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Customized cosmetic plastic bottle packaging era


Because cosmetic plastic packaging can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities, it significantly improves the shelf life of cosmetics; and the packaging process of cosmetics is simple, easy to operate and use; it has an affinity packaging form; saves packaging costs and transportation costs; low resource energy consumption, environmental protection, etc. Advantage. Therefore, cosmetic plastic packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields.

It is understood that with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of my country’s cosmetics plastic packaging industry, it will provide more opportunities for product export growth. In addition, as the domestic consumer market continues to mature, the export market will shift to more companies seeking sustainability. An important way of development. In short, the export market prospects of my country's cosmetics plastic packaging industry will be very broad.

Cosmetic packaging into new materials


The continuous development of new materials and new processing technologies, and the pursuit of new shapes have always been the focus of the industry in the development of cosmetic packaging containers. A technical engineer who has been engaged in material packaging research for a long time said, "Now, the use of materials is not limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles. The application of new materials has also become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products. The way.” He said, taking the well-known P&G (Procter & Gamble) as an example, the bottle material of its "Ji Shuang" bath brand launched last year has changed the previous hard plastic texture, and chose a more humane soft Sexual hardness plastic packaging, "In this way, invisibly, it increases the affinity of this product."

 The implication is that the successful launch of "Ji Shuang" is not unrelated to the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, P&G’s other brand, “Pantene”, on the basis of the existing strong brands, has made a lot of efforts to improve the outer packaging patterns and materials, and strive to inject fresh vitality into the “old” brand. And this also means that fashionable, eye-catching, energetic and interesting outer packaging design and the adoption of new bottle types will become one of the means for cosmetic manufacturers to win the final victory in the future. In the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite outer packaging is emerging in endlessly.

Everyone has the love of beauty, and cosmetic packaging has attracted the attention of those who love beauty. Once, the packaging of cosmetics can be said to show an endless stream of high-end flavors, but nowadays, the packaging of cosmetics has become more and more simple, and it is also favored.

    New packaging material

    In the cosmetics consumer market, consumers used to pay most attention to the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, the competition among cosmetics manufacturers has always been focused on the quality of cosmetics. However, with the continuous development of cosmetic packaging processing technology in recent years and the increasing level of consumer appreciation, the importance of cosmetic packaging competition has become increasingly prominent.

The outer packaging of cosmetics will be marked with all ingredients

"Moisturizing factor", "softening factor" and other vague terms previously known to consumers will be replaced by professional terms such as "hydrolyzed soy protein" and "arginine". According to the "Universal Labeling of Cosmetics", starting from the 17th of this month, cosmetics need to specify the chemical ingredients of the formula in detail on the product packaging.

The vague terms previously known to consumers such as "moisturizing factor" and "softening factor" will be replaced by professional terms such as "hydrolyzed soy protein" and "arginine." At the beginning, cosmetics needed to specify the chemical composition of the formula in detail on the product packaging.


According to the new regulations, all skin care products, make-up products, hair care products, hair styling products, hair dyeing products, perm products, fragrance products, bath products, hand sanitizers, etc. that fall within the definition of cosmetics are produced and sold or imported within China. For cosmetics to be inspected and sold, the names of all ingredients in the formula must be truly marked on the product packaging. The names of ingredients with an added amount of more than 1% must be marked, and should be arranged in descending order, while those with an added amount of less than 1% can be identified in any order afterwards.

Today, the packaging of modern cosmetics has formed the following four characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, structural design and decoration design:

    1. The application range of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetics packaging is increasing, and the design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is restricted, and only perfumes and other high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that easily lose fragrance are still packaged in glass bottles.

    2. The specifications of cosmetic packaging bottles are diversified. In order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choices.

    3. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. Usually the trademark pattern and text font are unified, and different varieties are indicated by different tones, water patterns or different shapes and structures.

    Fourth, cosmetic packaging containers are becoming more and more adapted to the needs of individualized development. Manufacturers also often focus on gender, age, region, ethnicity, etc., and package cosmetics in different ways according to the aesthetic appeal of different groups of people.

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