Tube production line to improve analysis

by:Lisson     2020-11-11
Tube, commonly known as the toothpaste tube, toothpaste. Its production process is complicated, according to the needs of different production, combined by 6 - 10 the production process to finish. As early as the product of the production equipment is dominated by a handful of foreign enterprise, until the early reform and opening up, with the development of the domestic toothpaste industry at that time, the surge in demand for aluminum hose, corresponding to the needs of the production equipment is also increasing rapidly. At this moment, is dominated by the government, the toothpaste industry was led by the leader of Shanghai toothpaste factory organized several relatively powerful manufacturer was jointly developed the domestic first generation tube production line.
in the early reform and opening up, our country's industrial base is relatively weak, so that was quite a period of time, after producing hose production line in the actual production of the product yield is low, the printing quality is poor. Some manufacturers in order to solve these problems, improve product percent of pass and reduce the production cost, the original printing part of up and down the tube to the manipulator to manual insertion way up and down the tube. This change at the time did raise the rate of production cost, and reduced gas, reduce the production cost.
changed, the original toothpaste packing already changed to pipe, tube production after a short period of time of silent quickly ushered in the spring. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, cosmetics, art paint, adhesives, tourism products such as toothpaste, ointment for tube demand has increased dramatically. And environmental factors, with many years of pewter pipe is gradually replaced by tube. Led tube production appeared in our country at present both production and marketing of the phenomenon. At the same time, the tube of the main guangdong, jiangsu and other places have appeared different degree of 'labor shortage'. Mentioned above due to the objective historical reasons caused the hose production is labor-intensive industries, usually need to 8 - a hand production line 12 operating workers and labor intensity. Due to the tube itself belongs to the low value-added products, this product lead to industry practitioners generally low wages, the more increased labor shortages, and directly lead to the operator of the entire industry overall quality is low. As the situation of increasingly severe, automatic production line of artificial advantage is more and more obvious.
and at the same time, with the rise in the overall level of industrial manufacturing and equipment manufacturers for many years of continuous efforts, tube production equipment technical level has greatly improved. This regard, wuxi and embellish machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Is already ahead, production of high-speed cold extrusion machine, 150 t make stamping tube embryos speed doubled, reached more than 100 m/min. New sprayer PLC control for the three times of spraying, the spraying effect within the gap with foreign similar products quickly. The wide use of new type polyurethane rubber roller makes the base of color printing effect is improved obviously at the same time also greatly saves ink, cancel the use of rubber cloth also save material and save the human. New four-color, five-color, six color printing machine not only increased the tinted color, to enhance the accuracy of tinted, also greatly improved the production speed. With the improvement of parts processing precision and the improvement of the manipulator, making greatly improve the accuracy of automatic tube up and down. Minimum only breaks through the traditional manipulator in phi 16 mm pipe automatic upper and lower limits. Company is forever through hard work to achieve the phi 11 mm above all can achieve manipulator automatic tube up and down. The widespread use of automatic screw cap machine and dramatically reduce the use of artificial, improve the quality of the screw cap. All in all, tube production line of production, after years of development, already has a big leap. Not only greatly improve degree of automation equipment, aluminum tube on various aspects of the quality also increased a few class, significantly reducing the quality gap with imported production line of products. To save about half of the human, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
should admit, the technology level of the current domestic aluminum tube production line with the same products abroad, there are quite a big gap. Special performance on the production speed and the automation of the whole line needs to be improved. For this, ever and embellish machinery all employees have confidence in you under the support of peers and customers continue to work hard, strive for greater achievements, to thank friends from all walks of life and the masses of users over the years to give the trust and support, to make our tube industry on the steps of an update.
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