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Cosmetic tube design from the perspective of "micro innovation"


Cosmetic tube design "micro innovation" attaches great importance to people's needs and feelings, it lets people see the real power of small design from a unique perspective. Cosmetic tube manufacturers through the commodity cosmetic tube "micro innovation ", make the commodity cosmetic tube become more interesting, extend the service life of the commodity cosmetic tube, improve the deficiencies in the cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube design "micro innovation" attaches importance to people's emotional experience and spiritual needs, in the small design is full of human care.

Micro plastic tube cosmetics manufacturer first through the "innovation" summarized lead to cosmetics tube design the key concept "micro innovation", tube for make-up design "micro innovation" of the audience and demand were analyzed, and cosmetics tube manufacturer summed up the tube design "micro innovation" practical, environmental protection, interesting three features. Secondly, this paper analyzes the application of "micro innovation" in cosmetic tube design from three aspects: visual elements, material and structure of cosmetic tube, and summarizes excellent cases. Based on the above theoretical analysis, the design methods of "micro-innovation" in cosmetic tube design are summarized as follows: sensory stimulation method, interactive experience method and obstacle transfer method. Among them, sensory stimulation method, interactive experience method is used to enhance the emotional needs of consumers, through "micro innovation" to make cosmetics tube more affinity, so as to bring consumers a pleasant consumption experience. Sensory stimulation method is to use the linkage of five senses to develop consumers' sensory experience in various and multi-level ways. The interactive experience method is mainly divided into two kinds, one is to interact with consumers in the use of commodity cosmetic tube, the other is to interact with consumers in the recycling process of commodity cosmetic tube. The obstacle transfer method is the main design method to improve the practical function of cosmetic tube design in the "micro innovation". From the existing cosmetic tube design shortcomings and deficiencies, from the cosmetic tube material, structure, use and other aspects, through its "micro innovation" to make the original cosmetic tube more perfect, increase the cosmetic tube to consumers bring a sense of convenience.

Application of sugarcane material in green cosmetic tube

With the development of cosmetic tube design, cosmetic tube made of sugarcane has become more and more popular in the market. The quality of cosmetic tube depends largely on the quality of cosmetic tube material. The increasing variety of the shape of the cosmetic tube not only enriches people's life, but also changes people's way of life. Therefore, reasonable use of cosmetic tube materials, design both practical and beautiful cosmetic tube products, not only can incisively and vividly show the form of goods and design aesthetic feeling, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. By analyzing the application of sugarcane material in cosmetic tube, this paper summarizes the natural property and environmental protection performance of sugarcane cosmetic packaging, in order to increase the artistic value and environmental protection concept of modern cosmetic tube design, highlight the characteristics of national culture and the atmosphere of The Times, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of products.

sugarcane has a long history in the design of cosmetic tube. The ancient working people had the design idea of combining practicality and beauty very early, and found a lot of natural cosmetic tube materials from the natural environment according to local conditions, and applied them reasonably in the design of cosmetic tube. The use of this cosmetic tube material has continued to this day. The sugarcane cosmetic packaging material has many non-inherent characteristics, and its application in the design of cosmetic tube can fully reflect the rationality of cosmetic tube material, ingenious production and aesthetic feeling of decorative modeling, so that the form and function of cosmetic tube design can be perfectly unified.

Cosmetic tubes have long been subject to material constraints. In the primary stage of the birth of cosmetic tube, most of the materials used by people come from nature, such as leaves as a cosmetic tube container in ancient times, which still has a strong reference for today's cosmetic tube design; Another example is the increasingly diverse shape of zongzi, wtube cosmetic tube has undergone a variety of changes on the basis of inherits the aesthetic essence. Many traditional cosmetic tube materials have been used up to now, people inherit their natural beauty at the same time, but also in continuous innovation.

The natural properties of sugarcane materials are texture, tactility, texture and sugarcane, etc., which are defined as thin, thick, fine and coarse. sugarcane cosmetic packaging material has many advantages, folding, easy to form, light weight. After being opened, the folded box can be disassembled into a plane, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly in the sales process, as well as recycling, saving space and resources scientifically and reasonably.

With the development of science and technology, surface treatment technology was improved, people attribute of the sugarcane cosmetic packaging has been widely used in modern cosmetics tube design, people began to have a destination of sugarcane materials on the surface of the technical and artistic processing, to fully show the inherent characteristics of sugarcane material, rich variety of surface effect is achieved. This not only enriched the artistic expression form of cosmetic tube design, but also brought more freshness to consumers. Understanding the printing principle and process can help the cosmetic tube designer arrange the application of sugarcane material in the printing process, and design the sugarcane cosmetic tube products that meet the technological requirements.

At present, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in people's hearts, but the problem of environmental pollution and resource waste brought by cosmetic tube has caused the attention of all countries in the world. sugarcane is non-toxic and tasteless. Its raw material is mainly natural plant fiber, which is easy to be made into composite materials. It is easy to rot in nature, will not cause environmental pollution, and can be recycled. Therefore, the use of green sugarcane material in the design of cosmetic tube can not only meet the requirements of saving resources and protecting the environment, but also accord with the international trend of green development of cosmetic tube design. At present, the natural properties of sugarcane cosmetic packaging are gradually recognized by people. Therefore, designers should know how to make full use of the natural beauty of sugarcane material, design cosmetics tube products loved by people, and use the environmental performance of sugarcane material itself to infect the public, give people education and enlightenment, so that the design of cosmetic tube not only has practical, but also given the spiritual connotation.

The application of sugarcane material in cosmetic tube design, from natural development to synthesis, from single to compound, fully reflects the development trend of cosmetic tube design in the present era. sugarcane cosmetic tube design in the gradual development of green, environmental protection, simple, humanized direction. tube cosmetics manufacturers, therefore, should strengthen the awareness of the sugarcane material and practical application, ensure perfect application in cosmetics tubes in the design of sugarcane material, and with the help of the sugarcane cosmetic packaging material, a new design ideas to design is environmental protection, and innovative sugarcane material tube cosmetics, to adapt to the demand of The Times.

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