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Cosmetic tube detection method big analysis


As a product closely related to the beauty industry, the flexible tube packaging of cosmetics needs to be both protective, functional and decorative, and the multi-layer plastic composite technology has been attached great importance. It can make multiple layers of different kinds of plastic composite together, forming any color and shape of the container. On the one hand, it can enhance the isolation of light and air performance of cosmetic tube packaging; On the other hand, by combining different kinds of materials, we can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel on the appearance.

Vacuum cosmetic tube packaging quietly emerged. Vacuum cosmetic tube packaging can protect skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamin, it has the advantages of strong protection, high resilience and recovery. Another important development in vacuum cosmetic tube packaging is the emphasis on functionality, which is important for less complex containers.

Undoubtedly, the primary function of the cosmetic tube is to protect the contents. In the composition of cosmetics, microorganisms are added to grow and reproduce necessary substances, such as glycerin, protein, and cosmetics are contaminated by microorganisms, that is, become smelly, metamorphic and moldy, product quality decline, moisture and oxygen are factors that affect microbial growth. Most cosmetics contain oil composition, oil in the unsaturated bond is easy oxidation and cause metamorphism (rancidity), and the oxidation is a chain reaction, as long as there is a small part of the oxidation, will cause the completely metamorphism of grease, and produced oxide, acid, aldehyde, etc are irritating to the skin of the material, and gives off rancidity odor. Oxygen is the main external cause of rancidity, without the existence of oxygen, there will be no oxidation and rancidity, the increase of water, will also cause the hydrolysis of oil and accelerate the automatic oxidation reaction, and water will provide a living environment for microorganisms, and reduce the activity of some antioxidants. The preservation of aromatic gas is the key of cosmetic tube, for a few cosmetics, the aromatic gas itself among them is real "product", if aromatic gas dispersed, real sale of "product" also disappeared. Therefore, it is very important to prevent odor loss for cosmetics.

It can be seen that anticorrosion, anti-oxygen and prevention of odor loss are the key points of cosmetic preservation. Cosmetic tube suppliers need to carry out the following tests on cosmetic tube: Gas penetration of cosmetic tube packaging material speed, cosmetic tube packaging internal gas content, and cosmetic tube packaging is intact, that is, cosmetic tube packaging material barrier, cosmetic tube packaging internal jacking air body analysis and cosmetic tube packaging sealing.

1.1 barrier property

Barrier sex is to point to cosmetic tube packing material to gas, liquid and so on permeate permeate through material block effect, its bad or bad can directly affect the quality of the product in the shelf period, also is the important index that evaluates product shelf life at the same time. The barrier performance of cosmetic tube packaging is one of the important testing items of wholesale customized cosmetic tube, including the oxygen permeability, moisture permeability and organic gas permeability of materials.

1.2 sealing

The sealing of cosmetic tube packaging mainly refers to whether there is a leak point in cosmetic tube packaging. Is gas leakage through the crack, microporous materials or the small gap between the two materials emission or enter the cosmetics packaging tube, tube in the cosmetics packaging cosmetics tube heat sealing parts and container port position such as leakage probability is higher, in order to solve this problem, need strict production process at the same time, according to the testing data to adjust process. The commonly used detection methods are positive pressure method and negative pressure method. Among them, the application of positive pressure method should be paid special attention, because this detection method can not only detect the sealing of common cosmetic tube packaging, but also use accessories to expand the detection objects. For example, the Labthink PARAMTM LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Tester tests the tightness of tubes, spray heads, cosmetic tube covers, and open cosmetic tube packages by adding test accessories.

1.3 Analysis of headspace

There will be a small amount of air remaining in the cosmetic tube packaging at the completion of filling, and the gas composition inside the cosmetic tube packaging is difficult to control and change by other technical means from the end of filling to the opening of the cosmetic tube packaging before using the product. The use of barrier cosmetic tube packaging materials can only bring obstacles to gas penetration/seepage cosmetic tube packaging materials, and can not eliminate the existing oxygen and other gases in the cosmetic tube packaging (excluding the addition of deoxygenation technology in the cosmetic tube packaging). If the content of residual gas exceeds the maximum concentration of the product, no matter how good the high barrier material and how perfect the sealing cosmetic tube packaging form can not meet the shelf life requirements of the product. Therefore, cosmetic tube suppliers need to detect the residual gas composition in cosmetic tube, and adjust the packaging process of cosmetic tube according to this.

