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What are the skills of cosmetic packaging design


For any product and any company, packaging design cannot be ignored, and the same is true for cosmetics. So what skills do you need to know when designing cosmetics packaging?

1. Brands that highlight products

The current consumer view is that everyone admires famous brands very much, so when designing cosmetic packaging, it is definitely a very important design technique to highlight the brand as much as possible. Cosmetic brands play a huge role in the quality of sales, and brands can bring more additional profits to businesses. At the same time, the brand effect can also help companies gain a greater advantage in a highly competitive market. Brands can increase the value of cosmetics and have stronger vitality. Brands can be said to be intangible assets.

2. Emphasize the characteristics of the product

In the packaging design of cosmetics, it is also necessary to reflect some key information of the product, such as what functions, usage methods, etc., to show the more valuable parts of cosmetics in front of consumers, which can be symbolized by color. For example, the packaging of sunscreen products can use bright yellow to symbolize the sun. The graphics can be in the shape of the sun, and the function and characteristics of the product should be highlighted. Remember that the characteristics should be closely related to the attributes of the product, so that the packaging design of cosmetics can be made. Leave a deep impact in the minds of consumers. Some cosmetics need to reflect the grade, for example, perfume must reflect the higher grade, so when designing, it is necessary to highlight the elegant and luxurious nature, so as to meet the psychological expectations of consumers.

3. For different consumers

Cosmetic packaging design should be aimed at specific consumer groups. A good cosmetic designer can let consumers see the picture on the packaging, and they feel that this product is tailor-made for themselves, and can very cleverly control consumers’ shopping Psychology, so it is necessary to determine the age, gender, and occupation of consumers when designing packaging. In packaging design, you can also use more typical designs. For example, children's skin care products can use cartoon images, and women's cosmetics can use some more beautiful images. Of course, not every time you need to use a specific image, abstract design can also grasp the psychology of consumers.

What are the guidelines to be followed in cosmetic packaging design


Cosmetic packaging is an effective way to attract customers to promote consumption while protecting cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging should be constantly innovated and reformed, so as to keep up with people's constantly changing ideas and pursuits. So, what guidelines should be followed in cosmetic packaging planning?

1. Good packaging design can accurately convey the product information content. When conveying product information accurately, it should not go against the habits of consumers and avoid errors in understanding.

2. Cosmetic packaging should also have a promotional effect, which can attract consumers' attention. For example, unique shapes and exquisite patterns will make makeup show eye-catching effects, and make consumers interested.

3. The packaging design can be used to attract consumers' love and stimulate their desire to buy through the shape, color, and material. A good packaging design speaks for itself, intuitively impresses consumers and makes them feel good.

4. The concept of environmental protection. In recent years, we have paid more and more attention to environmental protection. The concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain. The concept goes deep into all departments. From the perspective of ecological environment protection, cosmetics packaging materials should be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It can reduce costs and reduce the pressure of customers to purchase. In addition, increasing the utilization rate of cosmetic packaging, adding cycles, and resisting excessive packaging are also very correct choices. As long as the road of protecting the ecological environment is taken, the brand can ensure the continuous development of the brand. .

5. The concept of humanization. The relatively large consumer group of cosmetics is the vast number of female friends. Considering from their perspective and starting from their consumer psychology, the planned cosmetic packaging is more attractive, because each type of cosmetics is applicable. The objects are all positioned, so when planning, you can subdivide them according to the ages of women friends, adopt different planning schemes, and implement different planning styles, but remember to reflect the level of cosmetics no matter which one is. And express its safety and texture.

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