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Plastic cosmetic tube production technology improvement method


‘For the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer, the improvement of production technology can help the product sell better. Only after stable sales can there be stable benefits. The increase in sales is due to the improvement of production technology, which can provide better products to the market, and only better products can make the brand's sales continue.


In order to improve the production technology, the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer needs to understand the market. The art of war is “knowing yourself, knowing the enemy, and victorious in all battles”. Only by knowing what the market needs, and then making targeted improvements, is this correct. Some plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers blindly improve their production technology, but unexpectedly discover that their products are It is impossible to sell in the market. It turns out that your products are outdated. You must have a deep understanding of market information and consumer needs. Don’t invest in energy and money blindly. It must be based on the market. The requirements for corresponding technical upgrades.


Secondly, after knowing the market demand and related background, the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer needs to have advanced production technology, so that the production speed of the product can be increased extremely quickly, especially when new products are launched, there will be explosive sales. Appear, this time it is necessary to have a fast production speed to match the sales volume, and the update and improvement of equipment is the key to the increase in production volume.


Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer can only obtain stable sales and profits according to market demand and make its products more competitive in the market.


Main production materials of plastic cosmetic tube


Plastic emulsion tube is a larger category of plastic squeeze tube and has a high sales volume when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tubes. Various plastic emulsion tubes sold on the market have different appearances. The various appearances behind are actually made of the same type of material. This is precisely the use of the plastic squeeze tube's plasticity advantages.


Plastic emulsion tube, like many plastic squeeze tubes, is a plastic polymer material. The PMMA that constitutes plastic squeeze tube has many advantages. Its transparency is relatively high, chemical properties are relatively stable, and its solubility parameter is 18.8. Ethylene chloride, trichloroethane, vinyl acetate and other chemically aggressive chemicals can dissolve it. In general life, it does not undergo chemical reactions, so its requirements for the environment are very low. The plastic emulsion tube is easy to dye and process, can make a variety of strange shapes, and can engrave many beautiful graphics. This is an advantage that many similar emulsion tubes can't compare.


Plastic cosmetic tube is the most common product made of plastic material, by plastic cosmetic tube manfacturers and its sales are determined by the product itself.

Plastic squeeze tube is a kind of organic polymer glass products. It has a very good sales volume on all major e-commerce platforms, surpassing many similar products. Its ability to obtain such high sales is not unrelated to the characteristics of its products.

1. Low price

The low price of plastic squeeze tube does not mean that its quality is defective, which leads to low prices. The main reason for the low price of plastic squeeze tube is that the raw material cost of plastic squeeze tube is very low. With the improvement of production technology, plastic squeeze tube The production efficiency is also very fast, the cost in all aspects is lower than that of similar products, and the price is naturally not very high. This is one reason why consumers generally accept it.

2. Good viewing

The appearance of the plastic squeeze tube is very beautiful. It can be printed with different patterns. When preparing large-scale events, some companies can customize the shape of the plastic squeeze tube while considering the cost. Play a promotion effect.

3. Safety and environmental protection

Food-grade plastic squeeze tube and medical-grade plastic squeeze tube have a huge requirement for health, environmental protection and safety in the choice of product raw materials and processing technology. Plastic squeeze tube relies on its product competitiveness in these fields. Is widely used.

4. Rich variety

Plastic squeeze tube from cosmetic tube manufacturers has a rich variety of products. It can be made into different shapes according to customer requirements without restrictions. In terms of plasticity, it is unmatched by other similar products.

Based on the above four points, it is not without reason that plastic squeeze tube is popular among consumers in the market.

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