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How to make airless cosmetic tubes


As their name indicates, these lightweight, watertight tubes are created to exclude air from accessing the packaging.  When a user pushes on the airless cosmetic tube itself, the action begins a vacuum effect. The air inside the airless cosmetic tube is drawn out, besides the product (e.g., lotion, serum, cream).

Pushing from the base is a plastic plate that sits below the product. This plate takes the place of a conventional dip tube that comes in most standard lotion tubes...

Thus, the product is drawn up by the pump and pushed up by the diaphragm plate underneath. Then, air overflows back in beneath the plastic container to rebalance the tube. For that purpose, you will see that these airless cosmetic tubes have a tiny hole on the base to permit the air to enter from below.

Use and Application

These cosmetic tubes are perfect for any substance susceptible to air exposure and could defame or lose efficacy if it occurs. These involve natural, preservative-free skincare products, including:

· Lotions

· Serums

· Foundations

· Creams

  • Advantages of Airless Pumps

  • Now that we've covered how airless cosmetic tubes work, let's look at a few of the advantages you can expect when you invest in a cosmetic tube packaging order for your company.

  • Longer Shelf Life

  • When products have restricted air exposure, they maintain their quality for more extended, continuing to their shelf life. There is no backflow when utilizing an airless pump bottle, meaning that no air goes back into your bottle. 

  • If you're in the cosmetic, beauty, or medical packaging profession, you know that this sort of longevity is a significant selling point.

  • Little Waste

  • How many objections have you answered from users who can't squeeze every last drop out of their container? A typical tactic is to untwist the airless cosmetic tube lid altogether and utilize the dip tube to scrape out the base and along the sides. Yet, as soon as this happens, the bottle packs with air.

  • With an airless cosmetic tube, the plate at the bottom accelerates to the top. This way, your consumers can rest guaranteed that they're getting as much product out as possible, down to the very last application. They can also bypass the clogs and challenges that are associated with many standard lotion pumps.

  • Besides, these airless cosmetic tubes are refillable so that they can enjoy years of use on anyone's bathroom counter!

  • No Metal Contact

  • Because there is no dip tube, the product inside an airless cosmetic tube never comes into contact with any form of metal, including metal springs. 

  • This can also help eliminate oxidation risks and keep your product sanitary and effective for much longer. 

How airless tubes manufactured?

1.Airless tubes design principle (primary rule):

The Airless tubes' design principle is based on atmospheric pressure, and it is very dependent on the pump output of the pump set. The pump set must have excellent one-way sealing performance and block air (AIR) from returning to the airless cosmetic tube.

2.Low pressure in the tube

When the difference between the low-pressure area in the airless cosmetic tube and the atmospheric pressure is more significant than the friction between the piston and the tube's inner wall, the atmospheric pressure will push the large piston in the bottle to move.

Therefore, the large piston cannot be attached too tightly to the airless pump's inner wall. Otherwise, the large piston will not be able to advance due to excessive friction; on the other hand, if the oversized piston and the inner wall of the bottle are too loosely attached, leakage will occur, so the Airless bottle is vital for the production process the professional requirements are very high. The cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers also tend to meet these conditions.

3.Airless bottle product characteristics:

The Airless bottle also provides precise (precise) dosage control. When the diameter, stroke, and elasticity of the pump set are set, each dosage is accurate and quantitative regardless of the matching button's shape. Moreover, the pressing displacement can be adjusted by changing the pump set's parts, with an accuracy of 0.05 ml, depending on the product's needs. Many cosmetic tube manufacturers have this characteristic in their airless cosmetic tubes.

Once the airless cosmetic tube is filled, almost no air or water can enter the container from the production plant to the end of the consumer's use, which effectively prevents the contents from being infected during use and prolongs the effective use of the goods.

  • Main types of airless tubes

  • There are two primary kinds of airless pumps. 

  • The first and most utilized is the airless piston system. "An airless piston system utilizes a molded piston in the bottle to assist the product out of its package. Airless systems by pattern form a vacuum. The piston aids maintain that vacuum. The primary advantages are aesthetic and [related to] product evacuation. The most serious difficulties are tied to shape conditions—typically circular or oval—and potentially higher expenses than traditional packaging". 

  • Catching a small but significant percentage of the airless market, the airless pouch system is also in use today. "A pouching system is made of a rigid bottle containing a flexible pouch with an airless pump. When the product is discharged, the pouch contracts so that there is no air absorption inside the pouch". 

  • Many cosmetic tubes manufacturers state that the pouch system is the optimal airless choice for protecting the most fragile of formulas because it provides "more efficiency, more protection and the most eminent level of professional production." 

  • Although it takes more than a piston system, it also overcomes shape and other design difficulties connected with piston systems, allowing more variety in bottle material and structural form. And while airless systems do an outstanding job preserving formulas with few preservatives, the cosmetic tube manufacturer adds that a no-preservative formulation must go a step further than simply selecting airless. 

  • It would require to be produced, packaged, and filled in a sterile environment. "An airless pack is not a sterilizer, and it could be very risky to eliminate preservatives from a formula without a serious study about the microbiological status of the product," cosmetic tube manufacturers add. 

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