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​Happy Thanksgiving Day and Enjoy Black Friday

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All the best wishes to Clients from around the world:

Happy Thanksgiving Day and Enjoy Black Friday-Lisson Packaging 2022.

Lisson Packaging Team

Thanksgiving is an old American holiday that began in 1620 when a large ship full of Puritans sailed to America. However, soon after the winter, they were starving and cold. In the most difficult time, the simple and kind Indians brought the Puritans the necessities of life, and also gave them instruction in life skills, teaching them planting and hunting skills. With the help of the kind native people, the Pilgrims were able to obtain a good harvest. In accordance with religious custom, these people established a day of thanksgiving to God to celebrate their bountiful harvest. Their harvest could not be achieved without the help of the Indians, so they invited the Indians to celebrate the holiday with them. They lit bonfires, held feasts, and held events such as singing and races. This custom has been preserved until today.

It was not until President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday that Congress designated the fourth Thursday in November as "Thanksgiving Day" and the holiday generally lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

In the United States, the president will pardon turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, Clinton ad hoc turkey Jerry, Bush Jr. pardoned the turkey "Freedom". More interestingly, seven of the turkeys pardoned by Obama quickly "died" after the pardon, Obama was also known as the "crow hand" by the American media!


Canada's harvest season is a little earlier than the United States, so Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October. It is said that Europeans have a tradition of Thanksgiving and brought this custom to Canada after the Europeans came there. There is also a theory that it is in honor of the explorer Martin Farnese. Another theory is that during the American Revolution, a group of American royalists loyal to the British Crown migrated to Canada and also brought the customs and ways of American Thanksgiving to Canada.

The Food

Normally, turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving, but there are also some traditional dishes that are popular among Americans, such as zucchini, creamed onions, mashed potatoes and tomato pie. Canada also eats venison and waterfowl, hydraulic wild goose and other foods because of the geographical and climatic differences, but evolved to mainly turkey and ham. Now, these are what we can eat even now.


On Thanksgiving Day, the United States celebrates as a nation, with group events such as costume games, theatrical performances and sports tournaments held throughout cities and towns. Americans do some traditional games after Thanksgiving dinner. For example cranberry races, corn games and pumpkin races. Similar traditional games are played on Thanksgiving Day in Canada. According to their custom, Canadians prefer to chat and reminisce around the dinner table.


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