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Luxury cosmetics packaging: thick and light


Despite the blurring of the boundaries between cosmetics, perfume and personal care products and public products, and the hitherto unknown expansion of mass retail chains, sales of luxury items in the beauty business still show strong growth. According to NPD beauty, a New York based market information company, NPD group, the US market for high-end beauty products rebounded satisfactorily in the first half of 2020, with a slight increase since 2019. Overall, the well-known beauty products (sold at department stores) sold at $3.5 billion in the first six months of 2020, an increase of 5 per cent from the same period last year (according to NPD's latest data). Skincare products and cosmetics both rose 7 per cent to $1.1 billion and $1.4 billion, surpassing 2003, respectively. But high perfumes were struggling, and sales rose slightly by 1% to $1 billion. Several famous brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Calvin clay, have pointed out that tax-free shop business has changed this year as more consumers return to travel.

According to the report of Euromonitor International, a global supplier of business information and data, "the 2020 American cosmetics market" said that the total sales of advanced beauty products, including cosmetics, perfume, skincare products, sunscreen and hair care products last year, amounted to the US $13 billion 120 million, or about 29% of the total market value of US $45 billion 400 million. The total sales of such high-end brand products in 2020 are $13.32 billion.

Cosmetic packaging design and brand

The first impression is as important for luxury beauty as any other product category, but when carefully conceived packaging, famous brands must even be more attentive than mass brands. It is a delicate balancing measure to maintain the image and maintain modern and fashionable classic brands such as Estee Lauder and Chanel, which provide a wide range of colours, fragrances, physiotherapy and personal care.

Estee Lauder has been carefully redesigning the packaging of many of the products in the Estee Lauder brand. "We are trying to push the brand forward without affecting its tradition in all our packaging attempts," said Pat Chiappetta, vice president of global packaging at Estee Lauder. On cosmetic packaging, all of our product categories have a major starting point. The focus has always been on modernizing the look of our products while retaining the elements that consumers recognize and their expectations for quality and luxury. "

"In Estee Lauder, our packaging has always been known for its important details," Chiappetta stressed“ The small details do not mean the same to us and our customers. The luxury packaging of our products establishes an emotional connection with our customers. This is achieved by passing luxury in less obvious, subconscious ways, and more personal ways. " The design of Nei cor paradise perfume packaging is an example of how Estee Lauder adjusts a package. According to the person in charge, "it has an innovative, body designed, 7-part cover/neck/brake. This unconventional component eliminates the need for a separate removable cover and brings the concept of "spray through" to a new level. Turn it to the right and turn on the pump, and turn it to the left to secure the lock. The cover also includes a unique holographic disc that projects a subtle rainbow effect, which improves the effect of the sarin gas. The glass bottle decoration is treated by a colour spray, including four unique inks combined in a delicate rainbow design. The overall effect keeps our brand traditional and more distinct. "

Estee Lauder's new Illusionist Mascara provides visual and tactile and luxurious information. It presents a new shape, the lid is injection moulded ABS, and then over moulded in a soft Santoprene material to obtain ergonomically controlled surfaces. Chiappetta also stressed that the company's efforts in packaging have been very successful“ By focusing on design details and innovation, we have attracted new customers to the brand. We are continuing to work on freshness and uniqueness to convey quality and to package to inspire consumer confidence in the product. What we pass is that our product packaging is fascinating and unexpected, but it never gets confusing. In short, our packaging has always been of potential value in terms of quality and luxury. "

"The design for Chanel products comes from France," said the vice president of materials management in New York“ French design works with local creative departments in the United States to ensure that Chanel innovation is globally consistent. The unique thing about our beauty business is that Chanel products are developed through our colour studio in Paris, where the product and packaging concepts come from. " The American team, however, is accepting the marketing concept and turning it into reality“ We work with our French packaging R &D and design team to design packaging, buy, process production plans and track all new product introductions. " Packaging components are purchased from multinational suppliers on a global basis. Chanel produces its products in four production bases and is in the filling packaging, three in France and one in the United States.


