If it's the timeless "I woke up like this" look or the cutting-edge "makeup is art you wear on your skin," virtually every woman (and many men!) uses beauty and cosmetic items on a daily basis.

The first thing the fashion insiders you want to convert into clients see is your packaging. They're more inclined to take the product home and try it if the packaging catches their eye and speaks to what they're looking for. If not, why not? It would almost definitely gather dust on the shelf.

But how do you design aluminum tube packaging for cosmetics that screams to your ideal buyer, "I had that blush yesterday!" Never deny that 99designs has everything you need to produce packaging that stands out on the shelf and gets your products into your customers' hands (and, eventually, on their face).

The beauty experts you want to convertinto consumers will notice your packaging. They'll be more likely to take the product home and try it if the packaging draws their eye and speaks to what they're looking for. If that isn't the case, what options do you have? On the shelf, it'll undoubtedly accumulate dust.

However, how can you build packaging that cries to your ideal customer, "I had that blush yesterday!" Never deny that 99designs has everything you need to create packaging that stands out on store shelves and gets the product into the hands of customers. (and, in the end, on their faces)


The last ten years have seen a period of industrial modernization and fierce rivalry. Every manufacturer is working hard to carve out a niche in the market, and their rivals are sure of it. This rivalry has not spared the manufacturing sector. Producers are going to considerable lengths to make their product stand out in terms of form, scale, and style. One of the essential facets of this is the aluminum tubes a cosmetic packaging.

Aluminum cylinders, which are widely used as packing tubes, are packaged using a range of mechanical and semi-automatic equipment in today's packaging industry. The devices used for this are laminated, soft lamb, automatic, and ABL Lami tube unit.

This machine allows cosmetic aluminum tube manufacturers to create aluminum squeeze tube packaging as their finished products automatically. The machines are equipped with a laminated tube manufacturing line, allowing the manufacturer to complete the time-consuming task of automatic and fastpacking in the shortest time possible. Because of the modular architecture of these devices, the manufacturer may use various degrees of automation.

These devices are typically used in the packaging process in the cosmetics sector, pharmaceutical industry, and other production units. Since these laminated tube-making devices must be manufactured outside India, they were not available on the Indian market. Indian factories began producing these laminated tube devices, and demand for them quickly grew in the manufacturing industry.

When it comes to wrapping, laminated semi-automatic and fully automatic systems have taken over, providing excellent food packaging and finishes.



  • Metal squeeze tubes, also known as aluminum squeeze tube packaging, are made of several thin layers of 99.9% pure aluminum that combine to form an impermeable, air-tight container that provides superior protection to its contents.

  • Squeezable tubes have become much more prevalent in virtually every industry today due to their versatility in carrying. It is simpler and less costly to make, fill, and seal than most containers, boxes, and bottles, and it can dispense a wide variety of items. Plastic squeeze tubes have become increasingly common in the cosmetics and personal care industries for several reasons mentioned above and improved longevity, increased break resistance, airtightness, and longer product shelf life.

  • Squeeze tubes are also available in various materials, including rubber, laminate, extruded and inject molded tubes, and metal tubes, as the popularity of squeeze tubes increases. Of course, this means you'll have a lot more options when it comes to selecting the best squeeze tube for your product line.

Remember the advantages of multiple squeeze tubes when making choices on your commodity or products.

Since laminate squeeze tubes were used initially for packaging toothpaste, you can think of toothpaste tubes when thinking of laminate squeeze tubes. Because of their versatility, longevity, and low cost, laminate tubes are now used for various other products such as artists' paints, surgical ointments, hair care products, and even oral care products.

Laminated tubes are similar to silicone squeeze tubes, but they have a few different benefits. Laminate tubes are made up of several aluminum and plastic layers that provide a more substantial barrier within the container, similar to a metal squeeze tube's properties. This prevents the wrapped product from oxygen while allowing the squeeze tube to remain wholly flexible and resilient during use while retaining its attractive exterior appearance. The two varieties of laminated tubing are ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) and PBL (Polymer Barrier Laminate) (Plastic Barrier Laminate). ABL laminated tubes come in ivory, silver, and pearl base colors, while PBL laminated tubes come in white, transparent, PMS tones, and pearls.

Metal squeeze tubes, also known as aluminum squeeze tubes, are made up of several thin layers of 99.9% pure aluminum that aggregate to form an impermeable, air-tight container that provides superior protection to its contents. Latex is used to line the sealing end of aluminum tubing to eliminate solvent contamination, and an internal lacquer protects the product from interacting with the aluminum. Metal tubes are smooth, making them ideal for holding items. It keeps things like cosmetics, paints, adhesives, foods, and pharmaceuticals fresh and contaminant-free for more extended periods when used on and off.


Aluminum squeeze tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

• Shoulder painted tubes • Base coat plus 4-color printing • Open nozzle, closed nozzle (piercing), and long nozzle (applicator)

• Custom caps may be made in any form, scale, or color.


Today's packing equipment must also be environmentally friendly. They must use environmentally friendly raw materials for packaging in order to be environmentally friendly. They can also make good use of the raw materials and waste as least as possible. To provide clients with the right packaging for their goods, new devices must be free of pollutants.

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