2. Sales influence factors and appearance detection of cosmetic tube packaging

tube for cosmetics, cosmetics packaging appearance beautiful degree can directly affect the consumers recognition on the brand and product quality, it is commonly believed, first-class cosmetics packaging should be equipped with a commensurate with the first-class cosmetics tubes, so all the cosmetics brand in its product cosmetics packaging tube on investment is very big, In addition to ensuring the quality of products, we pay special attention to the beauty of the appearance and the convenience of use. From the point of view of consumers, the printing, opening, surface touch, printing effect and appearance design of cosmetic tube packaging materials have become important factors to consider when choosing products. However, these factors are closely related to the performance testing of cosmetic tube packaging materials in addition to appearance design.

2.1 Printing quality

Cosmetics have good visual beauty and are printed beautifully, so it is more important to test the printing quality of cosmetics tube suppliers. At present, the routine items of cosmetics tube printing quality inspection include abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) of printing ink layer, ink adhesion fastness detection, and color discrimination. The ink fastness detection and color discrimination have a clear detection method, but in the wear resistance testing need to pay attention to, the current American standard detection method requires the load block using linear motion, but the international standard requires the load block using curve motion form, For example, ASTM D5264(Labthink PARAMTM RT-01 Friction Tester), the tester should determine the test method to be used based on the export test needs.

2.2 Self-adhesive label detection

Self-adhesive labels are widely used in cosmetic tubes. The testing items mainly focus on the bonding performance test of self-adhesive labels (self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive), and the main testing items include three indexes: initial adhesion ability, holding adhesion ability and peel strength (peel force).

In the test of initial viscosity, the inclined surface ball rolling method is adopted to test the initial viscosity of the sample by the adhesion effect of the adhesive tape on the steel ball when the steel ball and the pressure-sensitive tape sample have a brief contact at a small pressure. The initial viscosity of the self-adhesive tape is characterized by the maximum size of the steel ball that can be stuck. The test board with adhesive tape samples is hung vertically on the test rack, and the weight of the specified weight is hung at the lower end. The adhesive displacement of the sample or the time when the sample is completely separated after a certain period of time is used to characterize the adhesive adhesive label. The peel strength is an important indicator to measure the bonding performance of self-adhesive labels. Usually, this indicator can be tested by electronic tensile testing machine or electronic peel testing machine.

2.3 Easy to open

Cosmetic tube cosmetic tube packaging is a cosmetic tube used in the field of a more flexible packaging form. The value of the locking and opening torque of the cosmetic tube cover is one of the key technological parameters controlled offline or online by the production unit. Whether the torque value is appropriate has a great impact on the intermediate transportation of the product and the final consumption. The opening and locking force of cosmetic tube cover can be detected by means of a torque meter, and the opening and locking force of cosmetic tube cover should also be associated with the sealing test of cosmetic tube packaging.

To sum up, according to the preservation requirements of cosmetic tube, its performance testing can be divided into two major parts: content preservation and product appearance. Of course, the basic mechanical indexes of cosmetic tube packaging materials must be met. Among them, anti-corrosion, anti-oxygen and prevention of odor loss is the focus of cosmetic preservation, involving material barrier, headair body analysis and sealing detection; The aesthetic degree of cosmetic tube packaging can directly affect the sales of products, the main influencing factors are cosmetic tube packaging outside printing, opening, cosmetic tube packaging material surface touch, printing effect, as well as cosmetics adhesive label bonding performance test. Understand these performance indicators of cosmetic tube packaging materials, cosmetic tube packaging, cosmetic tube suppliers in the design of cosmetic tube can avoid some mistakes, while enhancing the usability, protection and beauty of cosmetic tube packaging design.

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