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Why eco-friendly cosmetic packaging becomes important?


Sourcing for wholesale cosmetic packaging? This article is talking about what kind of cosmetic packaging you should source with for social and environmental sustainability, it will walk you through the reasons why eco-friendly cosmetic packaging material has become a trend for the future of cosmetics containers.

More info about eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, coming soon.

Plastic cosmetic packaging interprets and communicates an image of a makeup company, on one hand, it plays an important role in marketing cosmetic products and expanding market, a masterpiece of plastic cosmetic packaging with breathtakingly exquisite and ingenious design drives flooding consumption for a cosmetics company to dominate the market, on the other hand, it brings users of makeup huge convenience, nonetheless, on the contrary, it causes damage beyond reparation to human beings’ health and the environment permanently from generation to generation.

Traditionally the majority for cosmetic packaging is non-renewable, exemplified by plastics especially, it has low and cheap recyclable value, accordingly, the demand for environmental friendly cosmetic packaging material appears gradually and increasingly as humans realize to defend life and the earth.

What is eco-friendly cosmetic packaging? Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging mostly is PCR cosmetic packaging, covering reusable & compostable packing material embodied by saving raw material and cheapening waste, furthermore, the selection of sustainable cosmetic packaging from RRC cosmetic packaging should be fully in accordance with the rudimentary principles of toxic-free, pollution-free and recyclable property.

Eco-friendly cosmetic tube

From the perspective of cosmetic packaging manufacturers, there are mainly 3 benefits for them.

1)It takes a great many of expenditures for cosmetics packaging factory to keep a company running, considering PCR cosmetic packaging is second used, making cosmetic containers from it will cut off a lot cost in a comparison with other fresh new raw material. Therefore, applying PCR cosmetic packaging for production could be an effective solution to save corporate costs in raw material procurement.

2)As global demand for skincare and makeup increases tremendously, there is astonishingly fast growth in cosmetic packaging made from plastics, which aggravates environmental contamination. In a response to the urgent need for environmental protection, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging material in cosmetic packaging manufacturing is becoming popular and necessary for eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers who are supposed to perform corporate environmental responsibility for the earth’s sustainable and profound development.

3) There are more and more internationally famous cosmetics brands that have joined the bandwagon of environment preservation in the format of packaging their products with plastic-free materials. For example, ESTEE LAUDER has been adhering to working with eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers for its packaging materials which contain 99% recyclable fibers to minimize poisonous discharge during the wholesale eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturing. Normally, cosmetics companies are used to conducting a series of audits which factor in supplier’s social and environmental responsibilities before they actually place an order, since they have the awareness that their terminal users may be affected and motivated by environment protection, preferably, they would cooperate with eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturer, which potentially and possibly beefs up their business and broadens market shares. So to speak, choosing eco-friendly raw material will be a plus for cosmetic packaging manufacturers striving for establishing a partnership with top brand makeup companies.

The wholesale planet has abounded with plastic makeup container waste hither and thither, not only is it just visual pollution but also it contaminates the earth and puts numerous lives at risk.

Non-degradable plastics can't be degraded fast due to their stable structure, it takes a few hundred years to completely and fully for such plastic waste to decay and drop off the face of the earth, non-recyclable plastic cosmetic packaging is a waste to natural resource, pollution to soil detrimental to the agriculture industry, a threat to the life of both human beings and animals. 

Every day, basically everyone uses skincare and makeup product, it is inevitable for them to use skincare and cosmetic container, to use eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic packaging has been an unstoppable trend for all, it entails everyone to weigh in environment protection for social profound sustainability, it is a prerequisite for makeup company to position itself as an environment protector in regard to cooperation with eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers. It also requires every user to purchase cosmetics with eco-friendly cosmetic packaging or PCR cosmetic packaging.

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