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aesthetics and design of men's cosmetics packaging


It is human nature to love beauty, not only for women, but also for men. The explosive spread of Hallyu in China has brought many Korean male stars and male idol groups into the Chinese people’s sight. After so many years of influence of Korean idol culture, people have become very accepting of male celebrities’ makeup. Men's makeup is not so unusual in life, and basic skin care behaviors such as applying facial masks and wiping milk are also common for men.

It has not been long since people began to accept men's use of cosmetics, and men's cosmetics are not much. Men's and women's skin conditions and internal physiological structure are different, and men's attitudes towards cosmetics and packaging aesthetics are different, men's cosmetics should be distinguished from women. Packaging is an important distinguishing item. Generally, men's attitude towards cosmetics is not as meticulous as women's. They may just choose a pleasing packaging. Therefore, the packaging of men's cosmetics has a great impact on sales.

The packaging of men's cosmetics should be designed according to the male's aesthetics. There are many types of cosmetics and different states. For different types of cosmetics, the packaging design is also different.


Among men's cosmetics, there are many types and quantities of liquid, emulsion, and paste cosmetics, and there are many kinds of packaging. There are plastic bottles, plastic bags and glass bottles of different shapes and specifications, as well as beautifully designed cartons.

Spray cosmetics are also very commonly used, and the operation is more convenient, hygienic, and the amount is taken on demand. It is usually used for cosmetics that require quantitative and targeted use. The cosmetics are packaged in plastic spray bottles, glass spray bottles and metal spray bottles.

Solid cosmetics are relatively rare in the men’s cosmetics category. They are generally lipsticks, pressed powders and eyebrow pencils. The packaging design is relatively simple, and the colors are mostly black and metallic blue. There are also solid granular cosmetics, which are generally packaged in composite film bags, plastic bottles, cartons, plastic boxes, metal boxes, glass bottles, composite cartons, etc. These packaging will be decorated with exquisite color patterns, and usually in Beautifully designed makeup packaging on the outer packaging.

As the most mainstream carrier of fashion, cosmetics have a profound impact on the younger generation of the sense of fashion, design, and innovation in brand packaging design. But how can cosmetic packaging design become more and more fashionable?


   1. Meet the product function

  The packaging design of cosmetics is different from other types of packaging design, so we must pay attention to the product function of the cosmetics itself. Cosmetic packaging design is a synthesis of art and technology. You can't just focus on art and not care about the rationality of the product packaging itself. Cosmetic packaging design has three characteristics, individuality, innovation, and environmental protection. For cosmetic packaging design, it is necessary to meet the performance of the product and design from the aspects of size, appearance, and suitability.

 2. Targeted

   For cosmetics, the corresponding customer groups are not simply, but classified. For cosmetics customers, gender can be divided into male and female. From age, it can be young, middle-aged, and old. From the consumption level, it can be divided into luxury customers and affordable customers. For segmented customer groups, cosmetic packaging design is of course targeted packaging. It is necessary to conduct market research on customer groups, understand the packaging design feelings that various customer groups like, and design cosmetics packaging according to their needs, which is twice the result with half the effort.

  3. Refer to competitors

   As the saying goes, know yourself and your opponent, and you will never end up in battle. If you blindly think about it in your own circle, no matter how advanced the designer is, you can't get out of your own circle. You can properly break out of your own circle. When you don't have much design inspiration, you can go to see similar competitors and how they package their products. Of course, we must also pay attention to copyright awareness and must not infringe. For competitors of the same type of cosmetics, you can take a look at how they package the products and reflect on what is wrong with your design.

   4. Marketing

   The ultimate goal of cosmetics packaging design is to make consumers impressed with our cosmetics and ultimately play a role in invisible promotion. Therefore, cosmetic packaging design must also be considered in terms of economy and practicability, and constantly follow the trend to improve. If a cosmetic first impresses consumers because of its packaging design, then such a design is undoubtedly successful.

 5. Personalization

   For cosmetic packaging design, there is actually a very broad development space. For design, one's own imagination is extremely impressive. Then, personalization is also an essential element. If you want your cosmetic packaging design to have a sense of fashion, you must follow the trend and try your best to attract the attention of consumers.

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