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4 orifice styles of custom cosmetic tubes


The cosmetic industry is a billion-dollar business. Women, men and even children are spending millions of dollars on cosmetics every day. It may have been decreased but still, plastic custom cosmetic tubes are the most commonly used form of cosmetic packaging container from plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers. And we all know that packaging plays a huge role in the marketing, advertisement and overall vibe of your product. So if you are in the market looking for custom cosmetic tubes for your brand, we have some important information for you.  

Custom cosmetic tubes don’t mean that you have to choose the suitable material and design for your packaging, and your work is done! Unfortunately, you will have to take into account several other factors too. One of them is choosing the perfect orifice style for your custom cosmetic tubes. 

Orifice is the opening of cosmetic tubes from which the product pours out. Plastic custom cosmetic tubes come in various orifice styles from wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturers, each with its unique features and are available in many different shapes and sizes. The shape of the custom cosmetic tube's orifice is directly responsible for the quantity of product released. This is extremely important if your cosmetic product is used for quantity-sensitive applications, such as concealing small blemishes on the face or mixing foundation colors to achieve just the right shade. 

So if you are wondering which type of orifice will suit your product best, you are at the right place. We have given a detailed description of all of these orifice styles! Innovative cosmetic tube manufacturers are at your disposal to find out which orifice is best for you.

Open orifice: 

The open orifice type of plastic custom cosmetic tubes is present at the end which varies in size. These versatile orifices can be customized according to needs and can be used with many different uses for different cosmetic items. Open orifice is e most commonly used type of orifice in plastic cosmetic tubes.  It is mostly coupled with a squeezable tube with a flip-top cap. 

The main advantage of the open orifice is that it can be easily squeezed to use up every last bit of product left inside. If you would like more control over how much comes out, look for other orifices. 

The open orifice is most often used in toothpaste packaging but can be used for just about any product that is typically squeezed out of a cosmetic tube's opening. 


Nozzles of the cosmetic tubes are the more sophisticated form of orifices. If the product in your plastic custom cosmetic tubes is a bit viscous, nozzle orifices are what you should opt for. Short nozzle cosmetic tubes are usually found on cosmetic products like eye products. If we talk in terms of control over the product, nozzle orifices easily take the cake.


Pumps in custom cosmetic tubes allow the product to be dispensed or sprayed in a medium quantity. The pumps can be customized and come with a dust cover that fits over the head, which is why it ensures longevity! These plastic custom cosmetic tubes are loved because they prevent your sensitive cosmetic products from external exposure. Airless cosmetic pumps tubes are mostly used in lotion, facewashes or any other semi-liquid.

Semi-open orifice:

The reason semi-open orifices are more appealing to cosmetic tube manufacturers than other orifices is that they have an angled tip. This provides the user with more control over the product. But unlike nozzles, these orifices can pour out large quantities of the product. 

Semi-open orifices are primarily used in lip-gloss custom plastic cosmetic tubes. So if you want to provide consumers with more control over the usage while not limiting them to less quality, a semi-open orifice is what you should opt for.


We hope that this article of ours has given you some clarity of mind on where you should head next for wholesale cosmetic tubes. Choosing the perfect orifice for your plastic custom cosmetic tubes will have a considerable impact. You can’t afford to mess it up.

If you are still feeling confused and have questions in mind, just leave us a message. Our years of experience as cosmetic tube manufacturers are at your disposal. Instead of reading countless other articles, just leave this to the experts and let us guide you to your perfect customized cosmetic tube packaging.

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