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Application of plastic packaging container in cosmetic packaging


With the improvement of people's consumption level and the enhancement of consumption ability, the production and sales of cosmetics, such as daily chemicals for the purpose of keeping the body clean, health care and beauty, have been unprecedented development, and the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to expand the sales of their products and occupy a place in the fierce market competition, cosmetic manufacturers are trying their best, looking for cosmetic ppackaging manufacturer who makes great efforts in packaging and publicity of cosmetics, with a variety of packaging forms that are dazzling. Therefore, in order to better publicize their products, various businesses have carried out their own different categories and makeup packaging for their own characteristics of cosmetics.


First, the current situation of the development of cosmetics packaging

1. Adaptable classification of cosmetic packaging With the development of cosmetic packaging materials and packaging technology, the packaging forms of modern beauty products are more and more, and the decoration is exquisite. Generally speaking, there are the following types of packaging.

1) solid packaging. There are mainly eyebrow pen, lip line pen, powder and so on. The packing of this kind of articles is simple.

2) solid particle (powder) type packaging. The main packaging methods commonly used are cosmetic plastic tube, composite cosmetic plastic tube(mostly cylindrical plastic barrel), cosmetic glass bottle, cosmetic metal tube, plastic cosmetic tube, plastic cosmetic bottle, composite cosmetic film bag, etc.

3) liquid, emulsion and paste type cosmetics packaging. In all cosmetics, this type and the number of the largest, most of the skin care cosmetics are liquid, emulsion or paste form exist. The main packing forms are: plastic bottles, glass bottles and composite film bags with various shapes and specifications. The above kinds of packaging forms are usually combined with the color-printed plastic tube to form the sales packaging of cosmetics together with the plastic tube, so as to improve the grade of cosmetics. 4) Spray packaging. Spray packaging has the advantages of being accurate, effective, simple, hygienic and quantitative on demand. Such as hair with mousse, perfume, etc.

Throughout the above situation, combined with the development trend of cosmetics and packaging, the packaging of modern cosmetics in the choice of packaging materials and containers, packaging container structure design and packaging container decoration design, the main characteristics of the following:

1) As the application range of plastic and composite materials increases, plastic bottle modeling design tends to be diversified. The use of glass bottles is restricted.

2) Diversified packaging containers (to meet different levels of consumption).

3) Serialization of packaging design. Packaging is more and more suited to the needs of personality development.

4) Some products are packaged in the form of spray packaging to facilitate the use of consumers.


2. Application of Plastic Cosmetics Tube Packaging In the plastic packaging structure of modern commodities, the plastic tube with glue-free modeling structure is more and more favored. In the automatic molding process, quite a number of folding plastic tubes with glue-free structure begin to gradually replace the traditional plastic tube with glue-free structure. Due to the wide variety of cosmetics, the following is a brief description of the structural characteristics and applications of some plastic cosmetics tubes by taking cosmetics products as examples.

1) Single plastic cosmetic tube packaging

The plastic tube is mainly used for surface decoration to match the plastic tube shape. The plastic tube's shape change needs to match the product design to highlight the actual features. It is usually used to package the variety of cosmetics, such as powder, eye shadow tube, makeup tube, etc. (2) single bottle with compartment folding plastic tube which is a domestic soap gifts given a perfume packaging tube, attached the plastic tube the amount of plastic pieces more, but the compartment structure has good cushioning effect, can effectively protect the goods, and the surface can't see the size of the packaging within the capacity, more suitable for use in cosmetics packaging. It should be noted that the structural plastic tube must be made of plastic board with good elasticity.

This is a folding plastic cosmetic tube used by Shiseido Cosmetics in Japan for packaging perfume. The design direction is to open the display in the window as the main purpose, can better display goods. The inside of the packaging cosmetics tube is also printed with exquisite patterns to match the perfume containers that are packaged. The plastic cosmetic tube is sealed and suitable for transportation and sales. It is a typical plastic tube for display and transportation.

2) combination of cosmetics packaging combination packaging is a branch of the series of packaging, also known as the collection of packaging. The cosmetic of same brand, different function undertakes complete set namely series change package, in order to facilitate consumer to buy, make overall price is lower than the total price that buys alone again at the same time. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand, including facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, etc., should maintain the style of the overall design, adopt larger containers, carry out collective packaging, and sell them as a whole as a sales unit.

