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Tips About Aluminum Collapsible Tube You Can't Afford To Miss


Both consumers and brands are pining for Sustainability, convenience and low price in cosmetic packaging. An Aluminum collapsible tube offers all three of the above benefits. If you think you don’t have enough knowledge about the collapsible tube industry then worry not, we have got you covered.

In this article, you will be introduced to every aspect of a collapsible tube. You will understand why the Aluminum collapsible tube is the most appreciated packaging option out there. By the time you reach the end, you will have a complete grip on this subject and will be prepared for Aluminum cosmetic tubes wholesale.

What is a collapsible tube?

A collapsible tube is a squeezable tube. It is a hollow cylindrical tube having a nozzle on one end and filled from the pack end. Unlike the other packages that are filled through the orifice. A collapsible Tube is a commonly used means of packaging for storing different ointments and creams.

Materials used in the manufacturing of a collapsible tube:

Tubes are the cylindrical hollow containers which are used to store different types of product inside it. The collapsible tube can be made up of different types of materials that may be paper board, plastic, aluminum, or other metals like tin or lead.

Early collapsible tubes were made up of tin, zinc, or lead with a coating of wax inside them. This coating is done to prevent the constituents of the product from reacting with these metals. But the trend changed. Now Aluminum is the preferred material for metal collapsible tubes.

Uses of collapsible tube:

Collapsible tubes are generally used as a container for many products especially medicines, ointments, creams, cosmetics, toothpaste, colors, etc. A collapsible tube is a highly durable and convenient packaging method that is used all over the world to pack highly viscous liquid products. As viscous products are difficult to pump out or pipe out from any container for such products, collapsible tubes work efficiently.

Pouring viscous liquids used to be tiresome in the past. Highly viscous fluids couldn’t flow as swiftly as water. You needed some external force to pull them out. This is how the idea of collapsible tubes was born. 

Why aluminum collapsible tubes?

Aluminum collapsible tubes are pressure-sealed packaging. It can be used for filling products having different viscosity levels. The aluminum collapsible tube prevents the product from moisture, atmospheric air, microbe attacks, oxidation of the product and thus, ultimately increases the shelf life of the product.

There are a lot of metals that were used earlier for manufacturing collapsible tubes. But with time, the industry changed its trends and shifted to Aluminum collapsible tube. You must be wondering what made Aluminum such a popular material for the collapsible tube.  And the answer to it is because aluminum collapsible tube stands alone in their functionality, features, and benefits in the packaging industry.

  • Some excellent features of the aluminum collapsible tube are described below.

  • 1.    Stylish: A wide variety of customization options for aluminum collapsible tube is available. You can be as creative as you want in designing and labeling your tube. Get inspired from tons of designs online and let your suppliers take care of the rest.

  • 2.    100% recyclable: The property of aluminum to completely recycle itself makes the aluminum collapsible tubes wholesale more sustainable and preferable to the brands. Everyone is eager to maintain the environment pollution-free and this is a nice approach to achieve that.  Around 70% of the Aluminum produced throughout our history is still in use.

  • 3.    Preservative:

  • As the aluminum collapsible tube is air-free packaging technology, it blocks the external environmental factors before they could affect the internal product. So, whether the product is organic, its shelf life increases almost twice due to coherent packaging.

  • 4.    Corrosion resistant

  • The external layer of aluminum collapsible tube reacts with atmospheric air and forms aluminum oxide coating on the surface which is more tough, hard, resistant, and coherent towards corrosion. Your external coating will remain intact for a long period of time.

  • 5.    Heat resistant

  • The external and internal coating of the aluminum collapsible tube makes it heat resistant. It prevents the product from being affected by external temperature and other such factors. 

  • 6.    Airtight

  • The aluminum collapsible tube prevents air from moving inside as it collapses on squeezing. So, there is no chance of air or any other particle moving inside the aluminum collapsible tube.

