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Customized silk printing & hot stamping on wholesale cosmetic tubes


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The fast development of society and economy rises makeup consumer’s requirements and focus on brand design. For beauty and personal care companies to catch consumer’s attention to stay abreast with or surpass competitors, they have to provide customers with more outstanding products decorated with elaborate cosmetic packaging to attract and acquire customer’s affection. Mostly, beauty and personal care products are packed with plastic cosmetic tubes, which involves in an important manufacturing process, i.e., customized silk printing and hot-stamping on plastic cosmetic tubes. 

What is customized silk printing on plastic cosmetic containers? Is it fitful for cosmetic container processing? Customized silk printing is a second mechanical processing for plastic containers, it decors surface of cosmetic tube after injection molding and it is decided on the basis of practical function of plastic cosmetic tubes. Customized silk screen printing is an old and highly-developed workmanship that originated from China which could date back to 2,000 years ago, widely used and favored in many industries. Plastic cosmetic tube silk screen printing refers to graphic silk screen printing forme through photosensitive plate with silkscreen as its base. Plastic cosmetic tubes printed by silk screen are brightly colorful and more serviceable. Silk printing processing has been widely applied for plastic cosmetic container production lines in makeup packaging factories.


The most important advantage of silk screen printing on cosmetic containers is that the distinctive visual result it can generate to deliver makeup brand image, considering inks used are extremely durable, colors are extremely vivid, particularly for outside uses, which make this a special reproduction technique for cosmetic tube manufacturing. Silk screen printing really is a kind of comparably flexible and inhibited printing technology, without any limitations on the thickness and nature of material, silk screen printing is going to be completed in fabricating plastic makeup tube, and without a doubt, to get a particular quantity of custom cosmetic container manufacturing, silk screen printing has been one of the cost-effective and economic printing methodologies. 

Nevertheless, there are various printing technologies coming regarding more and more newly-developed makeup and skincare products emerge. Here is another one which goes popular in the market also, i.e., hot-stamping. Which should cosmetic tube manufacturer choose for plastic tube printing, silk printing, or hot stamping? It’s a necessity for cosmetic tube wholesalers to tell the difference between them. Silk screen printing and hot stamp (or foil stamping) are two key methods accommodated for designing plastic cosmetic containers for various types of makeup and personal care goods. 

  • For hot-stamping on plastic cosmetic tube, graphics are generated by heat transfer method, hot-stamping on makeup container is a very important processing workmanship for printing, which is mainly used for labeling, branding, outlining to embellish and level up makeup product. 

  • What are the advantages of hot stamping for cosmetic tube printing?

  • Hot-stamping for wholesale decorative cosmetic tube fabricating, it comes with high quality. In consumer marketplace, where makeup display is important to motivate and trigger customers to purchase beauty goods.

  • It is common that customer’s focus is more attracted by cosmetic tube packaging with high-visual hot-stamping printing before any other stands itself on the shelf. Hot-stamping printing can suit and compliment cosmetic container design with respect to any color that bulk plastic cosmetic tube buyers are looking for, cosmetic tube with hot-stamping is capable of delivering stronger visual effect to strengthen branding.

  • In addition, there is a range of positive effects which can be applied to present label and makeup & personal care product in a brand new outlook through hot-stamping printing technique processing. Authoritative consumption studies and research have revealed that the more attractive, beauty product packaging is, the more likely consumers tend to purchase and take delight in.

  • All in one, for cosmetic tube printing, silk screen printing provides with a smooth and glowing surface, while the other presents an appealing highlight to capture and snatch makeup and skincare customer’s attention. Both silk screen printing and hot-stamping have their own advantages for cosmetic tube container processing, to boost makeup & skin care sale, it is necessary for company to dig out precise and effective printing solution on its customized wholesale cosmetic tube requirement, and more importantly, partner up with professional cosmetic tube manufacturers. For different makeup and skin care products, it is suggested that companies should customize cosmetic tubes printing on the ground of their products and requirements. 

  • This article is from Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd., one of cosmetic packaging manufacturers with rich experience, more info about cosmetic tube printing, welcome to reach us for details.


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