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Cosmetic packaging tube design strategy


Like any kind of commodity, cosmetics need to realize the final sale by virtue of packaging, and it is a commodity extremely dependent on packaging. Not only because the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients determine the need for reasonable packaging to protect product safety and stability, but also because cosmetics itself is a special commodity carrying people's desire to beautify themselves.

In order to achieve successful design results, cosmetic tube manufacturers need to carry out systematic and organized design of cosmetic packaging.

Brand positioning expression

Brand positioning is aimed at the needs of the target market, according to the psychological needs of target consumers, to establish their own market position or consumer psychological position, for the brand to determine a distinctive proposition, the proposition should have great attraction to target consumers, and can establish a unique market position.

In the process of establishing this position, there needs to be a carrier for the brand to speak, cosmetics packaging design as the image of the brand, can make consumers identify with the value concept of the brand and product quality through the visual way. Cosmetic tube suppliers in a clear brand positioning, packaging design can be targeted, can be more effective for the brand service, become a meaningful design.


For example: CHANEL packaging is a minimalist representative, give up the redundant color, in the color of the classic black and white, only in a small number of products to reconcile with light blue, light pink. For the shape of the cosmetic tube container, CHANEL ctube a straight line in the slightly curved design, and the surface of the cosmetic tube container is basically not modified, more is to show the smooth feeling of a simple plane or curved surface, introverted and classic brand temperament to perfect presentation.


tube cosmetics packaging design is a brand, culture as the standard discipline, which requires the designer when making packaging design, not only the pursuit of originality, fashion brings to the enterprise's benefit, but through the accurate grasp of the brand positioning, the transformation of packaging design to build brand connotation, the important way of creating lasting brand value.


Rules for the packaging of cosmetic products

With an unprecedented variety of cosmetics, consumers have a wider range of choices. As an enterprise, it is necessary to classify and design product packaging according to product efficacy and composition, so as to facilitate consumers' identification and purchase of cosmetics. Cosmetic tube suppliers in the classification of product packaging design, mainly through the packaging of the shape, color, tube paste and other elements of the change of the regular design. Generally, the package design of series products can be combined in the following ways:

The same cosmetics tube container shape, different cosmetics tube container color. The implementation of such a design scheme can be cosmetics with similar effects but different duration of use. For example: for the same series of early cream and late cream, at this time, two different colors of cosmetics tube container are used to distinguish the concept of time.

(2) The same cosmetic tube container shape and color of cosmetic tube container. tube paste of the same design style, but one or several design elements of the tube paste are executed differently. This design scheme is usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different composition. For example, cosmetics belonging to the same fruit series use the same design style of cosmetic tube container because they all use the fruit formula, but the fruit formula is divided into pomegranate, lemon, tomato and other formulas, so the tube can draw the corresponding fruit pattern to distinguish them.

The cosmetics tube container with complementary shape. The implementation of this design scheme is more products with supporting functions. For example, in order to reflect the unity of shampoo and hair conditioner in the same series and suggest that consumers should use them in sets to increase sales, they usually design the packages of the two as a whole and combine them together into a new overall style.

In short, according to the different classification of the series of cosmetics with the corresponding design, cosmetic tube suppliers to provide consumers with a more effective, more intuitive, more convenient guiding consumption, will make both enterprises and consumers benefit.


Final shape design

Cosmetic tube container appearance design

According to the cosmetic tube container decent change degree cosmetic tube manufacturers can be divided into simple and lively, moderate change and complex decoration. Simple and lively cosmetic tube container usually uses the combination of plane and curved surface in modeling, and the surface of cosmetic tube container has no relief effect, so the molding process of cosmetic tube container is relatively simple. This type of tube container cosmetics because of the simple process, simple appearance of generous, cosmetics market occupies a large proportion.


Part of this tube cosmetics container model is relatively simple, but tube cosmetics container surface can make a small modification, for example: in the tube cosmetics container will have slight cutting, rolling, on the surface of the tube cosmetics container do some relief decoration, or some accessories to better interpret the product quality.


There are some cosmetic tube suppliers in the design of cosmetic tube container more complex form, decorative effect is thicker, more symbolic. Although tube cosmetics cosmetics container modelling way passed me by, but in the specific design customized cosmetics tube, tube cosmetics suppliers need to comprehensively consider the positioning of product characteristics and properties, the complexity of the tube cosmetics container technology and consumer when using the product satisfaction with human body engineering, to achieve beautiful and practical design.


The color design of cosmetic tube container.

Product positioning. The correct use of a cosmetic packaging color can produce lovely, mature, enthusiastic, sexy, stable, refreshing, power and other impressions. Clear product positioning, make the right color choice, so as to produce the expected psychological effect in the hearts of consumers.


Cosmetics tube container material selection and use of printing technology. This is due to technical considerations, different materials to achieve different degrees of color, for example: plastic material, not only easy to shape, but also can show any color, can make pearl, color, magnetic white, transparent and other effects. Another example: when the glass bottle is screened with high temperature ink, it is not easy to decolorize, and the color is dull and dumb, while the color is bright when using low temperature ink screen printing. Therefore, the color selection of the cosmetic tube container should not only consider the visual perception but also the realization of technology.


Cosmetic tube container surface decoration design. Cosmetic tube container surface decoration usually has texture and pattern two ways. Texture is often found across the entire surface of a cosmetic tube container and can be composed of text that both adorns the product itself and reinforces the brand. The pattern will selectively appear on the part of the cosmetic tube container, paying more attention to the composition effect. Patterns have many forms of expression, can be rich in formal aesthetic lines, such lines are usually soft and beautiful, and with the text appeared. Patterns can also be personalized and fashionable graffiti forms. Patterns can also be used in the form of color blocks, the shape of color blocks can be regular or arbitrary, which is closely related to the product quality expressed by the product.


(4) tube paste design. tube stickers mostly appear on plastic, metal, glass bottles, paper packaging is relatively rare. tube on the design and the surface of the tube cosmetics container decoration design is similar, they will be for some texture, design, image elements such as arrangement, but the most important point is that brand tube stick and the transmission of product information, because the cosmetics tube labeled carrying the text content, and tube stick design pay more attention to layout effect.


It should be pointed out that most cosmetics with tube stickers usually have front tube stickers and back tube stickers, back collage is usually just a lot of explanatory text, the form is relatively simple, as long as the style and front tube stickers are consistent. And the front tube has brand name, product name, product brief effect description and other text content, as well as logo image, raw material image, decorative image and other content. The design should incorporate all of the above elements into a harmonious form.


Cosmetic packaging design is an orderly and systematic process. Clear brand positioning and brand concept demands are designers should first grasp the design of the premise, is deep into a specific design, to the tube cosmetics container's shape, color, surface decoration and the tube stick for its various elements such as thinking and refinement, eventually achieve perfect tube cosmetics packaging design.

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