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6 Latest Developments In Cosmetic Sustainable Packaging


The cosmetics industry is responsible for creating 120 billion packaging units every year. This massive industry is innovating at a great pace and adopting more eco-friendly and long-term alternatives. Cosmetic sustainable packaging is desired by both manufacturers and consumers alike.

This massive shift of preferences towards eco friendly cosmetic packaging is due to an increase in environmental cautiousness all around the world. This ongoing pandemic forced us to rethink our daily choices. The environmental awareness level is at an all-time high. According to a study, around 62% of the consumers are happy even to pay a few extra bucks just for eco friendly cosmetic packaging.

With this article, we aim to cover every aspect of how sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers are coping up with this sudden transit in market needs. We have explained all of their steps and tactics to deal with the rapidly increasing demand for cosmetic sustainable packaging below.

Plastic-Free Cosmetic Sustainable Packaging

Non-recycling plastic is one of the biggest threats to the environment currently. Plastic usage has been increased by 17% just between 2010 and 2017. We have filled our landfills with Plastic. By 2050, there will be more plastic in Ocean than even fishes. That’s how serious of a threat Plastic is. 

So, getting rid of plastic is one of the first steps towards sustainable cosmetic packaging. Instead of Plastic, bio-degradable materials like clothes, glass, Aluminum or even sugarcane tube have been used.

The use of bubble wraps and other such polluting accessories has also minimized. The most recent and ecological alternate to bubble wrap is paper with seeds embedded in it. They don’t only reduce the pollution, but also grow into a plant if the environment allows.

Zao makeup, a French cosmetics manufacturers are leaders in the areas of eco friendly cosmetic packaging. All of their products are made up of PCR tube and come in aluminumMetal makeup tube is both durable and sustainable. They have an effective refill system so you don’t have to pay up for sustainable packaging every time.

  • It might sound ironic but some brands have found an effective solution for polluting packaging i.e no packaging at all. Yeah, you heard right! No packaging or naked packaging involves just the product container. No extra packaging at all. 

  • A UK cosmetics brand “Luck” were the first ones to come up with this idea. Then other brands followed in their footsteps and in just a few years, naked packaging was normalized. Now, most of the shampoos, oils, and gels come naked without a box. This is a very smart approach towards eco friendly cosmetic packaging which doesn’t involve any extra cost.

This is the latest development in the pursuit of eco friendly cosmetic packaging. It seems as we are going back in time and opting for the ancient means. The first soap bar was invented thousands of years ago.

In recent times, we innovated these soap bars into liquids that were much easier and convenient to use. But now just to minimize the use of Plastic, most of the brands have started to convert their liquid products like Shampoo, Soap, moisturizers into Solid bars.

Since Liquid products require a container that is most likely to be Plastic, so the manufacturers completely changed their products.

While we are talking about reviving ancient practices for eco friendly skincare packaging, this is another traditional approach.

Mi zhou invented a cosmetic sustainable packaging that is self-decomposing. It melts away leaving no polluting agents behind. These containers are molded from vegetable-based oils and then laced with pigments from minerals and other organic compounds.

I know it is lagging behind in terms of durability but it has Beeswax coated on just to protect it from the liquid to leech out. The consumer will only have to be a little cautious as not to place it on a wet place before putting them on the soapdish in order for them to dissolve. 

  • Sugarcane cosmetic sustainable packaging:

  • Sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers are also going for sugarcane packaging. Many famous brands have also developed a liking towards it. With sugarcane tube, sustainability is guaranteed. They can be easily recycled. They don’t cause any serious environmental damages. 

    The only downside is that sugarcane is mostly obtained from plants so it can add to deforestation. But still, it is much more sustainable and ecological than Plastic. Stora Enca recently came up with sugarcane cosmetic tubes. It reduced Plastic usage by 70%. Since the sugarcane is grease-free, it is safe to use as eco friendly skincare packaging. 

  • L’oreal has also launched his first sugarcane-based cosmetic sustainable packaging. According to their director of packaging, they want to eliminate the use of Plastic by choosing such eco-loving alternatives.

  • Recycling:

  • Last but not least, Recycling is the most effective method in the fight against pollution in the arsenal of sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers. Even plastic becomes unharmful once recycled. 

  • That’s why most of the brands are promoting the culture of refilling. Many big brands like Bleach London, Ellis Faas have created refill stations for empty containers. Customers take or send the containers there and have them re-filled as it saves some bucks. 

  • The biggest problem in recycling was motivating the consumers in returning back the used container. So for the sake of cosmetic sustainable packaging, brands had to put some prize just so consumers will return the plastic containers.

  • MAC cosmetics have rolled out a “Back-To-MAC Program”. Here consumers will get a gift in return for 6 empty cosmetics shoppers. 


  • Creating 120 billion packaging units every year, the responsibility of keeping it sustainable rests solely on sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers. We have seen some recent developments in eco friendly cosmetic packaging but it isn’t enough. According to research, around 76% of American consumers can name a cosmetic brand that has done well in the area of cosmetic sustainable packaging. Even now, we have a very long way ahead of us.

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