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Are acrylic cosmetic bottles plastic products?


 Acrylic cosmetic bottle looks like glass from a distance, but looks like plastic from a close up. Acrylic cosmetic bottles can also be called plexiglass bottles. Many people have asked, is acrylic cosmetic bottles a plastic product?


Acrylic cosmetic bottles are plastic products. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are a polymerized polymer material and a thermoplastic plastic. Like other plastic products, acrylic cosmetic bottles are not easy to decompose, and they will The environment has a certain impact. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are polymerized using monomeric methacrylate, which is a chemical material. Therefore, acrylic cosmetic bottles are not easy to break. Even if it is broken, its fragmentation is more Big pieces, unlike glass bottles, where the particles are very small.


Acrylic cosmetic bottles have many similar features to glass, but its advantages are far greater than those of glass, and its application field is far higher than that of glass. As a transparent material, when the traditional glass bottle cannot meet the user’s needs and design requirements, acrylic cosmetic bottles can replace glass bottles in this field and become a new product. For some products owned by glass bottles Features, it still has.



As a plastic product, the use of acrylic cosmetic bottles is accompanied by many discussions on recycling. How can these discarded acrylic cosmetic bottles be recycled and treated correctly and reduce the impact of plastics on the environment is a problem that many acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturers need to face together.


Acrylic cosmetic bottles are very similar to other plastic products, and they are different in temperature and additives. There are two main methods for producing acrylic cosmetic bottles.


The first method is casting. After preparing the relevant mold, pour the melted acrylic directly into the mold. After standing for several hours, take it out of the mold. Subsequently, this nascent product is processed in a high-pressure furnace, and the high temperature is used to make the molding stronger. It takes several hours to process in the high-temperature furnace. After taking it out, some rough edges and corners are processed to make them have a certain smoothness.


The second step is extrusion molding. The raw material of acrylic cosmetic bottle is mainly acrylic acid. The acrylic acid is dissolved into granules, and these acrylic particles are added to the extrusion machine. The machine will heat these raw materials to about 150 degrees to make them in a viscous state. The state is then sent to the shaft press, let the pressure of the machine melt and flatten the particles to form a thin plastic sheet, and then the sheet is formed.


After the products that have begun to take shape, they still need to be polished and polished manually to make their outer surface have better gloss. For printing requirements, the surface of the acrylic cosmetic bottle can be printed after molding. system.


In addition to the above two molding methods, injection molding can also be used to make acrylic cosmetic bottles. The two simpler molding methods mentioned above are more common in the industry.


Raw material of acrylic lotion bottle

The raw material of the acrylic lotion bottle is mainly acrylic. Acrylic is an organic compound. It has high transparency like glass, so it can also be called "plexiglass." The acrylic material is not easy to break, and it has good ornamental properties. Under the sunlight, its light transmission rate is above 92%, which is a very used raw material.

Acrylic raw materials were originally used in the aerospace field. Later, as various technologies continue to mature, they will be widely used in various fields. Today, acrylic materials and many plastic products are made, and its use areas include cosmetics. , Medicines and health products, etc., it has many types and wide applications.

Product advantages of acrylic lotion bottle

One: will not be damaged

Although the acrylic lotion bottle can be called a plexiglass lotion bottle, the biggest difference from glass is that under a certain gravity, there will be no large fragmentation. Even if it is broken, it will not have many glass particles like traditional glass, which will cause certain damage to the user. After the acrylic lotion bottle is broken, some of its broken objects will be larger, and there will be no small ones. For children and the elderly, this advantage is very good.

Two: low price

Compared with other glass and plastic bottles, the overall price of acrylic lotion bottles will be lower. For acrylic lotion bottles with higher requirements, relevant product design and customization are required. The price is It will be slightly higher. Compared with other products, it is more cost-effective.

Three: security

In the production process of acrylic lotion bottle, as long as you pay attention to the correct control of the raw materials, its safety is very high. Under the environment of normal temperature, the acrylic material itself will not have various toxic and harmful substances, which is harmful to the human body. The language is relatively safe. At present, in the field of acrylic lotion bottle sales, there is also a food-grade acrylic cosmetic bottle. This kind of bottle will be more strict in safety control, and for users, it will be safer and healthier to use.

Four: long service life

According to relevant data analysis, the service life of acrylic lotion bottle is generally more than 8 years without human damage. Compared with ceramics, glass, and other bottled products, acrylic lotion bottle has a long service life. Very good product advantage.

Five: Customization of appearance

According to the user's design requirements, various patterns and patterns can be customized on the surface of the acrylic lotion bottle to meet various usage requirements. There should be a lot of text and patterns on the body of many acrylic lotion bottles.

Development prospects of acrylic cosmetic bottles

1. With the development of people's society, the requirements for the use of various bottles and cans are getting higher and higher, and the fields of use are becoming more and more extensive. The sales volume of acrylic cosmetic bottles has doubled in value, and the sales volume of acrylic cosmetic bottles is still rising steadily.

2. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are no longer traditional liquid bottles. In many cases, they are used as decorations in various fields. We have seen that in some households, acrylic cosmetic bottles are still a kind of decoration. It is a matching product in soft outfit.

3. The users of acrylic cosmetic bottles have also changed with the change of the times. The users of acrylic cosmetic bottles are now not only young people, but some retired elderly people have also begun to use acrylic cosmetic bottles in their lives. Compared with glass bottles, the bottle is not easy to break, which is very popular among users.

Direction of use of acrylic cosmetic bottle

1. The field of cosmetics

Cosmetic bottles have certain particularities. In recent years, the market demand for cosmetics has also increased, and the requirements for materials have also become higher and higher. The acrylic cosmetic bottle looks a bit similar to the glass bottle in appearance, but it has a unique advantage in the printing and engraving of the pattern text on the outer packaging.

2. The field of health care products and medicines

On the one hand, health care products and medicines are relatively small storage tanks, but on its outer surface, a large amount of printed text is required, including the medicinal properties of health care products, precautions, usage requirements, etc., and the number of words is relatively large and relatively small. Other storage tanks cannot meet this demand and can only use acrylic cosmetic bottles.


Today, the packaging of modern cosmetics has formed the following four characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, structural design and decoration design:

1. The application range of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetics packaging is increasing, and the design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is restricted, and only perfumes and other high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that easily lose fragrance are still packaged in glass bottles.

2. The specifications of cosmetic packaging bottles are diversified. In order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choices.

3. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. Usually the trademark pattern and text font are unified, and different varieties are indicated by different tones, water patterns or different shapes and structures.

Fourth, cosmetic packaging containers are becoming more and more adapted to the needs of individualized development. Manufacturers also often focus on gender, age, region, ethnicity, etc., and package cosmetics in different ways according to the aesthetic appeal of different groups of people.

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