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best example of cosmetic packaging design


33% of consumers said that if they do not like the appearance of the label, they are more likely to reject a product or brand.

This proves that design is important, and companies need to start doing more to invest in packaging and design to ensure that they leave the right impression on the target audience.

The product must look good-so packaging design must be the top priority.

When it looks good, most people turn to cosmetics for cosmetic surgery. From makeup, skin care to perfume, cosmetics can change your appearance both internally and externally.

In 2019, the Chinese beauty and personal care product market was worth 450 billion yuan, and this number has continued to rise in recent years. These figures make China the most valuable market for beauty and cosmetic products and brands. This market has grown by 4% in a year, and the trend indicates this continued upward trend.

However, with the emergence of dozens of cosmetics brands today, it may spend a lot of effort to screen among the public to find the best brand for you. Of course, there are certain aspects that will appeal to you-if the product is tested on animals, whether it is made from pure natural ingredients, and whether they have the benefits your skin needs.


But fundamentally speaking, it is the packaging that can really help you decide your brand.

Cosmetic packaging design can cause a certain emotion inside you. It can make you happy or sad, full of energy or peace.

Cosmetics and skin care packaging design has a profound impact on your thinking and emotions. Packaging design knows how to press a button to get the response they want... and these 12 best cosmetic packaging designs are typical examples of actual packaging.

12 cosmetic packaging designs that will change the way you make up

Glossier's packaging design is minimal and clean.

1. Gloss

Glossier's skin care packaging is smooth, clean and minimal. Glossier was one of the first to join the minimalist trend, and they have been swinging ever since. These simple, subtle and stunning designs are visually pleasing and peaceful.

These cosmetics contain a lot of blank and solid, simple and black typography. The dazzling light and bright light attract you and make you yearn for more.

Simple lines, bright colors and cleanliness for the entire organization are all key aspects of minimalist design. These Glossier designs embody these qualities with amazing visual elegance and clarity.

The simplicity of cosmetic design has recently become a growing trend, and many other brands (such as CoverGirl and Milk) have taken advantage of these design trends. This packaging design has elements such as clean, white background, concise layout and subtle luster, and is a real winner.

Nars' flashy and avant-garde packaging design stands out from the crowd.

2. Nars X Christopher Kane

These psychedelic cosmetic packaging designs are sure to cause a sensation.

Nars is known as an industry leader in cosmetics and skin care products, and its products and solutions are eye-catching and impressive. However, the packaging brought by this team is almost more beautiful than the cosmetics inside.

Nars is a dark and moody brand, but this series of products has certain influence and advantages.

The dark, black packaging is perfectly matched with the bright red, green, blue and purple holographic design. When it falls on the packaging, it will move with your gaze. It is bright, bold and extremely alluring.

This iconic Nars logo contrasts sharply with a stark white contrast and contrasts with the glittering colors like gold.

This simple, minimalist design has certain advantages and helps it stand out from the competition. It is colorful, but moody, with a dark and mysterious personality that cannot be ignored.

Milk's minimal packaging design is both stylish and exciting.


Milk's futuristic cosmetic packaging design is bold and sticks to your face. The brand uses bright, eye-catching silver, which shines in most of its packaging. With the bold white sans serif font, the cosmetic packaging design looks as beautiful as the inside.

Milk makes its design simple and minimal. Sell lipstick or mask. The packaging and its design are consistent. The brand uses a lot of white space, concise typography and minimal text to create decorative lines so you can decide how to use it.

If you are looking for a makeup brand that knows what you are doing and does not over-design, then Milk is the brand for you. This kind of packaging is an exciting demonstration of how minimalism has an impact and transforms a simple product into a product that can be seen in a display cabinet.

Benefit makes full use of retro design trends to create an encouraging cosmetic packaging design.



Benefit is a trendy cosmetics brand that specializes in eye makeup-from mascara to eyebrow sets, Benefit knows its niche market.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Benefit's design is inspired by retro atmosphere. Most of the products use Pinup girl products, and since the 1920s, beautiful and delicate pictures of beautiful and happy lucky women have been drawn beautifully and delicately. This kind of image is very attractive and adds interest to the whole design.

The brand also uses bright and exciting colors. Pink, white and silver are the main colors used here, which can be used as background colors, as accent colors or in typography.

These designs are really popular-due to the images, the old-fashioned atmosphere and the passionate use of colors. These designs are unique, calm and beautiful. They have maintained the consistency of this theme in all packages. It is much easier to tell a story on a jar or box than on a mascara tube, but Benefit is able to weave this story and these characters in all products to make itself an interesting and cool brand. Keep up with the times.

Mor’s packaging design exudes sophistication and elegance.


Mor's packaging design is exquisite and amazing. Pastel pink and subtle white form the backdrop for the artwork that sets off these boxes, perfume bottles, lip balm and lotion.

