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how to design cosmetic tube


In such an era with high-speed development, aesthetic concept of cosmetic consumers has improved greatly. For cosmetics functioning as a piece of goods, its cosmetic tube packaging's design affects how its selling goes. Only when its design follows the trend and social culture, will it become on the top of the hot-sale cosmetics list. 

We don't deprecate the direction of media and propaganda ads to motivate customers to order makeup, nevertheless, for cosmetics companies, it is a must to pay great attention to their cosmetic packaging to stand their product out. High-end cosmetic tube packaging gives an impetus to take cosmetics’ place on market shelves.

Cosmetic tube design for cosmetic tube manufacturers is the source of the cosmetic tube industry, an innovative art integrated with a portfolio of wisdom, information, creation, and technology. From a broad and overall perspective, the design of cosmetic tubes covers many elements, including raw material, the shape of cosmetic tube, printing, and visual design. Cosmetic tube design is 3d and diversified, what cosmetic tube transfers to consumers? It sends out a cultural signal with according value concept, moral rules & regulations, living habits, and aesthetics.

Cosmetic tube design is the invisible collection of makeup brand, history, and reputation, an indispensable carrier of corporate image on the public, visual design of cosmetic tube packaging impacts makeup buyer's thought on product, cosmetic buyers tend to have more affection and affinity to those makeup products which are with their delicate brand packaging design. Industrial revolution boosts global economy's prosperity, concurrently, natural resource has diminished apparently, which endangers and destroys human's living environment, it triggers and deepens human's awareness in environmental preservation. Speaking of designing custom unique cosmetic tube, features and functions of raw material will matter, what's more important, it brings psychological feeling, a reaction of human being's sensory system due to physiological stimulation.

Modern cosmetic tube design should interact with makeup users, cosmetics users could emotionally count on makeup through transmission from cosmetic tube packaging design.Popular cosmetic tube design spreads most forefront and fashion trends to young people.

According to ergonomics, it needs balance and consort between humans and objects. It is a premise for cosmetic tubes to have their packaging function before getting attention from makeup consumers with much more convenience, safety and comfort when compared with competitors. Concurrently, a good cosmetic tube designer must be a savvy psychologist.

The design of cosmetic tube packaging should conform to its top temperament, and it should be more appealing in product packaging. This requires a certain change in custom cosmetic tube appearance, and at the same time, it should be more contagious in appearance. How to design cosmetic tubes and skincare tubes to be well received by everyone?


In cosmetic tube and skincare tube packaging, many companies resort to a wide variety of dazzling designs in pursuit of beauty, but these should be avoided in time, and the highlight of beauty products should be in their content. Mostly, makeup consumers who focus on environment protection and simplicity would have aversion to dazzling outer packaging design of cosmetic tube.

Various custom cosmetic tube designs should be in a match with different consumers at different ages which normally have their specific demands in makeup and personal care products.

Different makeup products are aimed at different people of all ages. Therefore, appearance of cosmetic tube packaging must be in line with certain age for use. Only in this way can it bring better attention and praise from customers.

Exaggerated design and description of outer cosmetic tube packaging will have a bad effect, now that makeup and personal care users have become particular when it comes to selection. This requires an objective description of goods instead.


In summary, for cosmetic packaging manufacturers, what is suggested is they should consider more from the perspective of makeup consumers and ingratiate cosmetic tube packaging into their flavor to benefit for their selection. Before starting packaging design, cosmetic tube manufacturers must understand customer’s products, what kind of function customer’s product is, characteristics of a product, and what function its terminal customer values. This is also the basic principle that creative cosmetic tube packaging manufacturers have always adhered to. Before starting to design, they need to fully understand various functions and features of cosmetic product and understand purchase needs of customer.

Cosmetic tube packaging design is a picture that reflects the value of makeup. A qualified cosmetic tube design should meet a qualified standard in terms of color matching, layout, and aesthetics.

For a qualified cosmetic tube manufacturer, it should integrate cosmetic tube design into the production process, make cosmetic tube samples, and improve and optimize cosmetic tube packaging design for customers to be more functional and user-friendly.

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