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How to create custom cosmetic tubes according to different seasons


The cosmetic industry is one of the very few industries that stays relevant all year long! But still, there are few products that are mostly relatable in selective seasons. Sunscreen packed by cosmetic tube is a great example. It may be consumed the whole year but its sales skyrocket during summer. So in these selective seasons, it is better to market and package these products in accordance with the vibe of these seasons.

And we all know how huge of a role custom cosmetic tube plays in the cosmetic brand. Simply put, your cosmetic brand is worthless without a quality custom cosmetic tube supporting it. Your consumers have no way of finding out what is in the packaging. So their decision is solely based on the vibe they get from your custom cosmetic tube. So in this article, we have tried to explain how to choose the best wholesale cosmetic tube according to different seasons.

Why seasonal packaging is important in the wholesale cosmetic tube?

Seasonal packaging can be an excellent way for brands to create their fresh new look and gain relevance during the respective time of year. The added advantage is that such wholesale cosmetic tube helps attract loyal and new consumers interested in what your product is representing. 

When discussing different ways of advertising throughout the year like quarterly promotions or holiday campaigns consider adding some seasonal flair in wholesale cosmetic tube. Because people find a way to go on vacation no matter what season we're in! 

Marketing campaigns can draw inspiration from how nature changes its colors and mood throughout each year. Along with this comes the opportunity of more excellent value in terms of luxury in cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale. Opportunities like gilding-metal finishes or using gemstones are all available for designers looking for an innovative edge when it comes time to stand out from competitors.

When discussing seasonal packaging, brands can make their products more relevant by taking inspiration from natural changes. Changing colors and moods throughout each season is a perfect opportunity for them to use these cues when promoting or marketing efforts. Here are a few examples of how to design your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale in different seasons.

Spring cosmetic tube packaging

In the spring, bright and pastel colors are standard. For the wholesale cosmetic tube to be effective for this time of year, designers need a certain level of attention to recognize and embrace the following trends with what they have at their disposal.

Florals or other elements that may remind users of things like Mother’s Day and Easter. In addition to the spring colors, the custom cosmetic tube should also have accents of floral imagery using a transparent rainbow foil that is reflected elegantly in the sunlight. 

Summer cosmetic tube packaging

Like spring custom cosmetic tube, summer trends also tend to focus on bright colors. In addition to the bold color scheme of a primary hue combined with accents in lighter shades or tones, this season features more playful themes like warm weather and vacation-related messages. Such messages are often delivered through text illustrations rather than imagery. 

cosmetics tube manufacturer can also use holiday colors or flag imagery for Fourth of July celebrations. Your brand can also celebrate summer by incorporating shades associated with warmer weather such as blue tones while also including an option celebrating Cinco de Mayo commemorating Mexican culture. 


The Autumn is winding down, and brands are looking forward to the next season. Unfortunately, many businesses fail this transition because they're stuck in a rut of past successes without any new ideas or fresh approaches for how you can best serve your customer base going forward. However, there's hope! Now's the time to take those long-overdue steps towards growth by utilizing some great strategies in your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale.

The perfect way to capture the essence of fall is through custom cosmetic tubes! Fall leaves, vibrant colors and holidays are all part of this season's vibe. To make sure your product or brand looks right in line at any given time during the Autumn months, contact an artisanal-style cosmetics tube manufacturer like us. We can help you create an elegant yet rustic design using minimalistic patterns paired with neutral color palettes for raw materials. The gold and brown tones in the label also work in this season. 

Winter packaging

The most popular season for seasonal packaging is the winter holiday. So why not spice up your winter packaging and make it more memorable? The cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale for this winter would be something festive. The festive design will give customers an emotional response in your customers, making you more memorable in our brand’s eyes! 

A cosmetics tube manufacturer can be festive with their designs while still being functional and durable. A great way to put your customers in the mood for holiday shopping is by using creative and innovative packaging that pays homage to this time-honored tradition.

Festive designs like snowmen or elves on chimneys, brightly colored custom cosmetic tube that are sporting Santa Claus' face, even Advent calendars full of little treats hidden behind frosted glass doors! You’ll find something perfect no matter what. Moveable items are at stake after opening the flap. 

Just keep in mind that winter is the gifting season. Gifts will be flying everywhere. So make sure that your custom cosmetic tube has a wow factor in it. 


Designing a custom cosmetic tube is not something you should take lightly. Designing is not a skill that you can pick up in a day or two. Also, it is best to not take any risk with your custom cosmetic tube. You can hire a design agency to design your wholesale cosmetic tube or you can have your cosmetics tube manufacturer design your tube in accordance with the seasonal trends. We have a team of expert designers in house that have worked with multiple international brands. Contact us today so we can learn more about what you need and get started on designing your wholesale cosmetic tube together.

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