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April Fool's Day---Lisson Packaging


April Fool's Day

All Fools' Day is also called April Fool's Day, Humor Festival, April Fool's Day. The festival is on April 1, the Gregorian calendar. It is a popular folk festival that has been popular in the West since the 19th century. It has not been recognized as a legal festival in any country. On this day, people deceive and tease each other in various ways, often at the end of the joke, to expose and declare the object of the tease as a "fool." The nature of jokes rarely contains substantial malicious intent, but individual jokes cause people to panic because they are too large, resulting in large-scale repercussions and deriving into (media) rumors and urban legends, so it is generally avoided for people. Like a joke about the disaster.

Lisson Packaging will celebrate with our customers.

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