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This Week's Top Stories About Recycling Aluminium Cosmetic Tube


In recent times, aluminium tube packaging has taken over all other cosmetic packagings. Aluminium tubes for cosmetics are cruelty-free and provide extra protection for all cosmetic products. The heavier gauge material offers better protection than other plastic tubes, which are not eco-friendly. 

It has a metallic look and makes a product look more appealing. Shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, lotions, and other medical ointments are perfect for aluminium packaging. 

As this world shifts to a healthier environment, people reject plastic cosmetic tubes as they pose a lot of harm to the world. Aluminium can be recycled; that's why people prefer it above all other types of tubes. 

Many brands and cosmetic companies are discarding all non-biodegradable products and working on creating a better future for all of us. Schools are educating children on recycling aluminium products rather than making other aluminium products. 

Here, we'll discuss how some countries and companies are working on recycling aluminium products. 

Which brands are taking this step?

Most renowned baby product brands are concerned with providing cruelty-free and gluten-free products for babies. These companies have shifted from plastic cosmetic packaging to aluminium tube packaging. These companies are proving their commitment to their consumers. They think it looks better on the shelf as well as can be easily recycled. 

PCR concern

No other material is 100% recyclable than aluminium. Aluminium recycling takes few steps as it contains 68% post-consumer recycled materials. It is also said that the higher the percentage of PCR, the lesser energy required to recycle. About 8% of energy is needed to recycle aluminium.

Aluminium does not pollute this earth. It indeed is a bit expensive, but it's lightweight as well as shatterproof. All these reasons make aluminium products on the priority list for everyone. 

Does cosmetic aluminium tube packaging affect sizes and prices?

Most companies are unable to replace all plastic tubes with aluminium tubes as they cost much higher. Most shampoos, conditioners, and lotion bottles come in 16ounces of size. Replacing all the bottles with plastic ones will cause a significant issue for the company and the customers. 

To fix this problem, companies have come up with a solution of reducing the size of each bottle to 8 ounces. Even this is costing four times the actual price, but this is what most companies can do for the sake of better health. 

Aluminium Industry facing closure

The year 2020 has been harsh on everyone. This year has caused a severe economic downfall, and many people lost their jobs and livelihood. Since the UK has the most significant Aluminium packaging industry and about 20,000 workers work there, the closure of this industry will make so many people homeless. 

Companies are working more towards recycling aluminium for making aluminium squeeze tube packaging rather than making them from scratch. For this reason, most aluminium industries are closing. 4.7 billion units will be lost if these aluminium industries close and the world relies only on recycling aluminium. 

A road to betterment through major beauty companies

Two famous beauty companies have recently have discarded the use of plastic shampoo bottles. These companies have shifted to solid shampoo bars or shampoo in aluminium tubes. One of the most high-end brands has closed the loop of world degradation and took a step in reducing environmental footprint. 

Aluminium tubes having a vintage look.

Aluminium tubes are all aesthetically more pleasing than other forms of tubes. They are more hygienic and provide a barrier against external agents. 

The collapsible aluminium tubes cosmetic packaging have become the latest trend in this socio-cultural change. The use of a collapsed or squeezed aluminium tube also shows the truth that perfection does not exist. These help in all those campaigns against makeup.The very well-known blue tube Evo solution will also be available in aluminium tubes worldwide by the end of this year. All tubes will be created from recycled aluminum. 

We should be happy that the world is becoming a better place to live in, with less pollution. Beauty companies are taking vital steps in shifting towards positivity. We hope the use of plastic completely bans in the coming years. We hope this informative article helped you.

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