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Plastic instead of glass: cosmetic packaging in the future


Although there are many varieties and functions of cosmetics, their appearance and packaging adaptability from cosmetic packaging manufacturer are mostly liquid, emulsion or paste, which do not have a distinctive appearance. They must be beautifully unique with cosmetic packaging design to show their characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on cosmetic packaging, so that sales can be well realized, except for metals. Plastic and glass are the main cosmetic packaging materials, such as plastic cosmetic tubes, plastic and glass cosmetic bottles. There are different opinions about who will lead the trend of the cosmetic packaging market in the future.

1. Glass cosmetic bottle and jar as cosmetic packaging material

As a traditional cosmetic packaging material, glass has the following characteristics: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to form, but heavy, easy to break. 80% - 90% of glass cosmetic packaging containers are glass bottles and cans. The density of a soda-lime glass bottle is usually 2.5-2.6g/cm3, which has high brittleness and low thermal conductivity. Using metal ion colourant can make emerald green, dark green, light cyan, amber and other colours of glass.


1.1 advantages of cosmetic glass packaging containers from cosmetic packaging supplier

① Good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, sanitary and clean, without any adverse effects on the packaging

② Good barrier can provide good quality conditions

③ Good transparency, the contents are clear and visible

④ Good rigidity, not easy to deform

⑤ Good processability, wholesale cosmetic container can be processed into a variety of shapes

⑥ Good temperature tolerance, high-temperature sterilization and low-temperature storage

⑦ Rich raw materials, recyclable and reusable, no pollution to the environment

  • 1.2 disadvantages and use restrictions of glass cosmetic packaging containers revealed by cosmetic packaging manufacturers:

  • ① It is brittle and easy to break

  • ② Heavyweight and high transportation cost

  • ③ The energy consumption is high and the environmental pollution is serious

  • ④ Poor printing performance

  • Restrictions on the use of cosmetic glass bottles:

  • Although the glass cosmetic bottle has good chemical stability, it is not easy to react with the contents, and has high transparency, iron, cobalt and chromium colourants can be added to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colours; It has a good heat resistance and is not easy to deform, high compressive strength, internal pressure resistance, high density, sense of weight (suitable for the packaging of higher grade cosmetics), good barrier, sanitation and preservation, easy to seal, and can be resealed after opening, etc. but at the same time, the glass cosmetic bottle has poor impact resistance, fragile, high filling cost, and complex moulding process, which limits the application of glass bottle.

  • Cosmetic glass bottles are often used in the packaging of high-grade cosmetics or cosmetics with special requirements.

  • In the past, cosmetics were usually packaged in glass makeup bottles, but due to the single variety of glass cosmetic containers, even if there is a better design idea, it can not be realized due to the limitations of technology and materials.

2. Plastic as cosmetic packaging material(plastic cosmetic tube and plastic cosmetic bottle)

2.1 advantages of cosmetic plastic tube and containers:

① Good mechanical properties, lightweight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry.

② Good permeability, good sealing and high transparency.

③ Good processing performance, such cosmetic containers from plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturers can be made into a variety of specifications and sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials.

④ Good decorative colouring and printing performance. Drug labels, instructions, labels and barcodes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials without falling off.

⑤ Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health and safety.

2.2 disadvantages and limitations of plastic packaging containers

① Easy to carry static electricity

② The surface is easily polluted

③ Discards can cause environmental pollution

④ Recycling is difficult

Limitation of use: for ordinary cosmetics, plastic containers or composite containers are often used to pack plastic or composite materials. Plastic containers and composite containers are often used for packaging. However, glass bottles are usually used for packaging high-grade cosmetics or volatile and easily flavoured cosmetics, such as perfumes.

  • 3. Plastic cosmetic tube and plastic cosmetic bottles will be the main trend of cosmetic packaging in the future

  • The cosmetic packaging market has always been dominated by glass, but the diversity and plasticity of plastics make plastics become increasingly popular packaging materials, and the market demand will increase greatly《 World cosmetic packaging 2000-2005 pointed out that for multinational cosmetic companies, the cosmetic packaging is an integral part of product design, and plastic tube packaging for cosmetics is gaining popularity.

  • In addition, in recent years, the global cosmetic market has grown at an average annual rate of 15%, with annual sales reaching nearly 50 billion yuan. By 2005, the number of packaging products will increase to 73 billion yuan, of which plastic products will account for 61%. It is predicted that the annual sales will reach 80 billion yuan by 2010. Relevant data also show that in recent years, plastic cosmetics packaging has occupied more than 80% of the packaging market share of cosmetics, and has become the most important packaging containers for cosmetics

  • The packaging of middle and low-grade cosmetics is mostly replaced by plastic bottles, bags or tubes. Glass cosmeticbottles account for less than 8% of cosmetic packaging containers. According to the international market research company, the reason why plastics are widely used is that for a series of bath products, plastics have advantages over glass, and the versatility of plastic products can support the increasing diversity of end-user products.

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3.1 there are many kinds of plastic cosmetic bottles and plastic cosmetic tubes with different functions

Cosmetic plastic bottles and tubes are small in specific gravity, easy to colour and strong in plasticity. They can be made into various bottle shapes at a low price and are suitable for large-scale production. To increase the decorative effect of plastic bottles and cosmetic tubes, in addition to bottle printing, colouring materials can also be added during production to make bottles of various colours, To meet the needs of different grades of packaging, metal vapour dyeing, gold plating and hot printing can also be used for surface decoration.

