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Wholesale Cosmetic Tubes Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read these 6 Tips


Today, the cosmetic industry is worth $532 Billion and is growing at an abnormally fast pace. Wholesale cosmetic tubes have become a fundamental part of this whole industry. Everything from anti-acne creams to simple toothpaste uses these tubes as packaging.


The reason behind the massive popularity of such packaging was custom cosmetic tubes. With these in hand, manufacturers had the complete freedom to design their products. This was a great marketing and advertising opportunity for cosmetic manufacturers.

However, the only drawback in these otherwise perfect custom cosmetic tubes is their built. These tubes tend to be a bit harder which makes them a little bit inconvenient. The cosmetic industry is gradually picking up on this drawback and gradually shifting towards soft and flexible cosmetic tubes.


This article is all about enabling you to choose flexible wholesale cosmetic tubes that are perfect for your business. The following tips are the result of our 20+ years’ worth of experience in this field. With these tips at your disposal, you can easily kill your competition.


This is the most basic step of all. You will have to specify to the cosmetic tube manufacturers your requirements regarding film layers. Whether you want a mono-layered or laminated. You can also opt for extrusion and co-extrusion.


For this, you will have to understand your market first. What type of packaging is IN nowadays and what problem that your potential customers are facing? etc.


This will be necessary for cosmetic tube manufacturers to keep the film quality consistent and just the way you like.


Custom cosmetic tubes don't get as much appraise as they deserve. In the cosmetic industry, you can’t win over customers just on the basis of the utility of your product only. If you are just starting out, you will have to face many giants that have been ruling the cosmetic industry for decades.


The only way for you to make your brand stand out is your packaging. If you manage to design an eye-catching cosmetic tube, most of the customers will give you a try at least. No one likes to keep a dull-looking product with them.


Other than this, Custom cosmetic tubes are an amazing way to spread your brand awareness. Marketing will be a necessary requirement for your brand establishment. And with little customization, your product will market itself wherever it will go.


Corona may have made our 2020 miserable, but this also has made us a little bit more conscious of our environment. The world is gradually shifting towards eco-friendly means in every walk of our life.


Unfortunately, plastic pollution, the leading and deadliest type of Land and sea pollution is caused mainly by the whole packaging company. For centuries, plastic was the only cheap yet durable means of carrying your stuff from one place to another. According to a WHO report, there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes by 2050.


Other than being your moral duty, it also has benefits from a financial point of view. You see, if you are giving an ecological alternative to plastic pollution, you can relate to eco-conscious people on a deeper level.


And this might be your selling point. A quality that stands out your brand in a cutthroat competition. 


Weight and size are one of the most important factors when it comes to the packaging of any sort. Even a difference of a few inches or grams can pile up and cost you hundreds of dollars in shipping costs.


You will have to instruct your cosmetic tube packaging suppliers to keep size and weight as minimum as possible.


Moreover, if you want to air-tight your product, you will automatically have to decrease the size and weight of the product. In the cosmetic industry, shelf life is everything. You will have to go to every extent to keep your product out of harm’s way.


If you are just starting out, it is most likely that you won’t have tons of money at your disposal. And in this condition, it is only logical to save every penny you can. However, there is a limit when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tubes.


Your aim isn’t just cost efficiency, you also require quality. Low cost isn’t always the best approach. But if you force your cosmetic tube manufacturers, they might minimize the cost. But they will make up for it by compromising the quality of wholesale cosmetic tubes.


So, the best practice will be surveying the market a little bit. Contact more than three cosmetic tube packaging suppliers at least. This will give you a rough estimate. Then go with the offer that you deem best. And keep in mind, a minute negotiation is harmless and healthy.


Last but not least, choose a cosmetic tube manufacturer that you are compatible with. Time is money. So always opt for long-term partnerships. You don't want to spend hours every week in the search of the best manufacturer.


If your business booms, you will require a steady chain of custom cosmetic tubes. Find a custom tube packaging supplier that you think you can work long-term with. Scout their websites. Check their reviews. And talk with them before placing orders.


These manufacturers will play an important role in your pursuit of the best wholesale cosmetic tubes. They are the ones who will handle everything from designing your custom cosmetic tubes to production.


You should always get your hands on the samples before placing a bulk order. Just to ensure that you will be getting exactly what you ordered.


I know there is a scarcity of information on the web when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tubes. That’s why we decided to create a one-go article that contains every piece of information regarding cosmetic tubes. 

We hope that by now, you have gathered enough information that you are ready to hunt the perfect custom cosmetic tubes for your brand.

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