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Plastic makeup tube manufacturers processing bulk production


Plastic cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturer:

A plastic cosmetic tube according to its own performance can be divided into: can repeatedly melt forming processing and basic can maintain its characteristics of thermoplastic cosmetic tube and can only be a melt forming thermosetting plastic cosmetic tube two categories. According to its use can be divided into a wide range of use, cheap, good comprehensive performance of the general plastic cosmetic tube, such as PE,PP,PVC,PS, and amine-based plastic cosmetic tube has good physical and mechanical strength, may replace the metal used in engineering machinery engineering plastic cosmetic tube such as ABS, Nylon, polyester, POM, TPX-1, etc. And in a certain performance has a particularly good class of engineering plastic cosmetic tube , such as: has a particularly good radiation resistance, high-temperature resistance and other special plastic cosmetic tube, such as polysulfone, liquid crystal polymer. According to the crystal size of thermoplastic resin molecules, the thermoplastic cosmetic tube can be divided into the amorphous polymer and crystalline polymer two categories.

The main features

The main characteristics of plastic cosmetic tubes are: first, the density is small, higher than the strength, you can get a higher rate of packaging, that is, "unit mass of packaging volume or packaging area size. Second, the chemical resistance of most plastic cosmetic tubes is good, there are good acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of organic solvents, long-term placement, no oxidation. Third, forming is easy, the required forming energy consumption is lower than steel and other metal materials. Fourth, it has good transparency and easy colouring. Fifth, it has good strength, high strength performance per unit weight, impact resistance and easy modification. Sixth, the processing cost is low. Seventh, excellent insulation.

Development of wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry

About 25% of cosmetic tube synthesis is used in the packaging industry, which is an important sector of the cosmetic tube packaging industry and one of the four major materials in the packaging industry: Paper and cardboard accounted for 30%, plastic cosmetic tube accounted for 25%, metal cosmetic tube accounted for 25%, glass cosmetic bottle accounted for 15%. The above two 25% fully illustrates the importance of the plastic cosmetic tube packaging industry. 

The plastic cosmetic tube packaging industry is the second packaging material, in fact, the surface is not as good as paper and cardboard packaging. But plastic cosmetic tube  packaging industry develops at a rate of 5% per year, and other packaging materials including paper and paperboard, metal, glass, sceneandhemp etc only increase at a rate of 2%, so one day plastic cosmetic tube  packaging industry will outpace paper and paperboard and become the first packing material.

In terms of the total amount of packaging industry, cosmetic Tube Manufacture is still weak in independent innovation, the added value of products is low, and the value of packaging is not fully reflected in the industrial chain. Low-level and repetitive construction has resulted in a serious contradiction between excess production capacity of low-end products and insufficient supply of high-end products, and lack of momentum for development. China's packaging industry needs to change from relying solely on volume growth and capacity expansion to relying on scientific and technological innovation, technological progress, optimization and restructuring to enhance the core competitiveness of industrial development. 

Cosmetic wholesale packaging containers

In terms of packaging containers, the original packaging containers of cosmetics is glass cosmetic tubes followed by paper composite cans, and then PET cosmetic tubes, and now rigid PET cosmetic tube is the largest packaging material, in the United States in 1991 has accounted for 26.5% of cosmetic packaging containers, Glass cosmetic tube s have dropped from 28.9 per cent in 1981 to 19.5 per cent, and aluminium cans account for 39 per cent. And plastic cosmetic tubes are growing at a rapid rate of more than 3% a year. To be sure, even in the countries where the plastic cosmetic tube packaging industry has been blamed the most. Plastic cosmetic tubes will continue to develop much faster than other packaging materials because plastic cosmetic tubes have many characteristics that no other packaging materials can replace. The plastic cosmetic tube packaging industry has occupied the sales of cosmetic packaging field at the same time, has been to the development of transport packaging, will eventually force is still based on metal "transport packaging", mainly replaced by plastic cosmetic tube.

