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9 reasons why Cosmetic Tube is a necessity for a makeup business


lifetime. It might be true from a philosophical point of view but not in the makeup business. Cosmetic tube is the essence of makeup or any general cosmetic business at all.

Cosmetic tube packaging has been adopted by almost all of the beauty businesses out there. Cosmetic tubes are mostly round and oval-shaped, which can contain sponge tip, nozzle, pump and many other accessories. Most of the cosmetic tube available on the market has plastic built. But you can also opt for Aluminum, glass or even metal options. They are completely recyclable and compliant with FDA regulations. 

For cosmetic brands, cosmetic tube is economical. As for consumers, it packs tons of benefits. It is convenient and sustainable. No makeup business can survive without the cosmetic tube in the cutthroat competition of today. Unless you bring a better innovative option of packaging in the market which is highly unlikely unless you are a revolutionary scientist.

We have explained every reason below why you need to contact cosmetic tube manufacturers for your product as soon as possible. 

3 B’s:

Let me ask you a question! If a customer enters a cosmetic store who is a complete stranger to the cosmetics industry, what factors do you think will have an impact on his choice. If you are not a marketing student then it is highly likely you won’t know the answer.

The whole idea of making your products appealing to the consumers is based on 3 Bs. These terms may appear to be the same but they are actually a lot different. These 3 B’s are:



3.Brand identity

  • Brand:

  • The definition of “brand” in our minds is mostly inaccurate. We tend to think that a brand comprises of just the company’s name, logo and slogan. But brand is much more than that.

  • Brand isn’t even something physical in reality. It is an idea behind a product, service or an institution that people can relate to. Brand is what stands you out from the competition. It shouts at consumers what perks you are containing for them.

  • Branding:

  • Branding is the process of giving a unique feel to your brand. In simpler terms, the construction of your brand can be considered as branding. Everything from designing your packaging to marketing it is a part of branding.

  • Brand identity:

  • The parameters that define your brand are referred to as brand identity. Your slogan, logo, name, website or any related thing that transfers the vibe of your brand to the consumer is called brand identity.

  • In the makeup business, the cosmetic tube is your only source to execute these 3 B’s. Your cosmetic tube will speak on your behalf about your brand. Most of the tubes are customizable. 

  • You can put everything from your logo to your slogan on the tube packaging. These cosmetic tubes will be the most effective weapon in your arsenal against the competition. We all know if your product looks appealing to the consumer’s choice, they are most likely to give it a try.

  • Also, customization for cosmetic tube isn’t only limited to the design of your skin care tube. You have full control over every inch of the tube. You can change size, color, material or even the structure of the tube.   

  • The sky is the limit. It all depends upon your creativity. Also, you don’t need to be an expert designer to create an attractive cosmetic tube. All you need to do is find good cosmetic tube manufacturers and they will fill your screen with ideas.

Complete Usage:

If you are dealing with skin care products like lotion, creams, etc, then the cosmetic tube is an absolute necessity for your business. 90% of the cosmetic packaging that reaches landfills is 30% or less filled. 

But with the squeezable built of skin care tube, they can be utilized fully. These details may appear trivial but they matter in the long run. If you want to surpass your competition, then you will have to make improvements in such micro areas. Customer satisfaction is your top priority.

Protection and Preservation:

Plastic is still the dominant material in the cosmetic tube industry. There are other options like Aluminum, Glass etc. Almost all of these have a sturdy built and can survive harsh delivery and shipping endeavors. 

You won’t be needing to spend extra on any special type of packaging like bubble wraps. Also, you won’t need to be cautious during production and filling processes. 

It doesn’t only provide protection against outside injuries. They also keep the product inside completely preserved. Sunlight, air or humidity won’t be allowed to reach your product. 

In the cosmetic industry, it is extremely crucial. Most of cosmetic products contain nullified chemicals. But in the presence of air or any other external agent, they can react and alter the chemical composition. 

In this case, at best your product will lose its productivity. But in the worst scenario, it can be damaging to the body as skin tends to be quite sensitive. Such occurrences mark the end of any cosmetic brand. They can be sued, penalized and what not. 

Also, a completely sealed skin care tube enhances the shelf-life and longevity of any product. Due to these reasons, even pharmaceutical industries are using these tubes. 

Any other type of cosmetic packaging doesn’t promise such preservation and protection at such a small price.

  • Recyclable

  • The only positive impact of the corona and lockdown is that it has made us more aware of our environments. Ecological shopping is at an all-time high. Most of the customers are even ready to pay extra just to reduce the pollution on their part. 

  • As cosmetic tube manufacturers, we will have to take responsibility for all the land pollution we are causing. As we stated before, plastic is mostly used in the skin care tube packaging industry. And plastic is the biggest threat to our environment.

  • Plastic has also become ill-famed among consumers. Ecocompatibility has a huge impact on consumer behavior especially in Europe and the West. So if you are targeting these markets, it is better to opt for Aluminum or any other ecological cosmetic tube. 

  • But if you have made up your mind to go with Plastic, we will recommend recycling. A small “recycled” stamp on your tube will work like a charm. This is the easiest and quickest way to win over the customers for your new brand. 

  • Customers are looking for sustainable alternatives and doing their part to avoid the spreading of pollution. This is an excellent opportunity for you. But you will have to be quick before the big players flood the market with sustainable packaging. You can see brands like L’oreal slowly transitioning towards Biodegradable means of packaging.


At the end of the day, all that matters is customer satisfaction. And due to several psychological effects that we won’t get into, consumers can be annoyed more easily nowadays than ever before. 

That’s why you will have to make your product as convenient as you can. Convenience depends upon the size, weight, design and feel of the product. Humans are mentally wired to always opt for an easy solution.

If you are thinking about any type of packaging except cosmetic tubes, consider the downsides that your potential customer will have to face. Can they provide the same level of protection, ease and branding as cosmetic tubes? Probably not.

  • Price:

  • If you are operating at a brand level, you will have to save every penny you can. Even a difference of few cents can pile up to be a huge amount in the case of packaging. 

  • There is a reason why makeup brands love cosmetic tube so much. It is one of the most cost-efficient types of containers out there. Cosmetic tube also offers great versatility in price and quality too.

  • You can choose from a number of materials, quality, and density. Plastic is the most used material followed by Aluminum for skin care tube. They both are relatively cheap and durable. Aluminum tends to be a little more pricy than plastic but makes up for it due to its lustrous look and eco-friendliness.

  • If you are just starting up, every expert in the beauty industry will recommend you to go with cosmetic tube packaging. It is easy to handle, convenient and mainly, costs less than every other kind of packaging out there. 

  • Conclusion:

  • Cosmetic tube can be a scary subject to research due to thousands of opinions available on the net. That’s why we created a go-to article that can solve all of your queries regarding skin care tube packaging. We hope by now, you have made up your mind to opt for tube packaging. The only small problem you will have to face would be finding suitable cosmetic tube manufacturers. We will recommend interviewing several suppliers and then comparing the pros and cons. You will most likely end up with someone sincere and authentic. 

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