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Cosmetic tube manufacturer recommends sugarcane cosmetic tube


With such cutthroat competition out there, cosmetic brands are trying different ways to stand apart from the competition by seeking after cosmetic tube packaging that differs from the others. Makeup brands have figured out that if they want to be relatable to the masses, they absolutely need eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics from cosmetic tube manufacturers. 

And lately, biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers have started recommending sugarcane cosmetic packaging for a number of reasons. What is there not to like? Some cosmetic tube packaging experts are even saying that sugarcane cosmetic packaging is capable of dethroning plastic as the most used material for cosmetic tubes manufacturing for cosmetic tube factories.

If you are wondering why cosmetic tube manufacturers are praising sugarcane cosmetic packaging so highly from the perspective of the wholesale cosmetic tubes, read till the end of this article. If you are also searching for new means of cosmetic bottle packaging or wholesale cosmetic tubes, you might stumble upon something incredible. 

What is sugarcane cosmetic packaging?

When it comes to the wholesale cosmetic tube industry, sugarcane cosmetic tube, as its name suggests, is obtained by a material called Bagasse. Bagasse is the residue left in sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane, as we all know, is a completely renewable resource and can be grown again in just a year’s span.

Since there is no end to sugarcane’s supply, the prices for wholesale sugarcane cosmetic tubes aren’t that high. But this doesn’t mean sugarcane cosmetic packaging lags behind durability or quality in comparison to other cosmetic tubes, such as aluminium cosmetic tubes, plastic cosmetic tubes etc. Sugarcane cosmetic tubes can compete directly with plastic and aluminium cosmetic tubes in almost every benchmark as cosmetic tube manufacturers have kept refining workmanship and technology. 

If this isn’t enough to make up your mind, cosmetic tube manufacturers have more reasons to help you make a conclusive decision for wholesale cosmetic tubes. Read on to find out what sugarcane cosmetic packaging has in store for you.

Benefits of sugarcane cosmetic tube:

Consumers love businesses that go green and find ways to lower their carbon footprint. In today’s woke culture, your brand can easily be canceled if you are not following the eco-wellness guidelines. As consumers become more aware of how fossil fuels can affect our environment, especially with the recent pandemic, consumers have grown more cautious!

Consumers have been purchasing sustainable products, which is excellent news because we need all hands on deck if we want to make a difference. Going green and ditching traditional cosmetic plastic packaging methods has many benefits for everyone, from the consumer to your business. Here are a few significant reasons why sugarcane cosmetic packaging should be your next packaging for wholesale cosmetic tubes.


The environmental impact of a company can have a significant effect on consumers. By announcing that you care about our earth, it shows consumers that you are willing to shift production towards greener practices! Other than being a great brand image boost, it also is somewhat of your moral responsibility.

Biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers have figured this out and started pushing for sugarcane cosmetic packaging. Sugarcane is a renewable resource and can be regrown in a span of 8-12 months. 

Sugarcane cosmetic packaging is a natural and safe way to go green advocated by cosmetic tube manufacturers. It doesn't contain any toxins, so you can rest assured that it won’t harm the environment even after it decomposes! Also, the carbon footprint with sugarcane will be in minus.  While growing, sugarcane absorbs carbon. So other than lowering pollution, you will also be lowering the carbon footprint with sugarcane cosmetic tube.


Using sugarcane cosmetic tubes for your business can have more benefits than using Plastic cosmetic tubes or even Aluminum cosmetic tube. For one, the products are usually much lighter so it will enhance the consumer’s experience! However, don’t confuse their less weight with substandard quality. They don't break easily when transported or handled by customers. 

Lower Shipping Cost: 

Using sugarcane cosmetic packaging also drastically cuts down on your shipping costs. Since sugarcane cosmetic tube doesn’t weigh that much, for bulk sugarcane cosmetic tubes you order from cosmetic tube manufacturer, your shipping bill will decrease. People tend to think that they have to pay extra to get their hands on eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics. 

sugarcane cosmetic tube is here to prove you wrong. Since there is no end to the supply of sugarcane for cosmetic tube manufacturers, the price of sugarcane cosmetic packaging is extremely low. If you want durability, affordability and sustainability in one package, you should opt for a cosmetic tube supplier that offers sugarcane cosmetic packaging.

How to find sugarcane cosmetic packaging?

This is not an easy question to answer! The industry of wholesale cosmetic tube packaging is extremely vast either for cosmetic tube manufacturers or cosmetic manufacturers. You will need the assistance of trustable biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers. You can come to us or any other wholesale cosmetic tube supplier with expertise in this field, and you will be adequately guided. 

We are a cosmetic tube manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience in wholesale cosmetic tube supplies from design and development, customization, R&D, sales and marketing, as an answer to building up a green environment for sustainability, we have come up with different types of the eco-friendly cosmetic tube that tells your product’s value, story, and promotes your brand popularity, check the below which we have worked hard on and made with both makeup businesses and nature in mind:

1)Sugarcane cosmetic tube and bottle

2)Aluminum cosmetic tube

3)Bamboo cosmetic tube and bottle

4)PCR cosmetic tube

And more...

As a cosmetic tube manufacturer that takes the lead in wholesale cosmetic tubes and carries responsibility forward, we offer all-in-one custom cosmetic tube service for any customer looking for unique and personalized cosmetic packaging. Besides, our cosmetic tube comes with multi-function, not only does it just work as packaging but also a beauty tool, we keep exploring and innovating our cosmetic tube to benefit this whole cosmetic tube industry.

Reach us and wholesales sugarcane cosmetic tube that grows your brand.

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