  • When plastic bottles & cosmetic tubes are used to package all kinds of cosmetics, the makeup bottle shape, colour, transparency and various decorations are changed a lot which is to highlight the characteristics of products and promote sales. For example, when transparent cosmetic glass bottles are used for packaging, only simple line printing is generally carried out to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of products and attract consumers. When wholelsale plastic bottles and makeup tubes of various colours are used for packaging, the bottle body is usually printed or pasted with labels for decoration. To convey the message of the product. Win the favour of consumers. To arouse the curiosity of consumers and stimulate their desire to buy, we should design the new bottle shape and cap, and cooperate with the design of the bottle body to show the characteristics of the product. Sometimes, colour printing carton, windowed carton and plastic bottle are used to form sales package.

  • Plastic materials and their composites are widely used in cosmetic packaging by plastic cosmetic tube and bottle manufacturers. The design of packaging makeup containers, especially plastic cosmetic bottles, tends to be diversified. Plastic packaging containers are mostly obtained by film plastic method, and their shape is mainly determined by the moulding method and the mould used, which is convenient for manufacturing various special-shaped bottles. There are many kinds of plastic cosmetic packaging containers with different functions. The material of plastic container determines their basic characteristics.

  • The plastic bottles commonly used to package cosmetics mainly include polyethene bottles (blow moulding), polyvinyl chloride bottles (injection moulding, stretch blow moulding), polyester bottles (stretch blow moulding), polystyrene bottles (injection blow moulding), polypropylene bottles (extrusion blow moulding), etc. With the continuous development of new technology and new products, plastic cosmetic containers have achieved the transparent characteristics that only glass had before, making plastic products unique in the cosmetics packaging market.

  • 3.1.1 transparent polypropylene (CPP) plastic bottle the development of transparent polypropylene (CPP) packaging bottle is a hot spot of plastic cosmetics packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Compared with other transparent plastic resins, CPP has good gloss and transparency, strong appreciation and is quite popular.

  • 3.1.2 transparent PET plastic makeup bottle has become the cosmetic packaging container used by daily necessities and cosmetics manufacturers. For example, some enterprises and brands such as NAIS, blue moon, Raimi and Watsons have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers for shower gel, skincare products and washing products. Pet is a kind of high strength and transparent plastic bottle produced by the stretch blow moulding process. The commonly used capacity range is from tens of ml to several litres; Good transparency and glossiness, good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, good chemical properties and gas resistance; Soft touch and other advantages.

  • 3.1.3petg plastic bottle PETG plastic bottle has a good application prospect in the packaging of cosmetics and personal care products. Its outstanding advantages are a glossy surface, comfortable handle, gorgeous colour and transparent tone, good chemical resistance, impact resistance and toughness, and the transparency remains unchanged after anti UV treatment. It is easy to process, recyclable and environmentally friendly, which meets the requirements of modern manufacturers. 

  • At present, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance packaging of goods, which makes the cosmetic packaging design more and more important. In order to achieve a good appearance, good texture and durability, high requirements are put forward for designers, and the good processing performance of PETG makes the design idea possible.

3.1.4 adding a certain proportion of nanomaterials to the raw materials of plastic cosmetic containers can improve the chemical properties of plastic containers, especially the barrier property, chemical resistance and UV resistance. The toughness of containers is also strengthened, and the cost can be reduced. The products are competitive. Such as polyamide 6 nano plastic. It is a high-grade packaging film material, polyester PET and PBT nano plastic. It has flame retardancy and a pure barrier. It can replace the expensive polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin and meet the requirements of food packaging. It can be directly used to blow beer and cosmetics packaging bottles.

3.1.5 cosmetics plastic bottles of antibacterial 

The development of antibacterial plastic bottles for packaging can inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of containers. The antibacterial plastic container from wholesale plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturer was produced by dispersing inorganic metal (Ag) antibacterial agent evenly in the blow moulding bottle and improving the blow moulding process. It has the characteristics of long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect and antibacterial spectrum. After testing, the antibacterial rate of the product is over 99%. The product is very popular in the market. It can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics.

3.1.6 cosmetic plastic bottle with glass polymer material has crystal-like transparent texture, and such cosmetic container can be coloured almost at will, processing procedures are less than glass products, and the price is not high, can greatly save costs, its strength is high and not easy to break, is a safe packaging material. This kind of material can be used to produce bulk cosmetic packaging with variable wall thickness, like glass products, and at the same time keep clear and transparent, which makes people often mistake it for glass packaging. Glass polymer is the only bottle packaging material with transparency, changeable wall thickness and chemical resistance.

3.2 cosmetic plastic bottles from plastic wholesale cosmetic packaging manufacturer have a wide range of applications. At present, due to the lightweight and low price of plastic, it is easy to form large-scale production and can be made into various sizes, transparent, opaque and various colours of cosmetic bottles. Moreover, the printing performance is very good. The manual, logo and barcode can be directly printed on the surface of the container through heat transfer printing, inkjet printing and other methods which can better meet the needs of people.

3.2.1 the variety of wholesale plastic cosmetic bottle specifications meets different needs.

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