Classification and characteristics

Plastic cosmetic tube packaging tube according to the material can be divided into OPP, CPP, PP, PE, PVA, EVA, composite tube, co-extrusion tube, etc.

OPP plastic tube :

Features: hard, unchanged after pulling. Single piece can not be stretched in half, edge seal welding, the longest length can not exceed 640m/m. Single fragment length 1.28M, width 0.6M.

Advantages: good transparency.

Disadvantages: Both sides of the seal are easy to tear.

PP plastic tube: Polypropylene

Characteristics: hardness is inferior to OPP, can stretch (pull in both directions) after pulling into a triangle, bottom sealing or side sealing (envelope tube ), barrel material. Transparency is worse than OPP.

PE plastic tube: Polyethylene Polyethylene

Characteristics: Formalin, slightly poor transparency.

HDPE: High density low-pressure polyethene with a crisp feel, used for horse clamp tube.

LDPE: Low-density high pressure polyethylene soft hand.

PVA plastic tube : Vinylon

Features: Environmental protection material, will dissolve in water. Domestic production of this raw material, are imported by Japan, is expensive, in foreign applications more.

Advantages, soft transparency, no pollution.

CPP plastic tube :

Properties: no toxicity, no formalin, composite, transparency is better than PE, hardness is slightly worse. When pulled, it will grow out, soft in texture, transparent in PP and soft in PE.

Composite tube :

Features: strong edge seal, printing, ink will not fall off.

Co-extrusion tube :

Features: good transparency, soft texture, printable.

Now plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers hollow blow moulding processing technology has become the main production method of the plastic cosmetic tube. Its advantages are low cost of mold and mask, rich mold materials, a variety of products, can produce large complex shape hollow body, high production efficiency, high degree of automation. The disadvantage is that the shape of the product has certain restrictions; Wall thickness control is difficult to some extent; Low dimensional accuracy.

Common blow molding processes include extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding. Extrusion blow molding, through the extrusion device to extrude molten material, extrusion material in blow molding mold for blow molding, cooling finalize, and then take out the mold product; Injection blow molding, first into the bottom embryo, and then into the blow molding mold blow molding, cooling finalize, and then take out the mold product. Stretch blow molding is produced by extrusion or injection of embryo material. A stretch rod is placed in the blow molding mold for axial stretching. After horizontal stretching, the bubble product is cooled and formed, and finally taken out from the mold.

The plastic cosmetic tubes will be green, plastic cosmetic tube waste caused widespread concern in the society. Strengthen the scientific management and utilization of plastic cosmetic tubes, maximize the recycling of waste plastic cosmetic tubes, and gradually develop and use degradable plastic cosmetic tubes, degradable plastic cosmetic tubes get greater development, The cosmetic Tube Manufacturer must develop and promote the use of biodegradable plastic cosmetic tubes.

1. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new materials and new technologies of plastic cosmetic tubes, avoid the problem that many plastic cosmetic tube  materials in line with green packaging can not be applied in a large area because of high cost;

2. Develop bio-based plastic cosmetic tube, effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle of the bio-plastic cosmetic tube, give full play to the function of bio-plastic cosmetic tube  materials at the same time, reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic cosmetic tube  materials on the ecological environment;

3. Improve and improve plastic cosmetic tube  recycling processing technology, so that the plastic cosmetic tube  material recycling rate significantly increased, improve and eliminate plastic cosmetic tube  material caused by white pollution, improve the utilization rate of resources;

4. Promote the plastic cosmetic tube  blending technology, plastic cosmetic tube  additives new and application technology progress and development, in order to ensure the plastic cosmetic tube  material non-toxic, health, environmental protection under the premise of using low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic cosmetic tube  material, to provide possible reduction;

5. Innovation and research and development of plastic cosmetic tube  new materials and new processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic cosmetic tube  packaging materials, and the use of high performance of new materials, to achieve the reduction of packaging materials;

6. The development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, the use of some plastic cosmetic tube materials have the characteristics of edible, water-soluble, reduce the production of packaging waste, improve the safety and environmental protection performance of the plastic cosmetic tube.

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