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Do you know why plastic cosmetic tubes are so popular


Do you know why plastic cosmetic tubes are so popular? A professional cosmetic tube manufacturer is here to reveal the story. This cosmetic tube is popular because it has good transparency and gloss and is more in line with people's aesthetic perceptions.

According to the manufacturer of cosmetic tubes, the new type of wholesale cosmetic tube is widely used for injection, extrusion, extrusion and thermoforming of various containers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It is a competitor of PS, ABS, plastic and PE cosmetic tubes. Transparent polypropylene (PP) is the main material to meet the growing demand for transparent containers, which allow consumers to see their contents clearly. The development of PP transparent packaging cosmetic tubes is a hot topic of plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Among them, PP has some innate advantages over PVC and polyester, its density is lower, and its weight is about 20% less than PVC material. In addition, PP's unique advantages are also reflected in its high transparency, especially in the application of extrusion blow molding cosmetic tubes.

The production process of plastic cosmetic tube is commonly used in two ways:

One is extrusion and blowing process, in which the plastic raw material is added to the extruder, the cosmetic tube manufacturer is heated, fused and plasticized to extrude the molten billet, and then put it into the cosmetic soft tube mold and blown and formed. After cooling and shaping, it is removed from the mold and the finished product is obtained after removing the waste edge. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene, PVC plastic cosmetic tube, etc.

The other is the cosmetic stretch-and-blow process of the Cosmetic tube manufacturer, in which plastic is injected into a tube by an injection molding machine and then injected into a flexible tube mould for forming and cooling the product. This process is mainly used to produce plastic cosmetic tubes.

At present, among the major wholesale plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, PET is the most commonly used material and is also the most commonly used material by customers in various industries. Why is PET cosmetic tube preferred by everyone? Cosmetic tube manufacturer summarizes the following 9 advantages of PET products for your reference.

1. PET plastic cosmetic tube combined with glass cosmetic tube texture but maintain the characteristics of plastic cosmetic tube, plastic cosmetic tube can do the appearance of glass cosmetic tube, but then glass cosmetic tube has the advantages of not easy to break, safety, environmental protection, good transportation.

2. PET plastic cosmetic tube type and capacity selection of flexibility, can produce different cosmetic tube types, the different capacity of products, rich product colour variety.

3. PET plastic cosmetic tube is cheap, transparent, airtight, has good pressure strength and easy to shape

4. The main material of the plastic cosmetic tubes is resin. Its nature is tasteless, odourless, non-toxic and without light surface

5. Environmental protection and low cost. Glass cosmetic bottles due to the limited material, manufacturing and recycling will produce certain environmental pollution. With the development of science and technology, the plastic cosmetic tubes can be recycled after recycling and reuse, so as to reduce the damage to the environment.

6. Plastic cosmetic tube is safer to use. Glass cosmetic tubes are fragile and not 100% safe to use for children or the elderly. And, because of the strong thermal conductivity of glass, glass cosmetics tube used to release hot liquid on the skin great harm, accidentally scalded. Plastic cosmetic tubes have no such concerns.

7. Plastic cosmetic tubes can be shaped at will, do not need too much process can create a suitable form, than glass cosmetic tube to save production time and cost.

8. Less mechanical scars, good airtightness of cosmetic tube mouth and cosmetic tube cover, small leakage rate

9. The ratio of air leakage and water seepage is small, and the soft tube of cosmetics has strong pressure resistance.

First biodegradation, the best way to fundamentally solve the PET waste pollution but there is no effective for PET methods of biodegradable PET cosmetics tubes can dissolve like metal cans and paper recycling recycling, can also like cosmetics tubes of glass recycling reusable, it also has a relatively constant volume, The used PET cosmetic tube is easy to classify and has a high waste recycling value, which makes the recycling of PET feasible. Currently, the Cosmetic Tube manufacturer is also mainly recycled by a waste collector to a waste collection station for reuse. PET has a wide range of use, large amount, so the recycling of PET cosmetic tube, not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also can turn waste into treasure, which cosmetic tube manufacturers need to attach great importance to.

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