aluminum tubes packaging instead of plastic. Aluminum tubes are slightly larger than their plastic counterparts at 5 mm vs 4 mm diameter but also have 1 mm more length (12 mm vs 11 mm). This means that each aluminum tube has about 1% more volume than its plastic counterpart!

What about a pump applicator!  

If your product uses a pump applicator, there is a minimum amount of air space required at the top of the tube for it to work properly.

The cosmetic aluminum tubes packaging should be flexible enough to allow the pump to move freely when you press it down on your face or body. The tube should also be strong enough to withstand the pressure of being pushed into skin by an efficient pump mechanism (and possibly multiple uses). Finally, aluminum squeeze tubes must be durable enough that they won't crack or break during transit or use.

The shape of the aluminum squeeze tubes packaging plays a role in how much product it can hold. The shape is important in determining how much product it can hold, so be sure to measure your cosmetic tubes before ordering them.

Consider your goals:  

The size of your aluminum squeeze tubes needs to complement the rest of your branding. The packaging should be consistent with your brand, as well as all other packaging you use. Your branding should also be consistent with your website and marketing materials, so that customers can easily recognize which company they're dealing with when they see one of your products on social media or in an ad online.

When choosing a tube size, it's important to consider the goals you want your packaging to achieve. Think about how you want customers to perceive your product and if they prefer smaller or larger packaging options. You may also want to consider the merchandising options that will work best with this size of the cosmetic tube, as well as how easy it would be for customers to transport their purchase home.

The goals you want your packaging and brand identity system (including colors, fonts and imagery) convey. Make sure these align with your overall business mission or image before investing in any design elements or materials costs, you don't want them working against each other!

Size can work with any displays:  

The size of your cosmetic tube is an important decision, but it's also one that you can change later. If you want to use a display or merchandising option in the future, make sure your chosen product fits into that space. For example, if you're planning on displaying cosmetics in a retail store window or on shelves at an airport kiosk, consider making sure your cosmetic tubes are large enough for customers' hands and fingers as well as for easy removal from their packaging.
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