Mor's packaging design took a more traditional route, choosing luxury and exquisiteness in image, logo design and color selection. The Mor logo is very expressive on all its products-the large M is written in a peculiar curly font and is made of rich gold. Then, M was surrounded by a golden wreath, exuding an elegant atmosphere.

For many of its products, this is the only image included, with a pink background as the background, exuding a very feminine vibe. But its other packaging includes some more complex design elements that will stand the test of time.

Whether we are talking about the logo design or the packaging itself, the flower theme is definitely the theme here. Many products have floral patterns and designs. Dark green, soft purple and subtle pink add depth and earthy quality to the packaging. The flowers are very gorgeous, and the design is really enhanced by adding another layer of majesty to the flowers.

The packaging design of these cosmetics is gorgeous and outstanding. They don’t even look like cosmetics, that’s the point.

This modern metal Kjaer Weis packaging is sure to satisfy consumers.

6. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis has taken a modern line with its packaging design, using shapes and materials to create a distinctive cosmetic series.

Kjaer Weis has a full range of products from blush, foundation to lipstick. But what makes them so interesting is the consistency of their design. All Kjaer Weis products are manufactured in a minimal way, with almost no text and images. One element that ties them together is the stylish, cool and sophisticated logo.

The wordmark is stamped on the metal of the packaging, but adjacent to it is a large, thick face logo. The monogram is also embedded in the metal, although the letters are not fully embossed. Kjaer Weis uses geometric shapes and patterns to create an abstract monogram that stands out with its unique shape and the white color that composes it.

This simple and modern design immediately attracted people's attention.

The shape of the cosmetic packaging design is also unique. The metal tin keeps the product square, one of the corners is cut off, giving a very avant-garde feel. And the way the product is opened is also unique. This is not your traditional blush, but it opens like an oyster. Instead, you can slide the outer cover up to make it look like an old-fashioned lighter or similar avant-garde product.

Lapierre's dark and moody packaging is alluring and alluring


This design is dark, moody and mysterious. This is an alluring design that uses black, gold and silver to attract your mood.

When these products were created, date night was considered because they looked like attractive products. Black is the main color used in this design. It is a matte black that attracts you and keeps your interest.

The logo is eye-catching and is a small modern logo written in golden gold font. The logo consists of two lowercase Ps, both of which face in opposite directions. There is a gold thread between them, which separates the two.

this is very simple. It's too mysterious and tempting.

Many designs just use this rich gold and dark black, but there are also some geometric designs that are cut out and embedded in the packaging. This adds depth and texture to these designs, prompting you to reach out and grab them.

This packaging makes it clear that it wants you to participate.

These colorful masks are fun, interesting, and exciting. They are the perfect product packaging for When Masks.

8.When Masks

These face masks make wearing silly masks more fun-whether you are enjoying a spa day with friends or alone, these brightly colored packaging will bring you some expectations.

When is the packaging design for these cosmetics simple and colorful. The individual masks are packed in brightly colored packaging-purple, blue, green, orange and pink are just some of the vivid colors that make these designs stand out.

Instead of using colors to add exciting tones, these colors make up the entire background and use the quirky When logo as a complementary color. The shape of this logo is also interesting. It is just a simple wordmark, using lowercase sans-serif font. But H in the design reaches the top of the design, while N drops to the bottom. This is a unique and stupid way to deal with typography to create eye-catching designs.

The white plain font has an additional copy below the logo to further illustrate the mask and its purpose. The simple clock design can tell the user to wear a mask for a long time.

This is a simple, interactive and welcoming design that will definitely stand out on the shelf.

The design is not limited to this. These masks are packaged in small modern, clean white boxes. The logos are the same, except that they are written in shiny silver fonts on these boxes. There is a notch on the side of this box to add a color that matches the packaging. There are colorful images on the box to increase the fun and friendly approachability.

The ColourPop packaging is dreamy and beautiful.

9. ColourPop

ColourPop shuttles between modernity and simplicity, elegance and fantasy. Whether looking at their eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks, these product designs have a magnificent but lightweight quality.

Colourpop carries colors and images in each of its product packaging. Some use cream and silky matte colors and attractive designs. Others add exciting sparkle, flashy and gorgeousness. Others are simple, direct and concise.

There are many types here, and sometimes it may seem distracting or provide a disconnected brand identity. But with ColourPop, it will work.

Each package has its own logo and theme. Just like every product, every package should give you a different mindset. Some products are designed for overnight stays in town. Some of these products were created for subtle and simple mornings. These products do a good job of promoting their stories, and they use unique and personalized designs to carry these ideas forward.

This is a creative interpretation of packaging design, giving each product its own identity-the only thing that combines these products is the eye-catching sans-serif font and the ColourPop wordmark. But the brand was shaken.

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