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Investment Analysis of Plastic Cosmetic Tube Printing Market


Plastic Cosmetic Tube is an internationally advanced packaging container supplied by cosmetic tube manufacturer, the product is non-toxic and odorless, hygienic and convenient to use, the surface is bright and bright, beautiful and low price. Wholesale Plastic Cosmetic Tube is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, detergent and other daily necessities packaging to highlight the value of the product. There are single, double, and clear tubes, round tubes, and flat tubes.

At present, the world's advanced plastic Cosmetic Tube production line is an integrated assembly line integrating full automatic color printing, polishing, drying, rapid tube drawing, filling head, automatic color code internal heating sealing, bronzing and capping. The manufacturing process of the sheeting is usually made up of the sheeting through the laminating process, then the printing process becomes the printing process and finally the manufacturing process becomes the cosmetic tube. The manufacture of the tube is similar to that of a magnetic card and is cosmetic. The Cosmetic Tube Printing Company is also a Cosmetic Tube Manufacturing Company and printing is part of that process. Cosmetic Tube prints are generally printed in four colors, and some designs have only one or two colors, up to 16.


There are three main printing modes for Cosmetic Tube: offset, relief and screen printing. Offsctdruckereien accounts for the largest proportion, some of the offsctdruckereien is infrared drying, some are UV drying. Due to the thickness of the screen printing ink and the strong covering power, it is mainly used for printing the cosmetic tube with the background color. Market trends The main service groups for Cosmetic Tube printing are cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, etc. Cosmetics is the largest customer base, accounting for approximately 60 to 70 percent of all Cosmetic Tube business, and 15 to 20 percent for pharmaceuticals, with the rest shared by other businesses. During the interview, the Cosmetic Tube Printing Factory reported that there are many new private Cosmetic Tube manufacturers and the competition is chaotic. As the competition became more and more fierce, the high profit of wholesale cosmetic tube printing was also compressed a lot. The price of wholesale cosmetic tube printing decreased by 3% ~ 5% every year, and now the profit rate is basically maintained at around 15%. Although the price of a single tube has been decreasing, the upstream demand for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries is a high growth industry, so the market volume will continue to increase.

According to the latest statistics, by the end of 2020, the national cosmetics industry will achieve sales of about 75 billion yuan, profit and tax of 33 billion yuan, including tax of about 27 billion yuan. The development speed of cosmetics industry is higher than the growth rate of national economy, and has maintained the momentum of rapid growth for many years. According to 300 large and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises statistics, in 2003 from January to September to complete the sales of 16.27 billion yuan, accounting for about 21.6% of the total sales of the country. In the cosmetics industry has been in the leading position of manufacturers, in 2003 still maintained the top position, from January to September completed sales of more than 500 million yuan: Avon 2.66 billion yuan, amway 2.55 billion yuan, longliqi 1.49 billion yuan, sisbao 1.356 billion yuan, Procter & Gamble 1.002 billion yuan and other 11 enterprises.

The pharmaceutical industry is also on a steady climb, especially as aluminum tubes, once used for medical purposes, are now banned. It can be said that the country is leading the pharmaceutical industry to change the packaging materials of the plastic cosmetic tube to plastic, which undoubtedly gives the plastic cosmetic tube a growth opportunity. Investment threshold The investments for equipment printed by Cosmetic Tube range from more than one million yuan for domestic equipment, to two to five million yuan for Taiwanese equipment, to tens of millions of yuan for European equipment, and could be selected. However, if the introduction of a complete line of words, it may be necessary to invest in the tail sealing machine and other auxiliary equipment. Because the tube is mostly used for products that come into direct contact with the human body, there is a high requirement for the material used and the working environment of the tube. The interviewed enterprises all said that the materials are basically imported, which can not only guarantee product safety, but also ensure product quality.


According to the Drug Administration Law and the Regulations for the Implementation of the Drug Administration Law, the packaging materials used by drug manufacturers must be approved and registered by the drug regulatory department under the State Council. Since 2002, one after another, some enterprises have received the Registration Certificate of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Containers, but there are also many unqualified enterprises cut off their living resources and shut down. Most of these unqualified enterprises are small enterprises with simple equipment. For cosmetics packaging, although the state has not yet introduced strict regulations like drug packaging, but the supervision of products closely related to human health has become the trend of The Times, the introduction of relevant regulations, but sooner or later. Experts caution: If you are interested in investing in Cosmetic Tube printing, you should be in the high-end market.

Although the price war in recent years has affected large Cosmetic Tube companies to some extent, there are only a few such large Cosmetic Tube companies with a steady supply and each Whoesale Cosmetic Tube factory has become one of the required answers for well-known cosmetic brands. So they have a stable source of business. Printing is the most difficult part of the production of Cosmetic Tube and it is not very sophisticated from a technical point of view compared to the process of pulling the tube and sealing the end. Hire a high level of offsctdruckereien operation personnel, basically can solve the problem. It is understood that a 30 million RMB Cosmetic Tube production line will take five to six years to recoup its costs. It seems that investment in high-end Cosmetic Tube production would also require adequate funding.

Many cosmetic products have seasons, such as sunscreen and hand creams, so there are also off-season and peak seasons for cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers, which is also a requirement for cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers to make reasonable arrangements for production. Like many printing markets, plastic Cosmetic Tube printing faces chaotic competition. But a mature Cosmetic Tube business can still grow at more than 20 per cent a year. So chaos is not necessarily equal to more opportunities for prepared and healthy businesses.

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