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Design of Cosmetic and skin care tube from Multiple Perspectives


With the rapid development of cosmetics and skin care products industry, the status of cosmetics and skin care tube industry is becoming increasingly prominent. In order to have a place in the market, cosmetics manufacturers generally pay attention to the design of skin care tube. Below by the plastic cosmetic tube supplier for you to sort out a title of "multi-perspective analysis of cosmetics and skin care tube design" degree "cosmetics and skin care tube design paper, for your reference.


Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers analyze the "degree" in the design of cosmetic and skin care tube. Methods: The plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer analyzed the excessive problems existing in the material, technology, decoration, shape and structure of cosmetic and skin care tube from the Angle of low carbon ecology, and put forward the solution of appropriate design. This paper analyzes the imbalance between the form, function and connotation of cosmetics and skin care tube from the perspective of humanization, and puts forward suggestions from three aspects: form expression and function play, emotion setting and readability of audience, commercialization and humanistic care. Conclusion: tube cosmetics and skincare products to use and decoration in material selection, process, structure and design appropriate design, the realization of basic functions at the same time, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, a higher level of spiritual experience for consumers, to achieve the harmony of man and society, man and nature, and sustainable development.


Cosmetics and skin care tube industry position is increasingly prominent, cosmetics manufacturers in order to have a place in the market, generally pay attention to skin care tube design. In economically developed countries, the output value of cosmetics and skin care tube accounts for more than 70% of the industrial output value of the whole skin care tube. As a result of the difference of ideological consciousness and design level, the cosmetics in the market and the tube of skin care products are also uneven in quality. Some cosmetics and skin care tube on the characteristics of cosmetics, consumer demand and environmental characteristics of the research is not enough, leading to skin care tube design is not strong enough, the quality is not high, the role of small value; Some skin care tube blindly pursue luxury and high-grade, excessive design, already affected the quality of the design, and caused a huge waste of manpower, financial resources, especially resources. In the design of cosmetics and skin care tube, it is necessary to consider all aspects of design elements, balance the relationship between them, and correctly grasp the "degree" in the design. It is of great importance to design cosmetics and skin care tube that adapt to the characteristics of products, conform to the rules of the market, meet the needs of consumers and low carbon environmental protection.


1. The meaning of "degree" in the design of cosmetics and skin care tube

"Degree" has a broad connotation and denotation. Its original meaning is the standard for measuring length, and it also has the meaning of limit, scale and constraint. In the cosmetics and skin care industry, there is a saying that "no rules, no fangyuan", which emphasizes a certain range of "degree", with the meaning of constraints, norms and compliance. The "degree" of skin care tube design is the scale, quantity, scale and limit of skin care tube design. The "degree" of skin care tube design should be just right, not only to overcome the strength, but also to avoid too much of a good thing. Cosmetics and skincare tube is designed to protect skin to taste the tube technology combined with visual communication art form, the characteristics of different cosmetic requirements, economic cost, the processing technology, the environment background, aesthetic psychology, market demand factors, such as plastic tube cosmetics manufacturers on the "degree" need to grasp and more balanced elements, Mainly including material, structure, shape, decoration and skin care tube function and value and other aspects of balance and grasp, requires in the form of skin care tube, function and connotation between the appropriate balance, get a high degree of unity.


2. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers analyze the "degree" in the design of cosmetic and skin care tube from the perspective of low-carbon ecology

In the waste of resources, environmental pollution increasingly serious, the global development of low-carbon economy under the environment, the cosmetics industry proposed the development of low-carbon cosmetics and skin care tube, cosmetics and skin care tube design to achieve low carbon environmental protection and visual beauty. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers in the production of cosmetics and skin care tube production, commodity use to waste treatment in the whole life cycle process, are trying to meet the requirements of low carbon environmental protection.


2.1 Skin care tube material and process is moderate


Current in the cosmetics market, luxury skin care products tube, excessive skincare tube is still common, especially some care cosmetics skincare tube, in order to highlight the feeling of luxurious air, plastic tube cosmetics manufacturers use a variety of high-grade materials, and complex process, high consumption, these skincare tube aggravate the economic burden of consumers and the waste of resources. In the global trend of low-carbon environmental protection, cosmetics and skin care tube design in materials and process selection and use, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers should be in line with objective practical and standard scale. In ensuring the basic function to protect skin to taste the tube, on the basis of considering the cost, product features, brand, and environmental factors such as consumers, decrease as far as possible to protect skin to taste the tube material dosage and types, choose a repeatable reuse and regeneration of skincare tube materials, edibility skincare tube materials and biodegradable materials such as green material; Minimize tedious, high consumption, not conducive to skin care tube aftertreatment process, avoid or reduce resource waste, ecological damage and environmental pollution.