① Tube packaging for all kinds of noble cosmetics, such as powder, eye cream and lip balm, can improve the valuable quality and sales power of the products. Combined with the successful decoration design, enhance its visual impact, it is a good packaging choice. One of the most typical is the folding plastic tube. The grid design in the structure can be adjusted flexibly according to the amount and shape of the contents.

The structure of cosmetic plastic tube is mainly used for the collection packaging of cosmetics wholesale. It can also be used as a complete set of gift packaging after decoration or addition of auxiliary structures, such as different colors of lipstick, nail polish or perfume of different fragrances for combined sales, usually, the structure of plastic tube is fixed paste mounted type. There are many variations. According to the different structural requirements, the sealing structure of the plastic tube can be changed. In addition to the requirement of saving plastic plate, the plastic tube can be designed into a plate forming structure as far as possible.


The examples discussed above by Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer are just a few examples of applications to cosmetic packaging, and in addition to these rectangular looking structures, a variety of special-shaped plastic tubes used for cosmetic gift packaging are also emerging. The intersecting line of the side plate is an arc-shaped disc plastic tube, with a lower concave surface added to the top intersecting line (used for double-arc line to replace the traditional intersecting line of the side plate). The structure is very suitable for those with high visual effect of the lid of special packaging, such as cosmetics or liquid gift packaging, such as perfume. Wedge recessed tube bottom/trapezoidal recessed wall rocking cover. This structure shows the design of disc plastic tube within its reasonable structure design, manufacture and sale of practice, the development scope broad, on the surface, the Angle of single wall plate structure is totally different from the traditional folding rectangular plate plastic tube, but its place forms and other disc plastic tube with a telescopic folding Angle. It can fit into a regular rectangular tube sleeve for easy transportation. Can be used for packaging cosmetics in the variety of makeup, such as: powder, eye shadow tube, makeup tube, etc. In the tubular plastic tube structure, there are some novel and unique special-shaped plastic tubes. This is a twisted tubular plastic tube with a window opening. The structural expansion of the plastic tube does not seem to be unusual, but the four action lines on the four main panels make the plastic tube into a unique shape design after molding. This shape for gift perfume packaging has an excellent display impact.

Three, modern packaging strategy and cosmetics packaging

Cosmetic packaging plays a special role in the commodity economy. It is non-material and metaphysical. It shows a colorful aura in circulation and adds a line of scenery to daily life. At present, most of the high-end cosmetics market is dominated by international brands, while local brands can only struggle in the middle and low market. Thinking about the reasons, the flaws in the packaging design are obvious. Most international brands have formed their own traditions in packaging design, with a complete set of patterns both in shape and color. However, the packaging design of cosmetics products is very random, and even changes with the preferences of producers or designers, resulting in a lack of coherence between products. From this current situation, the packaging of cosmetic products should not only reflect the integration of fashion and technology, but also pose a great challenge to designers. In addition to effective advertising and eye-catching counter display, packaging is an important link in the expression of commodity grade. Appropriate packaging can not only enhance the visual impact of goods to attract consumers, but also can reflect the taste of the brand incisively and vividly. Therefore, packaging as a product "coat", not only to have the function of full, protect the product, but also must have the role of attracting purchase, guiding consumption. In the marketing behavior of modern commodities, packaging is a silent advertisement, which can play the effect of "a stone from another mountain can attack jade".

Plastic packaging, as a kind of cosmetics packaging with high quality and low price, is becoming a fast developing industry in the national economy. Moreover, the cosmetic packaging market has a great space for the development of plastic products packaging in both quantity and quality. In order to publicize and beautify products, the grade of commodity packaging and decoration will be followed by the improvement of consumption level and a new pursuit; From maintaining the environment, improving human living conditions, energy saving, material saving, reducing transportation costs and other aspects of the need to start, plastic packaging can be required to shine on this broad stage. With the rapid growth of import and export trade, the further development of plastic packaging has brought new opportunities. Faced with the domestic and international market for cosmetic plastic product packaging, Cosmetic Container Manufacturer continues to meet new challenges.

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