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cosmetics packaging material market in 2021


Colored makeup, just as the name suggests is a colorful cosmetics. Eye shadow and lipstick can be said to be the most commonly used color makeup. It can be said that makeup gives women a dream, a dream that they can achieve through makeup.

With the improvement of women's status and the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, cosmetics are more and more sought after by people, and there are more and more business opportunities in the cosmetics market. As the saying goes, "the place where the fish is much, the person who fish is much", recently some web celebrity, fast disappear color makeup brand also emerges poor. Everyone says that "people rely on clothes, horses rely on saddle", today cosmetic tube supplier, Lisson will say a part of makeup clothing - makeup packaging material.

There are many brands of makeup, including well-known brands, as well as niche and evaluation brands. Famous brands like Lancome, L 'Oreal, Dior, Channel, etc. Niche brands are not listed here.

Now there are two common business models for cosmetics packaging materials. One is the generation processing mode. The so-called generation of processing mode, is the cosmetics brand to do their own design, their own formulation of the style of packaging materials. It was cosmetic packaging. As to the design that is brand business the design department of his company interior is done or ask other design company to do additionally not certain, two kinds of circumstances have, but the manufacturer that this and acting process did not have any concern. Wholesale cosmetic packaging factory is only responsible for the production, and the order was completed on time with the quality and quantity guaranteed. As a whole, most well-known brands will choose the way of generation processing. Because the scale of well-known brand enterprises is relatively large, brand positioning, planning activities and other aspects have a series of considerations. In addition, well-known brands have their own design departments, to maintain the brand culture, series of products, design is generally not outsourced. Such enterprises also have strict requirements for manufacturers, most of which require manufacturers to have licenses and certificates of qualification required by various countries. The delivery time of products is also strict. Although the requirements are strict, since the well-known brands have large orders and guaranteed payment, the orders of such enterprises can be said to be what the manufacturers of cosmetic packaging want to win.

The other is a one-stop shop. The one-stop-shop model is where the brand owner is only responsible for making the request and paying for it. The design was made by a manufacturer that processes cosmetic packaging. Niche brands generally choose this model. Because niche brands have limited enterprise scale and can do limited things, they are generally not established for a long time, in some aspects of the research is not very thorough, so they tend to choose one-stop service.


How to select plastic cosmetic tube tube from cosmetic packaging manufacturers?

Currently, in the high-end cosmetic packaging market, manufacturers still prefer plastic Cosmetic Tube packaging. This is mainly plastic cosmetic

Tube brings together a lot of good things. First of all, cosmetic plastic Cosmetic Tube has good texture, aesthetic appearance and quality, which meets the demand of high-end cosmetic packaging. Secondly, the development of the cosmetics market, the growing market space for high-end cosmetics and the need for brand building all promote the market's space for cosmetic plastic tube. Finally, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for the quality of packaging products is getting higher and higher. Under such a background, the upgrading of cosmetic plastic tube is inevitable.

Cosmetic plastic tube plays an important role in the value of cosmetics. It has been a required course for many manufacturers to explore the plastic tube of cosmetics. So, how to buy cosmetic plastic tube?

First, the appearance, design and workmanship of the cosmetic plastic tube. We all know that high-end cosmetics have strict requirements on external packaging design. Therefore, design and workmanship are two important criteria in the selection of plastic tube for high-end cosmetics. Secondly, the scale of cosmetic plastic tube manufacturers determines the production quality level and the later delivery status. Finally, the price of the plastic tube for high-end cosmetics is related to the packaging cost of the later cosmetics.


1. Main functions of cosmetic plastic tube

Common cosmetic is liquid, emulsion body or paste shape more, do not have bright appearance. It must be through the exquisite, unique design of plastic tube, to express its own characteristics. As a result, cosmetics generally rely on plastic tubes to sell well. From the consumer's point of view, first of all, to attract the attention of consumers, and then trigger consumers' desire to buy. That is, only when the cosmetic tube gets people's attention will the subsequent series of behaviors occur. According to studies of human eye movement, people are the most responsive to color. The power of the plastic tube may depend on how well the colour contrast is balanced so that it is lively and eye-catching in the shop and soft but not harsh when bought home. When consumers are attracted to the cosmetics display shelves by advertisements. If the plastic tube makes them buy, then the plastic tube design is a failure.

Fashion, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting external plastic tube design and the adoption of new type, is one of the means of winning the competition for cosmetics manufacturers. Take Procter & Gamble as an example, the tube material of the newly launched "Jisang" bath brand has changed from the previous hard plastic texture to the more humanized soft plastic, so that the intimacy of its products has been increased virtually. It is fair to say that the choice of plastic tube material has contributed to the success of the Exhilaration.

2. Improve your taste

In People's Daily life, cosmetics are becoming indispensable supplies, cosmetics in the beautification of life at the same time also formed a contains a huge business opportunities, can not be ignored the consumer market. Various skincare concepts are emerging in an endless stream, and all kinds of plastic tubes are competing and dazzling. Many products sell not only efficacy, but also fashion and culture. Cosmetics fashion and cultural, is usually what we say grade. In addition to product advertising and counter display, plastic tube plays an important role in how to reflect the taste of cosmetics. Appropriate plastic tube can not only stimulate the senses of consumers directly, but also reflect the taste of the product incisively and vividly. Therefore, the plastic tube, as the "coat" of the product, not only has the function of storing and protecting the product, but also has the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.

Take Lisson Cosmetic Tube Factory series products for example, because of its unique paste system manufacturing process -- the first case of automatic computer paste making machine, the essence of various functions is made into spherical particles, filamentous flowers and other shapes and placed in a slightly transparent gel, which is not only crystal clear, fashionable and beautiful in appearance. And because of its essence complete seal, and the use of active metal ion conduction effect, so that its than the general paste skin care products can more quickly, effectively restore the skin's natural vitality, eliminate skin problems. Designers take into account the beauty of the paste, in the choice of plastic Tubetube body, the organic plastic material with good transparency, strong plasticity, feel and plastic is the same as more solid, and with quality, gloss of gold, silver tube cover, give the crystal series of cosmetics luxurious, fashionable connotation. Since the product was put on the market, it has been favored by young and middle-aged female friends and consumers.

3. Add value

The psychological value of cosmetics plays a great role. The same lipstick of 4g or so is sold for hundreds of dollars from Shiseido, CD, Lancome and Givenchy, while the price of lipstick from domestic brands is usually only dozens of dollars or even lower. This includes the psychological value of the appearance of the product itself, plastic tube decoration, trademark, corporate image and other factors.

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