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Global cosmetics packaging industry 6 highlights and 5 trends


In the field of wholesale cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of makeup packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new process, the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials, and safe and convenient cosmetic packaging will be more welcomed by the market. Look, in the packaging industry development flashes a few highlights. Follow custom cosmetic tube manufacturer and read this article.

highlight 1: highlight personalization on the packaging of cosmetics

Innovation is the soul of the cosmetics industry, and some cosmetic tube manufacturers are a typical example, wholesale cosmetic tube company has set up an innovation centre near Paris, dedicated to developing new concepts and prototypes. Those wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturers must avoid designing and producing commercially available makeup packaging. Women often carry their cosmetics at hands, not just around the house, but on the car or train. Cosmetics custom tube manufacturers have been very patient in talking to a lot of women to find out what they need." After a great deal of effort, there are cosmetic tube manufacturers that developed a unique line of cosmetic packaging. Custom cosmetic tube supplier from China has introduced a new cosmetic tube concept that meets the requirements of consumers for portability and convenience. The Cosmetic Tube cover is used for products such as sunscreen or foundation, and a second cover is used to cover other products such as lipstick or cosmetic. "What we're looking for is constant innovation." For wholesale cosmetic tubes, "Quality is important and the price is important. There was a lot of pressure on the supplier of Cosmetic Tube to innovate and keep costs down at the same time." 

  • Finding more efficient distribution systems is indeed one of the main ways to differentiate your products. The show in Italy featured its Squeeze Cosmetic Tube valve dispersion system. With the cap open, the product will only flow out when the container is pressed. The squeeze tube was originally designed for beverage products but is now widely accepted in other areas such as cosmetics. The cap is also used on the Toothpaste Tube and can be used with one hand without getting into a mess. The manufacturer would like to see these products become more popular and widely used in bath and skincare products."

  • Highlight three: Airless Cosmetic tube packaging is on the rise

  • As a product closely related to the beauty industry, the tube packaging of cosmetics needs to be both protective, functional and decorative, and the multi-layer plastic composite technology has attracted much attention. It allows multiple layers of different types of plastic to be combined to form containers of any colour or shape at once. On the one hand, it can enhance the performance of the insulation of light and air. On the other hand, through the combination of different kinds of substances, in the appearance of the wonderful visual effect and unique feel.

  • Airless tube packaging is on the rise. The airless cosmetic tube packaging protects skincare products containing fats, rosin oils and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high resilience. Another important direction for vacuum packaging is to focus on functionality, which is important for less complex cosmeticcontainers.

Highlight 4: Variety of packaging styles for cosmetic

A new trend in perfume packaging is the use of coloured bottles, such as YSL7 perfume bottles and Calvin Klein violet bottles. Bottles are still designed to be simple, but more and more designers prefer to use colourful bottles. EricVaxelaire, a vice president at Valois, says that pumps are becoming more sophisticated in perfume packaging and that low-rise pumps are particularly popular. Valvois Compact Series cosmetic pumps are the lowest in the industry. In the cosmetic packaging industry, the brake must be smooth and soft. Revlon's Age-defying line uses plastic bottles and pumps instead of covered cosmetic glass bottles.

highlight 5:  new material for cosmetic packaging

Transparent is one of the big trends that cosmetic packs today, the transparency of plastic tree ester is higher and higher because this can make the bottle jar that is close to glass appearance by injection moulding, these tree ester not only diaphaneity is improved somewhat, the wear-resistant degree is stronger and stronger also. Some Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturing recently introduced PET plastic bottles, which are the first in the industry to have a wall thickness of up to 3mm, using PET injection moulding technology. Thick-walled plastic bottles are extremely popular and have been growing for a long time. There Are Some Cosmetic Packaging launched its Bell cosmetics packaging at the show, which had transparent Windows on the lid. These boxes are co-extruded and processed together with the transparent window on the front, saving cost and production time. "Large transparent Windows can not only attract the attention of consumers but also a good display of their products."