  • 7.    Contamination free

  • Aluminum collapsible tube can’t be contaminated as it hinders the external factors to reach inside. It results in the protection of the internal fluid from bacteria, fungi, and algae, and other pollutants.

How aluminum collapsible tubes are manufactured by factory?

Aluminum collapsible tubes consist of an aluminum tube container with one end opening nozzle. The basic manufacturing steps for the aluminum collapsible tubes are explained below.

1.    Nozzles and cap

The lid of the nozzle of aluminum collapsible tube is mostly created of PP or PS plastic having a pin-shaped design to open the seal of the nozzle.

2.    Membrane for protection: 

There is a membrane for the protection of internal products present within the aluminum collapsible tube. The aluminum collapsible tube protects the internal product highly proficiently by sealing the opening of the nozzle with a thin layer of aluminum. The seal is broken by the consumer when the product is used.

3.    99.7% pure aluminum tube

The aluminum collapsible tube is made up of 99.7% pure aluminum metal which prevents the tube from corrosion and microbes.

  • 4.    Complex internal coating

  • Some constituents of cosmetic products can be extremely reactive and end up reacting with the container itself.

  • As the aluminum collapsible tube is a metallic packaging so it can react with the internal product formulation. In order to prevent the reaction, the internal sides of the aluminum collapsible tube are coated with complex resin adhesives to stabilize the internal environment of the tube and make it suitable for the filling of sensitive product formulations.

  • 5.    Latexing technique

  • After filling the product in the aluminum collapsible tube, Latexing is applied to the lateral opening of the cylindrical tube to seal the end. Letaxing facilitates the sealing of the aluminum collapsible tube and prevents leakage.

Tips for Aluminum collapsible tubes wholesale:

If you are a cosmetics brand, you most probably won’t have time to wrap your head around a completely strange industry. But worry not, here are some tips and tricks to help you find the perfect aluminum collapsible tubes wholesale deal.

1.    Customize design: The aluminum collapsible tube can be customized according to the need and requirements of the brand. Customization is the best weapon in your arsenal against the cutthroat competition in this industry. Use it wisely.

2.    Product filling: The product is filled from the lower end of the cylindrical tube. After filling the end, the opening is sealed. Now it is your job to make sure that there is no room for leakage left during the sealing process.

4.    Size: Keep the size of the packaging as small as you can. It will be extremely beneficial in the long run. The shipping cost of your product is based on the size and weight of your product. Even a difference of a few inches can combine and cost you huge sums of money.

5.    Eco-friendliness: Aluminum collapsible tubes can be eco-friendly. But they still take over a century to completely decompose. This is why it is recommended to always opt for recycled options.

6.    External surface designing: The external design of the aluminum collapsible tube can be customized according to the specifications given to the manufacturers. The external coating can be done as Natural aluminum color/silver itself, Colorful spray coating, Silkscreen printing, Heat transfer printing, Vacuum metallization, Sandblasting, or offset printing. Choose what suits well with your brand identity.

7.    Customized type of closures: The closures are the caps or lids that cover the nozzle of aluminum collapsible tube. There is a wide range of options available to customize the material, color, and designs of these nozzles to make them compatible with the brand identity.

  • 8.   Internal wax coating: For maintaining the stability of the product, the tube should be coated with an adhesive or wax from inside so that it prevents the reaction between the aluminum walls and the product.

  • 9.   Enhance sealing: Using latex or other adhesives and external coating can enhance the sealing and prevent leakage of the aluminum collapsible tube.

  • 10.   External overcoating: Although the external surface is coated, there should be an additional protective layer of the plastic transparent sheet to support the safety of the packaging.

  • Conclusion: 

  • The collapsible packaging industry has a wide range of options for its customers. The aluminum collapsible tube has become the most popular packaging type in this industry. But if a newbie enters this field, he is presented with a ton of information and ends up all confused. This is why we tried to solve all the queries regarding collapsible tubes in our article. We are hopeful that all of your complications concerning the Aluminum collapsible tube are eliminated by now.

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