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Top 10 Cosmetic Bottle Manufacturers


The cosmetics market globally was valued at $380.2 billion in 2021, and by 2026, it is predicted to hit $450 billion. As such a huge market, other industries related to it benefit greatly, including the cosmetic bottle manufacturing industry. Due to the increased trend in the fashion and entertainment industry, the demand for cosmetics and its products has also flourished and shows no signs of slowing down.

As a cosmetics manufacturer, you may be looking to find the best cosmetic bottle packaging for your products. But you may not know where to start looking. There are important things to consider: do you want glass bottle packaging or plastic ones?? Which companies provide which type of solutions? Which companies should you trust?

But don’t worry; that is what we will do in this article. We will take a look at the top 10 cosmetic bottle manufacturers!

cosmetic bottle and jar

Amcor PLC

Based in Australia, Amcor PLC is a leading worldwide player in the packaging industry. The company boasts $14.7 billion in sales and has a global network with exports to over 40 countries. With a rich, established history, they provide many different packaging solutions for many industries. 

The company provides personal care solutions that differentiate their product, increase packaging sustainability, lower total cost of ownership, and meet market and consumer needs. Their selection of cosmetics packaging has it all: plastic, aluminum bottles, glass, everything! 

Amcor doesn’t just sell a product; they sell an experience. That is why they are the preferred choice for many in the industry.


The company has a well-established name for being a creative packaging provider, and Cosmopak is the leading force in this field. They earned $310 million in 2023 and are renowned for their innovative concepts while being the regular supplier to both large and small cosmetic brand companies.

They are mainly a cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturer. Cosmopacks also provides customized wholesale cosmetic bottle packaging solutions for a variety of types like jars, tubes, and bottles. Whatever your brand design and idea is, Cosmopacks can help you with it!

Albea S.A.

Albea SA, a recognized sustainable packaging company for cosmetic products, is one of the most secure sources on the market, showing sales of 1.5 billion dollars in 2023. The European-based business is an industry packaging supplier to the cosmetic sector and recognizes sustainability as a core value of its corporate strategy.

Their products mainly consist of plastic packaging, providing plastic cosmetic tubes, bottles, etc. But they are also considered as aluminum cosmetic bottle manufacturers as some of their products are also available in aluminum packaging. Simply put, they present their customers with different alternatives but guarantee to deliver quality service with every click.

Berry Global

As a member of the Fortune 500 list and reaching $12.457B in revenue for 2023, Berry Global is one of the largest and the most widely known among the packagers of the cosmetics industry. Their options include plastic bottles, tubes, jars, and many other solutions, providing their customers with many options. 

Moreover, their solutions are all eco-friendly, so if you are looking for an environment-conscious option, Berry Global ticks that box for you. They work closely with their clients from the start to the end to ensure they can provide the best service. 

APC Packaging

To revolutionize the cosmetic packaging industry in the US and beyond, APC Packaging has a strong presence. Ranging from personal care, skincare packaging, or any other beauty product, they are a prime option for many cosmetic companies looking for reliable packaging solutions. 

They provide their selections not just in plastic packaging but also in glass and aluminum options. While they are a younger company on this list, founded in 2006, they are steadily growing and have already entered the $1M+ market.

Libo Cosmetics

Based in China, Libo Cosmetics is one of the younger ones on this list. Launched in 2000, the company produces cosmetics bottle packaging made of plastic, aluminum, and glass surfaces. They cover many items to fit you regardless of your needs. 

Their attention to environmentally friendly materials and innovative design has led to them being the leading brand, making them a major player in the sector, and their income in the last financial year exceeded over $100 million.

Cosmetic bottle


AptarGroup, established in the 1940s, is the pioneer in developing packaging solutions with a significant presence in the drug packaging sector. Additionally, it serves the demands of cosmetic packaging. Such companies, majorly, opt for plastic as their packaging.

The AptarGroup, a global pioneer in ecological packaging, finalizes solution contracts in the US and many other countries worldwide. They are no strangers in the furniture industry as they made over $800M in the last twelve months from 2023, proving that they stand the test of time.

Cosmetic Packaging Now

Cosmetic Packaging Now aims to change the cosmetic industry by providing more cost-effective solutions than its competitors. Despite their smaller size than the rest of the companies on the list and being founded only recently in 2017, they have an international network to provide for international clients. 

Their growth has been increasing steadily in the past few years, with their current revenue being around $5M, and it will only continue to grow even more due to their goal of changing the industry.


Baralan provides a unique and wide variety of solutions to the cosmetics packaging industry. Their selection of products includes many different types of packaging, like tubes, bottles, and jars. 

However, they mainly specialize in being a cosmetic glass bottle manufacturer, as most of their products are mainly made of glass. With a revenue of over $10M, they are a trusted choice for both small and big brands for their glass cosmetic bottle packaging needs.


Established in 2004, FusionPKG specializes in prestige airless and color cosmetics packaging and offers full turnkey solutions from conception to launch for the North American beauty market. Their focus is on luxury high-end custom packaging, allowing unique designs and innovative ideas that make them an appealing option for any business looking for customizable solutions. 

Final Say

The cosmetic packaging industry is gaining speed in its growth and creativity in response to the cosmetics industry, which is hugely and rapidly rising worldwide. 

To sum up, the sector is forecasted to grow even more, equal to $450 billion by 2026. Market-leading companies such as Amcor PLC, Cosmopacks, etc, thrive with their holistic approach to packaging, offering different solutions that are continually being updated and rising to meet the future needs of cosmetic brands worldwide. 

From eco-friendly materials to customized cosmetic bottle options, these manufacturers provide a complete offer that meets the market demands, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. Their precise and excellent know-how in creating cosmetic-packaging definition, growth, and a blame-worthy connection between brands and customers is vital.

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