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test and detection of cosmetics tubes for cosmetic tube manufacturer


In recent years, with the increasingly hot consumer market of cosmetics, the wholesale cosmetics tube packaging industry has also been developing rapidly. The product and marketing of cosmetics tube packaging have been in a good situation. In the cosmetics industry, cosmetic packaging quality is the second life of the product. Cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic tube manufacturers, quality inspection departments and consumers pay more and more attention to the performance and quality of the bulk cosmetic tube packaging.

What are the inspection items of cosmetics tube/performance requirements of cosmetics tube packaging for cosmetic tube manufacturers?

As everyone knows, the main components of cosmetics are oils, water-soluble polymers and surfactants. In addition, they also add solvent materials, flavours, fragrances, dyes, pigments, preservatives, antioxidants, etc. These ingredients determine the inherent characteristics of cosmetics and also put forward certain requirements for the packaging of cosmetics tube.

Therefore, according to relevant regulations, the physical properties of the cosmetics tube include barrier performance, sealing performance, interlayer peel strength, tensile strength and elongation at break, drop performance, heat sealing performance and friction absorption, etc.

1) The test and testing instrument of the barrier performance of tube in cosmetics

1. Gas permeability instrument by differential pressure: used for the determination of O2, N2, CO2 and other gases of cosmetics tube and other materials.

Gas penetrant by differential pressure method

2. Water vapour transmittance tester: used for the determination of water vapour transmittance of a cosmetic tube in cosmetics.

Water vapour transmittance test system

2) The test items and instruments of the tube sealing of cosmetics.

The sealing property of the cosmetic tube packaging mainly refers to the characteristics of the tube to prevent other substances from entering or escaping from the contents. This is to investigate the barrier of the tube packaging from a macro perspective. Generally, the probability of content leakage is higher in the heat seal and shoulder of cosmetic tube. To solve this problem, we need to strictly control the production process and adjust the process in time according to the test data.The common sealing detection methods are the positive pressure method and the negative pressure method.

The positive pressure method can test the compressive capacity, sealing degree and leakage index of the tube by applying pressure to the inside of the tube, to achieve the purpose of detecting its integrity and sealing strength.

The negative pressure method is generally carried out in the water, and the method is: put a proper amount of water in the vacuum tank, put the tube into the vacuum tank and put it under the pressure plate to completely immerse it in the water; Vacuum the vacuum chamber so that the tube has internal and external pressure difference. If there is a bubble escaping from the tube, it means it is not completely sealed.

For the cosmetic tube packaging, because of its strength, so the sealing detection is generally a positive pressure method.The test instrument for the sealing property of cosmetics tube is negative pressure sealing tester, leakage and sealing strength tester.

3) The testing and testing instrument of the interlayer peel strength of tube in cosmetics:

Interlayer peel strength refers to the bonding strength between the co-extruded or composite tube layers. If the strength is too low, the delamination phenomenon is easy to occur, which leads to the leakage of content. The test method is: clamp the stripping part of the sample into the upper and lower clamps of the tensile instrument, and conduct T-type stripping, and test the peel strength.

4) Testing and testing instrument for tensile strength and elongation at break of the tube in cosmetics

Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress value that a material can bear before breaking. Elongation at break refers to the percentage of the material extension during the breaking. By testing these two indexes, the phenomenon of tube breakage and fracture can be effectively solved because of the insufficient mechanical strength of the materials used and the external force.

Both tests were carried out on the electronic tensile testing machine. The intelligent electronic tensile testing machine tst-01b recommended by mass testing and production recommended by the cosmetics tube tensile strength tester and cosmetics tube elongation testing instrument.

5) Drop performance test

Drop performance test is a method to evaluate the impact resistance of the tube material. It can examine the toughness of the materials used by the tube, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of tube breakage due to the insufficient toughness of the materials used in cosmetics circulation. The usual test method is: after filling cosmetics into the tube, the tube head is down and the end of the tube is downward respectively at a specific height. If there is a tube explosion, the toughness of the material used for the tube can not meet the requirements. For the composite tube, it is necessary to test the drop performance with its side sealing edge facing down.

In addition, it can be used as a testing method for the toughness of tube materials by filling the tube and keeping it under certain pressure for a certain time.

6) The test of hot sealing property of tube in cosmetics

That is to say, the heat sealing strength of cosmetic tube seal is detected. If the heat sealing strength is too low, it will easily lead to the cracking of the hot sealing place of cosmetic tube in the process of storage and transportation of cosmetics, which will cause the leakage of contents and other problems.

The thermal seal strength of cosmetic tube can be tested by the heat seal tester and tensile tester developed and manufactured by mass measurement machine.

7) The friction coefficient test of cosmetics tube (surface smoothness)

For composite cosmetic tube, the friction coefficient between the inner wall and metal surface of cosmetic tube is more important, which will directly affect the performance of tube making. The detection method can refer to gb10006-88 or iso8295-1986.

The recommended testing instrument is friction coefficient instrument

8) The testing and testing instrument of the fitting force of tube cover of cosmetics tube

Gb/t 29336-2012 "co-extrusion multi-layer composite tube for cosmetics" has clear provisions on the composite strength index of tube cover for cosmetics. The standard requires four indexes of the lower cover force, upper cover force, tooth sliding force and over gear force of the multi-layer composite tube for cosmetics.

Recommended instruments are dtt-01 bottle cap torque instrument developed and manufactured by mass measurement machine and machine

9)The testing and testing instrument of the rupture strength of tube in cosmetics

Requirements: cosmetic tube diameter is not less than φ 35mm: fill the test tube with 0.15Mpa air, keep it free from cracking for 30s;

Cosmetic tube diameter less than φ 35mm: fill the test tube with 0.20mpa air, keep it free from cracking for 30s;

  • image.png

  • Recommended instrument: leakage and seal strength tester lsst-01

  • In conclusion, the protection of content is the main function of the tube packaging of cosmetics for both cosmetic companies and cosmetic tube manufacturers, which can be divided into functional protection and mechanical protection. Among them, the anticorrosion, barrier and sealing of the packaging materials belong to the function protection, which is very important for the shelf life of cosmetics; The mechanical protection performance is to ensure that the tube is not damaged or cracked under the external force, to ensure the safety of cosmetics in the transportation process. The aesthetic degree of the appearance of the tube packaging will directly affect the sales of cosmetics, including the external printing effect and the touch of the surface.

    Therefore, if we can fully understand and master the performance requirements and relevant testing methods of cosmetics tube packaging, we can improve the rapid and better development of the cosmetics tube packaging industry and ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics.

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