  • Traditional ceramic containers and glass containers have the advantages of non-toxic, good sealing and smooth surface, and have occupied an important position in the packaging industry. However, because it is fragile and inconvenient to carry, it has been replaced by some metal packaging, therefore, cosmetic metal packaging is getting popular, such as a cosmetic metal tube. In recent years, Western Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have added nanoparticles into ceramic or +9 glass and obtained ceramic or glass materials with strong toughness. The UK, for example, has mixed nano-sized alumina with zirconia to produce a highly resilient ceramic material in the laboratory. In Japan, for example, alumina nanoparticles were added to ordinary glass, significantly changing its brittleness.

  • Highlight six: green environmental protection cosmetic packaging

  • "Green Cosmetic Packaging" refers to the recyclable packaging for the reuse of resources and the protection of the ecological environment. It means a new technological revolution in the packaging industry -- the disposal of waste from packaging materials and the development of degradable plastic.

  • 1. When designing packaging, try to use the same material or materials that can be separated and coexist. Packaging made from a single material is easy to recycle. If a kind of pure polyester cola bottle that does not take a high-density polyethene base appears on the market at present, facilitate regeneration. Multilayered composites must be considered for ease of separation without impeding reuse. For example, the organic coating on the surface of the aluminium beverage can be burned without difficulty in recycling and regeneration, and the composite paper and plastic packaging is difficult to separate for melting treatment.

  • 2. Design cosmetic packaging that is recyclable. Use reusable packing material to save resource already can reduce pollution again, should advocate vigorously, the beer company such as Japanese Asahi, Sapporo develops a kind of longevity beer bottle, intensity is stronger than former beer bottle 10%, average life can be extended one time.

  • 3. Try to simplify the packaging and make the packaging appropriately cosmetic. Excessive packaging wastes resources and causes unnecessary environmental pollution. Some developed countries are advocating moderate packaging and have introduced some laws and regulations. For example, the United States has standardized restrictions on the complexity and luxury of commodity packaging following a certain proportion, and imposed heavy penalties on excessive packaging beyond the requirements, to force makeup manufacturers to simplify packaging. Japan even proposed the idea of "zero packagings".

  • image.png

  • In addition, the development trend of the future cosmetic packaging technology and process is mainly shown as follows:

  • 1. The packaging process of cosmetic tends to be simplified.

  • The application of modern science and technology in the field of packaging has simplified many packaging processes and made them more scientific and reasonable. Packaging technology mainly refers to the manufacturing technology in the process of packaging production. The development of packaging technology is realized with the help of the development of related science.

  • 2. Intelligent packaging machine for Cosmetic.

  • At present, the characteristics of packaging machinery tend to "three high" - high speed, high efficiency, high quality. The development focus tends to low energy consumption, lightweight, compact structure, small space, high efficiency, appearance modelling to adapt to the environment and the operator's psychological needs, environmental protection needs.

  • 3. Replacement and renewal of packing materials for cosmetic purposes.

  • The quality of the packaging depends to a large extent on the performance of the packaging materials, and there cannot be good packaging products without good cosmetic packaging materials. New packaging materials and new packaging technology are the primary pursuits of cosmetic packaging enterprises or research institutes. Now many new products and new processes must have new packaging materials to support them to achieve a good effect of Makeup packaging.

  • 4. Integration of packaging and processing for cosmetic

  • Many new packaging technologies are based on the new thinking of packaging. The new thinking of packaging is to break away from the existing packaging technologies and products and combine other related technologies to form new packaging technologies, such as packaging curing technology -- the renewal of curing and drying energy, from heat to light; Packaging cutting moulding technology -- new cutting and moulding equipment; Combination technology of packaging and processing -- a combination of packaging and processing; Packaging function borrowing technology - packaging function beyond packaging, value-added effect; Packing function protection technology -- adding fresh, sterilization, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-odour and other functional components into packaging materials.

  • 5. Replacement and renewal of packaging materials

  • The quality of the packaging is largely determined by the performance of the packaging material. Based on the requirements of environmental protection, the packaging materials that pollute the environment and are not conducive to environmental protection need to be updated. New types of packaging materials are being developed, some with initial results: The plastic cosmetic packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturers will be replaced by the new PCR packaging. The plastic packaging materials for cosmetic are developing towards the direction of soluble non-polluting materials. The sugarcane tube packaging is seeking alternative makeup packaging materials, and other new auxiliary packaging materials are also under intense research all over the world.

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