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Apply These Techniques To Improve Collapsible Tube


Since 1945, the production process of aluminium collapsible tubes has started. In those times, most companies did not know how to produce them because they were still costly, and the right kind of process for the aluminium cosmetic tube was not found. There wasn't proper machinery, or people didn't know the proper way of producing the collapsible aluminium tubes.

Recently, most companies discarded plastic squeeze tubes, so beauty companies have to shift to these eco-friendly tubes. Day by day, the production of collapsible aluminium tubes has been improving because of new machinery, and new tips and tricks are being added on. 

The manufacturing and packaging process of collapsible tubes is complicated, but engineers are becoming more experts. No matter how much you learn, there is always room for improvement, so the more you improve, the better the production of collapsible tubes will be. 

How to improve the aluminium collapsible tube process?

The process of manufacturing an aluminium collapsible tube involves simple steps. The cosmetic tube manufacturers should invest more in good machinery because all your productions depend on the kind of machines you use. 

The machinery should be cleaned and serviced at least once a month. Fix the machine if it's malfunctioning or replace it before it harms the entire batch of the aluminium collapsible tubes


The mechanical process requires no staffing. A good machine can do all the chores. The mechanical process involves pressing, trimming, and thread rolling, shaving elimination system, and phaser in the end. 

The working force has to feed the aluminium slug through an elevator and selector. All other processes, including the formation of a semi-formed collapsible tube, are automatic. You have to be a bit cautious in setting the right temperature. 

  • The trimming and threading ratio is pre-installed in the machine. Extra shaving eliminates itself in the form of waste collection. All this process is mechanical. The only thing you can do to improve the process is by getting better machinery. 

How to improve the coating process for cosmetic tube manufacturer?

All beauty companies require collapsible aluminium tubes with good internal coating. The internal coating protects the beauty product inside the tube and prolongs the shelf life. So it is essential to go through this process attentively. 

All clients want different kinds of coatings. Some want thick coatings, and others want a minimal coating. It is vital to set the settings perfectly because there is no turning back once the batch is fed. 

Improve the usage of better quality products for coating rather than cheaper ones, so the collapsible tubes are longer lasting. 

What does an external driving force do?

An external driving force means an extra workforce that is only observing the entire manufacturing process. The staff should be attentive because one single machine can malfunction at any time, ruining the entire batch of collapsible tubes.

If at one point the machine stops working or doesn't do the process right, the working staff has to take action and stop the entire process immediately. 

  • How to improve the working environment?

  • Having an environment that is safe, comfortable, and friendly can do wonders for everyone. Improve the kind of safety gear you are giving to your staff working in these conditions. It is also essential to maintain a friendly environment so there are no people against you that you are afraid of, that they might ruin your production. 

  • Being friendly doesn't mean you don't check on everything. Being the boss of a company, you must check on your people and how they're managing your work all the time. They should have no room for error. 

  • How to improve the printing department?

  • Either the beauty will give you a design of their own, or you'll have to hire good graphic designers to do the deed. You should have better quality printing machinery. Silkscreen printing is the most popular kind of printing on aluminium tubes. Cosmetic tube manufacturers should use good quality ink for printing so the paint doesn't come off quickly, giving a cheaper look. 

  • Lastly, we'd like to tell, that by improving all these lines, one can mark their name as the best aluminium collapsible tube wholesaler. Best of luck with your work!

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