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Everything you need to know about color matching on your wholesale cosmetic tube


Colors are directly responsible for evoking emotions in the consumers. Whether you are using red to symbolize glamour or light blue to give off that specific calming vibe, colors are extremely important. 

Especially if you are in the e-commerce landscape. Your product image is the only weapon in your arsenal to influence the consumers in order to click that magical little BUY button. But why and how you should use your colors effectively to get the most out of your wholesale cosmetic tube? This is what you will learn in this article!

Print and packaging providers or cosmetics tube manufacturers need to take every measure possible when dealing with color matching. The consistency in the colors is critical across a brand, with both negative or positive impacts depending on how well your cosmetics tube manufacturers do their job at this crucial point. This blog will explain why proper branding needs an accurate scheme of pigments used throughout in custom cosmetic tubes, from logos down through each aspect within your materials themselves.

What is color matching?

Color matching is an important factor for cosmetics tube manufacturers to consider when designing their cosmetic tube containers, as it can significantly impact brand recognition and sales either positively or negatively. Custom cosmetic tubes are a great way to show off your brand personality and make the most out of your wholesale cosmetic tube. 

When color matching begins, clients have already chosen a PMS or CMYK(explained below) combination of their liking. Often times they offer examples for reference and it is important to consider the substrate on which you will be printing your design into. A lot goes down during these early stages so get ready!

The colors you use on your wholesale cosmetic tube will behave differently depending on the type of cosmetic tube container. For example, using coated paper versus uncoated can result in different outcomes because uncoated absorb ink. Whereas, those made from superior materials such as plastics won't have this problem at all! In addition, if a design has print effects like pearlescent coatings or raised UV coating, these could also affect how well glossed outshine looks after application.

So instead of just picking a color, you should focus on the end product. We will recommend that you have trustable cosmetics tube manufacturers on your side, so they can guide you on how each and every color will end up on your cosmetic tube containers.

Color communication

Colors can help your custom cosmetic tubes stand out in a crowded marketplace. Not only does it make the brand more memorable, but consistent colors keep consumers engaged and trusted with your company's branding efforts. Wholesale cosmetic tube packaging that doesn't match the brand's color palette can be a massive turnoff for customers. A consistent look across all your marketing materials will ensure consistency and better branding, ultimately leading to higher sales.

Consumers respond to color because it is the first thing they notice when looking at a product. Not only can it help your product stand out amongst competitors (and sometimes before other aspects like shapes or information), but consumers notice colors first. Consumers want brands with consistent branding across all the fronts(eCommerce, physical), since this helps promote reliability which builds trust for consumers overall.

So if you want your wholesale cosmetic tube to deliver a message and want consumers to notice it, colors should be your main focus.

Color Consistency

According to recent studies, the human eye can distinguish even minuscule differences in color. That means that if your custom cosmetic tubes packaging is inconsistent with its colors, then consumers will notice it. Often, even the tiniest of inconsistencies can negatively impact your product's perception. For example, if consumers notice that one tube's packaging is inconsistent with other tubes regarding color, they might form an opinion against its legitimacy. 

When people are first introduced to a product, they form an opinion within the first 90 seconds. This judgment can be based solely on color. Inconsistently applied packaging on cosmetic tube containers will often lead customers into thinking that products aren't of high quality. 

Color Matching Structures

Two main color matching structures are used in print. The CMYK structure gets its name from each pigment’s initial letters that make up its base palette i.e, Cyan, Magenta (red+blue), Yellow, and Black. This was developed so they could be identified when mixing them one over another to create endless variations on what you see before your eyes.

Pantone Matching structure works off a similar principle but uses standardized colors instead with no variation between manufacturers worldwide.

CMYK structure vs. Pantone Matching structure

There are various benefits to using both structures on cosmetic tube containers. The right structure for you depends on what type of project is in store and how much detail-orientedness or creativity is desired.

When a brand needs to use more than 8 colors in their packaging design, they can utilize CMYK. Suppose you want an economical solution and your artwork includes photo-like or animated graphics. In that case, this is the best choice for printing on top-quality materials with vibrant color coverage across all channels.

The Pantone Matching System may be the best option for your design if your project uses less than 8 colors. PMS has a more extraordinary ability to produce precision across all materials, including those with uncommon color schemes or bright tones. CMYK can struggle when printing any unusual shade as it can only offer accuracy in limited areas on these substrates. 

Right Partner for your Brand needs

Your success depends on the quality of your cosmetic tube containers. Let’s work together to ensure that you get all the tools, guidance, and support necessary for a successful product launch.

Your color matching process can be challenging. We’ve got everything from inks & papers right down to digital printing solutions, so let's talk about how our team will help create high-quality products while meeting every need a long way.

All you have to do is drop us a message and we will assist you in creating the best wholesale cosmetic tube.

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