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Sugarcane Tube for cosmetics is the trend


sugarcane tube

Isn't it amazing that most companies are taking steps towards getting a more eco-friendly environment? Since we all know how vital greenery and the protection of the environment are for us, it is our duty to eliminate everything that harms mother nature. 

For over a decade, research has shown that plastic in everything, including plastic cosmetic tubes, is dangerous and ruining everything on earth. Scientists and renowned companies are now manufacturing different types of tubes, such as sugarcane tubes.

The sugarcane tube packaging is an environmentally friendly solution for all beauty, cosmetics, and pharma care products. 

  • Why choose sugarcane tube for beauty packaging?

  • The world can't only survive on fossil fuel resources, so we need something that can be recycled continuously and here comes sustainable cosmetic packaging when it comes to makeup. 

  • Engineers come up with a renewable resource that is sugarcane. Sugarcane can't be directly used. Ethanol from sugarcane is extracted that creates a polythene product that is the best. It can easily be re-used and recycled. Sugarcane is an alternative valuable oil-based polymer. 

How are tubes from sugarcane made?

Sugarcane tubes are the greener option for everyone. The going green campaign gives everyone a happy feeling that this world is going towards a better end. 

First of all, sugarcane is fermented, and then it's distilled and lastly pollinized to extract out polyethylene from it. It's the same polyethylene that is made from petroleum, and there is absolutely no difference. 

The procedure used in the production of a plastic tube is the same one used here. All processes, the assembly line, and the filling procedure are the same. It is just safer and has a greener outlook to promote the green campaign and inspire people to stop using plastic. 

What are the advantages of sugarcane PCR cosmetic packaging?

There are numerous advantages of using sugarcane cosmetic tubes for everyone. These are way better than the traditional plastic squeeze tubes or even aluminum tubes. 

The most significant advantage of sugarcane is that it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. One pound of petroleum-based polyethylene releases about 2.5kg of carbon dioxide. When polyethylene is produced from sugarcane, the exact amount of sugarcane used is the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. Now imagine how big of a difference this will create in making the atmosphere more breathable for all of us. 

In most researches, it is shown that sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide quicker than any plant or tree. It's hugely beneficial to the soil. Sugarcane is a plant that also never releases carbon dioxide. Is it the best plant to produce green tubes from?

  • Can the same cap be used for sugarcane tubes that are being used for other squeeze tubes?

  • The answer to this question is no. There have been immense efforts to create the most beneficial sugarcane green tube of all time. The traditional plastic cap is no longer used.

  • Instead, wood fiber and polypropylene are blended in the ratio of 1:2 to create a renewable compound that is eco-friendly and compliments the sugarcane tube. These caps can be used in all kinds of tubes, but these sugarcane green tubes become safer with this innovative cap. 

  • How can we make it even better?

  • Nothing is always 100%; there is still room for improvement. The better the product is, the greener the tube will be and the more environmentally friendly it will be. 

  • Cosmetic packaging manufacturers are working day and night to produce better sugarcane tubes that are lightweight and easily exportable. They are working on making optimal tubes that occupy less space. 

  • What is PCR Tube?

  • PCR tube or post-consumer resin is another green plastic that is being tested for stability with this product. The PCR cosmetic packaging is even better as they are cheaper and more reliable. 

  • Are bottles better or tube?

  • Comparing a sugarcane tube or a sugarcane bottle, without a doubt, a sugarcane tube is better because these are a greener option.

  • We hope you are now sure about getting a sugarcane cosmetic tube instead of these plastic tubes because they are a better option and greener option. Saving earth from all these non-biodegradable materials should be our priority. We all should play our part. 

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