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PCR cosmetic packaging, an affordable yet eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging


With all the pollution and eco-protection trends, plastic cosmetic tube & bottle without proper disposal have become synonymous with evil. To give you a little perspective, there will be more plastic in the oceans than marine life in just 30 years. 480 billion plastic cosmetic bottles were consumed in 2016, less than 50% of which were recycled. 

These alarming surveys have forced governments and other organizations to forcefully decrease the amount of plastic cosmetic tube & bottles consumed. That’s why they are imposing strict laws and sanctions on plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturers to minimize the usage of plastic in cosmetic tube and bottle manufacturing. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry is one of the highest plastic packaging contributors. 

However, if you see from a financial point of view, plastic is an ideal material for skin care tube production. It offers affordability, ease of customization, durability and much more for makeup business looking after custom cosmetic tubes by bulk. But as the world is growing more eco-cautious, plastic cosmetic tubes are being rejected by part of consumers. That’s why recycling cosmetic packaging suppliers have come up with a genius alternative that provides the same benefits as plastic cosmetic tube & bottle, just without the environmental destruction part. Even some such as sugarcane cosmetic packaging can be plastic-look.

What is PCR cosmetic packaging?

 You might be thinking that why not just recycle plastic skin care tube and solve all of our plastic problems? Well, this isn’t as simple as it seems. Recycled plastic loses all of its strength and becomes substandard. To make recycled plastic consumer-ready, you will need to add some virgin plastic to enhance its durability.

But with Post-Consumer Resin or PCR cosmetic packaging, this problem is almost solved by cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers. With this technology, PET and HDME plastics are used while recycling plastics. In this way, the recycled material gains durability while weak plastics are also downgraded and can be used for other purposes.

With PCR cosmetic packaging, you can have the recycled tag on your plastic cosmetic tubes and bottles to win the trust of authorities and consumers. If you are wondering, PCR is FDA-approved and is completely food-safe. If big sharks like Coca-Cola and Target are using this type of packaging, there should be something right about it.Benefits of PCR cosmetic packaging:

If you are still wondering whether or not PCR cosmetic packaging is a good alternative for plastic cosmetic tubes, we have a few reasons to help you make an informed decision. Following are the few reasons why recycled cosmetic packaging suppliers love PCR cosmetic packaging!

Benefits of normal plastic:

PCR cosmetic packaging is technically still plastic, minus the eco-degradation. So if you are disappointed by cardboard and paper packaging and need something more sturdy, PCR skin care tube from sustainable cosmetic packaging manufacturers has got your back. You will get durability, atmospheric resistance and sterility without contributing towards the eco degradation.


There is a myth that you will have to pay more for Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging which isn’t completely true. There was a time when recycled cosmetic packaging suppliers used to charge extra, but times have changed. Plastic cosmetic tubes need petroleum-related products in higher quantities for their production. 

On the other hand, PCR cosmetic packaging is completely recycled from already-consumed products and its raw material doesn’t cost extra. But with petroleum prices increasing rapidly, PCR production cost is dropping in comparison.

Also with PCR cosmetic packaging, you can charge your customers extra as you have a logical reason for it. Around 69% of consumers are ready to pay even extra if it means that eco-persevering measures are being taken. So if all things considered, PCR cosmetic packaging is more economical in the long run.


Plastic cosmetic tubes are a big no-no if you are trying to make a name for yourself in the international market. Authorities are taking strict actions against plastic production and it is only going to get more tough. So it is better to take precautionary measures beforehand and switch to PCR cosmetic packaging.

Final words:

Like it or not, the era of plastic is still going on which takes tango with the eco-friendly plastic cosmetic packaging. Keep in mind that every market is customer-driven and since consumers are rejecting plastic cosmetic tubes, you will be forced to look for other alternatives. So now is a great time to find recycled cosmetic packaging suppliers like us and choose an ecological packaging material. But if you are aiming to switch from plastic cosmetic tubes, PCR cosmetic packaging is the best shot!

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