2.2 Design and decoration degree


Cosmetic and skin care tube decoration design is plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers using graphics, text, color and texture, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers through the means of artistic design to convey cosmetic information, it is for consumers to understand goods, purchase desire, aesthetic experience is playing an important role. However, if the blindly pursuit of gorgeous appearance, excessive decoration, will be too much of a good thing, bringing negative effects. For example, color, excessive pursuit of gorgeous color effect, color types increase, ink printing area increases, color cost will increase, not environmental protection, and even increase the risk of ink infiltration into food and damage to consumer health. Decoration design in the case of not affecting the effect of skin care tube should pay attention to: try to use monochrome or double color design, reduce the type of ink; Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers try to use environmental ink, reduce the negative impact of printing; Make full use of the texture and color of the material itself, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers adopt local color design scheme, reduce the use of color, in the design of the logo and other necessary elements designed in the main position, other parts can be through a large area of white, reflect the natural beauty of the material itself.


3. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer analyzes the "degree" in the design of cosmetic and skin care tube from the perspective of humanization


3.1 Degree of formal expression and function play


In order to make goods stand out in the shelves, businesses generally attach great importance to the form of skin care tube effect, some even increase investment, deliberately exaggerated skin care tube form, trying to be unconventional, highlight personality, attract the attention of consumers. But plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers overemphasize the form of expression is likely to ignore the characteristics of goods and the real needs of consumers, resulting in skin care tube design and goods, consumers from the impact of skin care tube in the protection, convenience, safety and other functions. Fancy decoration for recognition, for example, the structure is not conducive to use of heavy and complicated, strange modelling for display and so on, therefore, cosmetics and skincare tube form design should grasp the unity of form and function, tightly around the characteristics and the demands of consumers goods, better interpretation is protect skin to taste the connotation of the tube material, make consumers by moderate aesthetic pleasure. Decoration, structure and shape should be conducive to the identification of cosmetics information, cause consumers' desire to buy, convenient for consumers to use, and ensure the safety of consumers. The perfect combination of form and function makes it a classic in the history of skin care tube design.


3.2 Degree between emotion setting and readability of audience


Cosmetic and skin care tube design is an effective visual communication medium, which carries the brand image, culture and connotation expected by enterprises in the hearts of consumers, so as to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers from all aspects and promote sales. However, in the face of a wide range of audiences, emotional setting will become more complicated. Due to differences in age, gender, experience, belief, nationality, country, region and environment, the audience will have different emotional experience. Therefore, the "degree" between emotional setting and readability of the audience should be fully considered in the design of cosmetics and skin care tube. In the design of cosmetics skin care tube, it is necessary to have an accurate positioning for consumers. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers have a certain research on the characteristics of the audience of the product, and the audience of different levels should be treated differently. For example, the audience of children's cosmetics and skin care tube has limitations in text recognition and strong interest in pictures and high purity colors, so their physiological and psychological characteristics should be satisfied in the process of plastic cosmetic tube design.


3.3 Degree between commercialization and humanistic care


With the development of economic globalization, due to the influence of the post-modern cultural trend marked by consumerism, plastic cosmetic tube design has gradually evolved into a commercial means of arousing desire and stimulating consumption to a certain extent. Enterprise take the market as the goal of "excessive skincare tubes tube", "luxury skin care products" to a certain extent can be lucrative, but design is not just business practices, plastic tube cosmetics manufacturers don't consider a high level of spiritual demand and man and society, the harmonious development of human and nature, and are not responsible for the design of the behavior. Cosmetics and skin care tube should also have rich cultural connotation, so that consumers feel humanistic care. On the basis of satisfying the basic functions, the design pays more attention to the high-level needs of human emotion, respect and self-realization through emotional design and universal design. At the same time of satisfying personal needs, it is necessary to consider various relationships between people and society and environment, reflect correct economic, cultural and natural views through the design of skin care tube, spread culture and ideas, and improve people's morality and accomplishment.


Current cosmetics packaging not only to protect goods, easy to use, and promote the function of the sales, but also focus on green ecology, consumption experience and humanistic care, therefore, affected by many cosmetics and skincare tube design elements, in the process of skincare tube design need to design the "degree" in height, Comprehensive consideration of the practical need of products, customers, society and environment, to make scientific positioning, product, brand and consumption comprehensively coordinate the relationship between the various design elements, from material selection, technology use and decoration, structure, design, etc., for proper design, balance of form and function, the connotation, So that people, skin care tube, society naturally establish a harmonious symbiotic relationship.

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