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Simple introduction of cosmetic container


Material characteristics of cosmetic packaging: The most commonly used plastic materials for cosmetic containers can be divided into two categories in terms of texture: soft materials and hard materials.

Typical soft materials include PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene, etc. Their appearance characteristics are  1. Appearance characteristics after processing: PE polyethylene white waxy translucent material, flexible and tough, slightly stretchable, lighter than water, and non-toxic. Can match colors, but the color brightness is poor. PP polypropylene transparent or semi-transparent material, with excellent bending resistance. The color of the material is better after color matching. Common makeup containers of soft materials are lotion bottles, airless pump bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, and so on.

Typical hard materials include ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, PMMA polymethyl methacrylate, etc. Their appearance characteristics are as follow:

1. Appearance characteristics after processing: ABS material is an opaque and light ivory color. It can be matched to become other bright-colored products with high gloss. It has the characteristics of tough, rigid, and hard materials. The PMMA material is transparent, the light transmittance is like glass, it has the best transparency among plastics, but the surface hardness is low. Easily scratched and rubbed by hard objects.

2. Container molding method: injection molding.

3. Surface decoration and post-treatment effect: the container can be printed, bronzing, labeling, surface coating, and other processes without special surface treatment.

4. Scope of application: ABS material has poor compatibility with cosmetic internal materials. Suitable for plastic lids, container shells, etc. PMMA materials generally exhibit the characteristics of glass-like transmittance to make thick-walled plastic parts. Common cosmetic packaging containers with rigid materials are containers for creams, luxury lip gloss tubes, airless cosmetic bottles, etc.

The most common molding methods of container material molding process are injection molding, hollow molding, injection stretch blow molding.

Points to be paid attention to in injection molding processing:

1. Container molding methods: injection molding, hollow molding, injection stretch blow molding.

2. Surface decoration and post-treatment effect: the container can be printed, bronzed, and labeled (in-mold labeling is also possible) after surface treatment.

3. Scope of application: Good compatibility with cosmetic internal materials. It is suitable for making outer cap, inner cap, inner liner, sealing sheet, plastic stopper, shampoo bottle, etc. But it is not suitable to make solvent-based nail polish, polished water, and other product containers.


Cosmetic squeeze tube  

According to the classification of cosmetics, cosmetics tube package can be divided into 1. luxury lip gloss tubes, including lipstick tube containers, eye cream tube with a brush; 2. Makeup tube, including facial massage tubes with rollers, facial tubes with a brush, Or cosmetic squeeze tubes such as sunscreen; 3. Eye cream tubes, including commonly pointed eye cream tubes, eye cream tubes with droppers, or eye cream tubes with rollers for massage; 4. Body care tubes, including shampoo soft Tube, hand cream tube, lotion tube with rollerball and massage effect, hair removal cream tube with sponge head; 5. Facial cleanser tube, including common facial cleanser tube and facial cleanser with roller or brush with special effects tube;

                 lipstick tube containers
Eye Cream Tube with Long nozzle
Single Roller Oval Plastic Tube
Vibration Facial Cleanser Brush Tube

1. Plastic cosmetic tubes are divided into single-layer, double-layer, and five-layer hoses, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, anti-permeability, and hand feeling. Another barrier layer. Features: It has excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, and prevent the leakage of content fragrance and effective ingredients.  

2. Double-layer pipes are more commonly used. Single-layer pipes can be used for medium and low-grade pipes. The diameter of the hose is 13#—60#. When a certain diameter hose is selected, different capacity characteristics are indicated by different lengths. , The volume can be adjusted from 3ml to 360ml. To be beautiful and coordinated, the caliber below 60ml is commonly used below 35#, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35#—45# caliber, and the volume above 150ml needs 45# or above. 

3. The technology is divided into round tube, oval tube, flat tube, and super flat tube. Flat tubes and super flat tubes are more complicated than other tubes. They are also new types of tubes in recent years, so the price is correspondingly more expensive.   

4. The covers of squeeze tubes for cosmetics have various shapes, generally divided into flat caps, round caps, high caps, flip caps, super flat caps, double-layer caps, spherical caps, lipstick caps, and plastic caps. The treatment, bronzing, silver, colored cap, transparent, oil spray, electroplating, etc., tip caps and lipstick caps are usually equipped with inner plugs. Hose Caps are injection molded products and hoses are drawn tubes. Most hose manufacturers do not produce hose caps themselves.

5. Some products need to be filled before sealing. The sealing can be divided into straight pattern sealing, diagonal pattern sealing, umbrella sealing, star point sealing, special-shaped sealing, and sealing can be required when sealing. The required date code is printed at the end.

6.  The hose can be made of colored tubes, transparent tubes, colored or transparent frosted, pearl tubes, and there are matte and bright points. The matte looks elegant but easy to get dirty. The difference between colored tubes and large-area printing on the tube body can be Judging from the cut at the tail, the white cut is a large-area printing tube, which requires high ink, otherwise it will easily fall off and will crack and expose white marks after being folded.

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