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Appearance requirements for cosmetic packaging design


At present, cosmetic packaging on the market can be described as diverse. The packaging that directly holds cosmetics (the first layer of packaging that directly contacts the cosmetics) includes plastic cosmetic bottles, plastic cosmetic boxes, plastic cosmetic tubes, and so on.

Among all types cosmetics, liquid cosmetics, emulsion cosmetics, and cream cosmetics have the most packaging types and quantities, and there are many packaging forms, mainly including plastic cosmetic bottles of various shapes and specifications (generally through exquisite decoration and printing); cosmetic spray bottle (Spray packaging has the advantages of hygiene and quantitative taking on demand. It is often used for the packaging of higher-end cosmetics and cosmetics that require directional and quantitative taking. Cosmetics such as hair mousse and hair spray are used in this packaging form. Commonly used. cosmetic spray bottle mainly includes a metal cosmetic spray bottle, glass cosmetic spray bottle, and plastic cosmetic spray bottle).

Types of cosmetic containers

Airless cosmetic bottles: airless tubes are used by air pressure. The nozzles of the airless cosmetic bottles have pointed or flatheads, which are generally made of all-plastic or aluminum-plastic.

Lotion bottle: Most lotion bottles have hoses inside. The body of the lotion bottle is generally made of acrylic, while the inner hose is mostly made of PP.

Containers for creams: PP, PETG materials commonly used in plastic cream tubes (high transparency, no liner, but there are double layers, to save costs), acrylic (this product has good transparency, generally add a liner, not directly paste, The bottle body will crack), ABS material (this material is used for electroplating accessories, easy to color).

Blow-molded bottles: Most blow-molded bottles are made of PET. The characteristic is that there is a bump on the bottom of the bottle. It is brighter in light.

Blow-injection bottles: The material of the blow-injection bottle is mostly PP or PE. The characteristic is that there is an adhesive line at the bottom of the bottle.

 Airless cosmetic bottles
Lotion bottle
                Containers for creams

Blow-molded bottles and Blow-injection bottles

Cosmetic tubes: including aluminum-plastic cosmetic tubes, all-plastic cosmetic tubes, aluminum tubes, plastic squeeze tubes have occupied the mainstream of the cosmetic packaging market due to the advantages of less raw materials and low cost. They are mainly used in facial tube products, skincare packaging products, and other beauty salon products, etc. Common cosmetic packaging tubes include lip gloss tube, eye cream packaging tube, facial tube, massage tube, plastic cream tube, etc.

        lip gloss tube
                massage tube
                plastic cream tube
                  facial tube

Appearance requirements for cosmetic packaging design

Cosmetic packaging bottles (including plastic cosmetic bottles and glass cosmetic bottles) 

  • 1)The cosmetic packaging bottle's body is complete, stable, and smooth, and the thickness is uniform. There should be no cracks, no obvious scars, or deformation.

  • 2)The mouth of the cosmetic packaging bottle is smooth and stable.

  • 3)The inside and outside of cosmetic packaging bottles are clean.

Cosmetic tubes

  • 1)The body of the cosmetic tube is smooth, tidy, uniform in thickness, without obvious scratches, and the color is consistent with the standard sample.

  • 2)The seal of the cosmetic tube should be firm, without openings, wrinkles, etc.

Ingot tube (including lip gloss tube, lipstick tube)   

  • 1)The tube body is upright and smooth, without obvious scratches, and the color is uniform, consistent with the standard sample. 

  • 2)The tube body is suitable for tightness, and the paste should be screwed out or pushed out normally.

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