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Latest trend of cosmetics packaging


The new cosmetic tube packaging requires higher requirements in shape and color

Last year, the expansion of the global skin care market created conditions for the increase in demand for composite and aluminum cosmetic tube packaging, according to cosmetic tube manufacturer. Specifically, the market of anti-aging skin care products has grown greatly worldwide. Most of these products are packaged with cosmotic tube, not only because consumers need to accept such products, but also composite or aluminum cosmetic tube has good permeability, and is sensitive to oxygen or fragrance, These characteristics are exactly what cosmetics and personal care products need. In addition, many cosmetic or personal care companies that used to put products in cans or bottles now use cosmotic tube packaging, because it can not only meet the requirements of consumers, but also further expand the sales of cosmetics and or personal care products. It is also reported that in a recent competition held by the tube Council, cosmetic tube manufacturer provided cosmet tube for noxzema sotother and smoothbikini analgesic was selected to use cosmotic tube for the pharmaceutical industry in the current year.

The demand of cosmetic tube manufacturer for the new type of cosmetic tube is higher and higher, and it is hoped that it can adapt to higher-grade decoration, higher quality and more diversified color requirements“ All of this seems to reflect the market's tendency and inevitable trend towards co extrusion cosmetic tube packaging, because such a cosmetic tube can be constantly innovated to meet the needs of high-level consumers ". Mr. cosmetic tube manufacturer added that the increased requirements for new cosmet tube packaging also led to additional investment due to the expansion of production capacity. For example, we should introduce modern labeling equipment, hot stamping, silk screen printing and offset printing equipment to meet the needs of customers. The company has designed a series of new cosmet tube production projects, and realized a good combination of a series of cosmotic tube packaging, and achieved good results in the production of some special seasonal gift bags or related products.


Because of the growing maturity of the beauty industry, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the visual effects, covers and packaging design of packaging, said sales manager of cosmetic tube in Quebec, Canada. "We have recently found that the color of cosmetic tube has begun to develop towards metal like colors, such as the side wall effect of cosmotic tube supplier, which is simple in decoration, with the highlight being that the stamping position is on the side wall and cover.". In addition, cosmet tube was recently used by John Freida. Cosmet tube supplier helped tony&guy (TIGI) company develop a hair thickening paste called codky. Ms. Hackett said that the silver side wall of polyfoil showed the beautiful appearance of the product, and adopted the inverted cover (TIGI's own patent) to make the cosmetic tube stand up, Let this product give out a unique charm. The biggest problem that affects the filling machine of tubular packaging is how to transfer from the printing stage of batch number and effective date to printing the information directly on the tube packaging.

"Information such as batch number and effective date has been printed on the sealing of tubular packaging, and it is generally difficult to identify it because of the floating engraving method," cosmetic tube supplier commented. Many cosmetic manufacturers are discussing new alternatives, such as laser or ink-jet printing, to print these data to tubular packaging. Obviously, this requires that certain artistic effects be produced in areas with printed characters. Because once the characters are printed, a visual reading system is needed to ensure the legibility and legibility of the printed characters. That is to say, in filling machine, printer or camera need to be installed, but this increases debugging time, and even may cause confusion of machine work ". According to cosmetic tube supplier, it means to expand the diameter of cosmetic tube in cosmetics packaging, that is, from 52 mm to 60 mm now, which will cause problems to the current filling equipment. "If existing equipment is not modified, it is impossible for the current machine to handle new size packaging, and the new equipment needs to take this larger size as a new standard," he said According to the current situation of cosmetic tube supplier, the company has a TFs 80-1 cosmetic tube filling machine. With effective servo technology, it can flexibly produce all cosmet tube packaging with diameter less than 60mm, and one nozzle can fill 100 tubes per hour.


From the market perspective, the cosmetic tube filling machine has experienced several stages from development to consolidation. "After years of competition in the market, we see a lot of big companies becoming stronger and a lot of small ones are eliminated by the market," Mr White said. Now, most of the new devices launched in the market are bought by big companies like P & G and Unilever. " How to become a supplier of tubular packaging for American daily chemical products? In order to improve the brand effect, the decorative outer packaging of household tubular products is also constantly innovating, so its suppliers must face greater competition pressure. The products that consumers like are designed to be beautiful and easy to use in life. The tubular packaging from skin care products to toothpaste is popular because of the conditions. Similarly, consumers will have the idea: "what can new products bring to me?" This idea further promotes the manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products to continuously launch the latest products and packaging, but it must not increase the cost. To achieve this goal, manufacturers must constantly carry out research and development for packaging suppliers, so that they spend the least money and get the most. The overseas competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the past decade, the overseas packaging suppliers have been following their North American competitors. In recent years, the competition pressure has become more and more obvious. Manufacturers of home cosmetics, personal care products and perfume are increasingly turning to overseas suppliers, such as China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Mexico brother and Costa Rica, because the labor cost in these countries is lower than that in North America. It is cheaper and faster to seek packaging resources from these countries than to buy the same packaging resources from European and American manufacturers. This situation leads to more and more packaging suppliers facing the pressure of competition, so most manufacturers must adjust their core trade strategy; On the other hand, in order to maintain their interests in the overseas market, they also need to cooperate with overseas companies.

For end users, the time from ordering to delivery of household tubular packaging products is a long problem that has not been solved. Industry insiders say the deadlock was caused by large toothpaste manufacturers such as P & G, Colgate and other companies, whose products have a large number of customers and products occupy a large part of the global market, forcing other companies to seek markets outside these markets. Of course, these reasons are not the most important, but ordering and price overseas is the root. "I think companies are looking overseas for faster delivery time and cheaper partners, which is the market trade model of capital society," said the general manager of cosmetic tube supplier's packaging filling company according to his observation. The bottom line for the US is that we have to try to deliver faster and produce better tubular packaging with modern designs than our competitors. ". "Usually, it costs more than $10million to build a production line, so I can't imagine that foreign companies will invest such a large amount of money into new production lines unless they have received a large mandate from domestic companies," cosmetic tube supplier added.

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