    "The Chanel No.5 production collection series packaging is a major example of the new packaging for 'absolute Chanel,'" the head stressed. This product line containing three single products was introduced more than two months ago, including 1.7 ounces Sensual Elixir packaged in a square bottle with a stopper, 5 oz canned Velvet body cream with a black injection moulded UV coating lid, and 13.5 oz. Velvet bath emulsion with compression moulded black lid glass bottle. All of these containers are crystal transparent, thick-walled glass cast into classic Chanel shape. Velvet body cream and Velvet bath emulsion are covered with glass black plastic, while the Sensual Elixir packaging lid is a classic perfume glass stopper. Velvet the body's cream glass tank is polished with a transparent UV coating to protect the contents. "This UV coating is unique to Chanel," he said. This is an additional measure we take to improve the quality of our products and our brand image. Consumers may never know that we have UV coated cans, but they will benefit from it. "

    Building a brand new luxury brand for men

    This spring, designer John Varvatos cooperated with Shiseido Zirh International to launch a series of premium perfumes and skincare products. John Varvatos perfume packaging is a unique combination of glass, leather and aluminium for the purpose of acquiring a subtle and masculine appearance. With the same clever design and unique packaging, a unique care series skin will be introduced into the Varvatos Series in October or November this year“

     In designing skin series packaging, we work closely, "said the head of Zirh“ With the help of design from Lloyd and company, we explore the creation of masculine, distinctive and luxurious packaging. The rubber base provides a fresh and comfortable feel when holding or lowering the package, while the metal ring provides a luxurious visual effect. "

    • When designing the packaging of the series, Zirh has three purposes. It is committed to making this series of products with high-quality ingredients have the greatest effect. The development of the product core series is supplemented by men who are already familiar with other professional products that are previously considered feminine or masculine. Zirh then started developing these products, and their presentation of texture and positioning delivered a luxury feeling.

    • Just as in developing Varvatos products, Zirh is also very attentive and critical about product distribution. "The product series is very advanced in technology, so Whoever sells it must be trained and able to explain the benefits, usage, etc. to consumers," the person in charge said. It's a strategy that is difficult to implement through other channels (except for department stores and boutiques). In addition, other distribution channels are also suspected in this series of products because we are intended to maintain the limitations of distribution. "

    • Premium perfume packaging design: classics or fun

    • Calvin Clay perfume packaging is a combination of perfume team, internal creative team and designers, according to Unilever Cosmetics International responsible person. Pierre dinand designed the bottles for obsession, the Internet and escape, while Fabien Baron designed the bottles for CK one, CK be, trade, truth and save.

    • Calvin clay has been particularly successful in flank brands, adding new elements, and are very close to the brand that has been created by naming and packaging. According to introduction, Eternity purple orchid (eternal violet) perfume took up 25% of Eternity brand retail last year, and 1.7 ounce EDP is the first lady of American CKCC. Flank brand not only promotes the existing business of CK, but also these series of Yansheng have added new ideas and incentives to its signature brand, and also cater to the new and wider consumer groups.

    • Calvin Clay's latest perfume Eternity Moment packaging bottle is a reinterpretation of the classic Eternity that it first introduced in 1988. The new external moment bottle has a higher, longer profile and a transparent lid. The new idea of this package is enough to make it different, and it is similar to the original brand so that it resonates with some consumers. The spokesperson chose the characteristics of young women: independence, vitality and confidence.

    • When Calvin clay has been exploring new ways to influence consumers and pursuing collaborative retail partnerships, its core business is still done through collaboration with department stores. Duty-free shops also continue to be an important channel of sales, according to the company.

    • Donna Karan Cosmetics latest perfume DKNY Be Delicious was launched in October this year. It's designed to have all the fun and fashion of the DKNY brand. This apple flavoured perfume is called "sexy, sweet, tempting and naughty... It has a symbolic apple on the edge of the city." The bottle is a comfortable oval in the hands of the simple, known as "the modern interpretation of the eternal apple."

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