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Recycling and post-utilization of plastic cosmetic tube


As the most commonly used plastic cosmetic container packaging in people’s daily life, plastic cosmetic tube has the advantages of light weight, good light transmittance, and resistance to breakage. It is used in the field of cosmetics, health care products, medicines, and various decorative cosmetic container packaging. It is widely used. But as a kind of plastic product, its damage to the environment is still relatively large.


Although plastic cosmetic tube is easy to decompose, the cost of decomposition is too high and requires a lot of money. Therefore, cometic tube manufacturer sees little decomposition of plastic cosmetic tube. The recycling rate of plastic cosmetic tube is also very low. Plastic cosmetic tube is designed and manufactured in various shapes according to people's needs, which leads to its low recycling rate. Today, all people are facing a problem, that is, they cannot be recycled and will produce a lot of plastic cosmetic tube garbage.


To solve these problems of plastic cosmetic tube, we should start from the source. The first aspect is the improvement of the product. For the situation that is difficult to decompose, we can start from the raw material itself. Professionalism is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment. On the one hand, the price of recycling can be increased. The plastic cosmetic tube can still be used after recycling. However, the price of recycling is too low, causing many users to be reluctant to conduct secondary recycling.

In the development process of plastic cosmetic tube, these problems are exposing the defects of its products. Therefore, plastic cosmetic tube is facing the challenges of other plastic products.


Problems faced in the development of plastic cosmetic tube supplier


As the most popular plastic product in the 21st century, plastic cosmetic tube is widely used in the life of cometic tube manufacturer. With the popularity of plastic cosmetic tube, more and more manufacturers of plastic cosmetic tube are growing rapidly like a spring after the rain. In the development of plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, they are faced with many problems.


1. The product homogeneity is obvious

Most of the plastic cosmetic tube production technology, the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer's production technology is relatively similar, in order to be able to gain a foothold in the market, only to lower the price of the product, which led to the manufacturer of the plastic cosmetic tube Profits continue to decline. This is actually a vicious circle. With the reduction of profits, there is not enough funds to develop new products, and the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed. This is disadvantageous for the development of plastic cosmetic tube.

2. Challenges of other plastic products for cosmetic tube manufacturers

Because plastic cosmetic tube itself is difficult to decompose, it is harmful to the environment. At present, the price of recycled plastic cosmetic tube in the market is very low, and no one wants to recycle plastic cosmetic tube, and plastic cosmetic tube is not recycled but directly disposed of, which is harmful to the environment. Compared with other plastic products, such as PET plastic, people's acceptance of this decomposable plastic is increasing. For plastic cosmetic tube, this is very unfavorable.


Therefore, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers should see these two problems, especially when facing the challenges of other plastic products, only through reforms can they continue to gain a foothold in the market.


Plastic cosmetic tube product performance

1. Thickness

Plastic cosmetic tube is different from other storage cosmetic container packaging. The requirements for thickness are very high. At present, the light transmittance of acrylic cosmetic container packaging seen by cometic tube manufacturer is above 92%. The cosmetic tube will feel lean and clear under direct sunlight, so it has a certain color development effect.

2. Hardness

The hardness of the plastic cosmetic tube is relatively large, because of the hardness, it also has a certain degree of weather resistance and better high temperature performance. Unlike ordinary glass cosmetic container packaging, it is prone to damage when dropped. Even if it is damaged, it does not have sharp fragments like glass cosmetic container packaging. It is relatively safe for children and children's products.

3. Plasticity

The plastic cosmetic tube can be made into products of various shapes according to the different needs of people. Many patterns can be made on the surface of the plastic cosmetic tube, and the corresponding spraying process can give the plastic cosmetic tube an ideal surface decoration effect. .


Key points of quality control of plastic cosmetic tube

1. Hardness

Hardness is a parameter that best reflects the production process and technology of plastic cosmetic tube, and it is also the most important factor in quality control. It can reflect the purity and weather resistance of PMMA, and it is even related to the deformation in the subsequent processing. In addition, the average value of hardness is about 8.

2. Tolerance of plastic cosmetic tube boosted by plastic cosmetic tube suppliers

Plastic cosmetic tube products have plastic cosmetic tube tolerances. The control of plastic cosmetic tube tolerances is a major manifestation of quality management and production technology. The smaller the tolerance range, the better the product quality. The plastic cosmetic tube production process needs to be strictly implemented. In the ISO7823 standard, one of the considerations is the tolerance of the plastic cosmetic tube.

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